Outsmart Your Wrinkles With This Inexpensive Ingredient!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The simple way to boost the anti-aging results of this powerful ingredient for younger looking skin.Mention the signs of aging and most women think… “Wrinkles!” Yes, wrinkles and crow’s feet are certainly up there, along with unwanted grays and spots, but sagging skin is arguably the most noticeable sign that one is getting older. The skin produces less sebum (a natural oil that prevents drying) as we age, leaving it slack and dry. This can make a person look old, and feel it, too. Sure, cosmetic procedures exist that can remedy the problem, at least to some extent, but who wants to pay... 

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Anti-Aging Vitamins


Saturday, October 12, 2013

There are many advanced anti-aging treatments and products available, these days, but looking younger actually starts on the inside. Yes, the foods you eat really are important, and believe it or not they have a major impact on your appearance – especially over time. The vitamins in food not only give your body fuel, they also fight the visible signs of aging, keeping your skin radiant and youthful. In this post, we take a look at 5 vitamins that are known to keep the years off… 1. Vitamin E: Dry Skin Defense Vitamin E fights cracked and dry skin. Normally found in avocados, vegetable oils... 

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3 Commandments Of Anti Aging

The 3 Commandments Of Anti-Aging

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The signs of aging can strike before you even reach your thirties, sometimes. Many people start to notice smile lines, brown marks and thinning or greying hair around this time, and it usually doesn’t get any better from there on. Sure, you can disguise those flaws using expensive creams, lotions and hair products, but why not save your money and prevent further damage by going straight to the route of the problem: lifestyle habits! Here are the 3 commandments of anti-aging… 1. Watch What you Eat Diet directly affects every organ in your body, including the largest one, your skin. Quite simply,... 

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Signs Of Aging

The 4 Worst Signs Of Aging – And How To Fix Them

Friday, August 30, 2013

Aging can be frustrating; a wrinkle here, a sag there – every day is an adventure. And the more you look, the more problems you find! Don’t worry, though, your appearance isn’t doomed. From simple home remedies to advanced medical technology, there are ways to defy your age and hold onto your youthful looks. Read on for the 4 of the worst signs of aging and how you can fix them… 1. YOUR HAIR LOOKS DULL AND THIN Loss of hair and dullness is a very common sign of aging. Temporary hair loss can be caused due to childbirth, stress and medications, but hormonal changes during menopause can make... 

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Anti Aging Food: 3 Delicious Super Foods That Delay Aging

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It’s hard to ignore the signs of aging: hair loss, sagging skin, age spots, joint aches, and low energy, to name a few. And one should try to age gracefully, but that doesn’t mean looking and feeling older than we are. We all know that diet plays a big role when it comes to health, but not many of us consider that eating the right foods frequently can make us look and feel as young as we should, and younger than we do, usually; these 3 super foods in particular are known to delay the aging process … ANTI AGING FOOD 1: SPINACH Yes, Popeye was right, although spinach actually packs more of... 

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Defy Aging

Premature Aging: 4 Natural Ways To Look And Feel Younger

Friday, August 9, 2013

Everywhere we look these days, there’s an ad promoting products that promise to make us look younger; creams, hair dye, injections, surgery. And understandably so, since our lifestyles are generally quite toxic now. Sure, some of these may be part of your overall routine, perhaps even help to hide a gray or two, but they do not slow down the aging process – they are response solutions. Why not go to the root of the problem and employ natural methods that prevent premature aging … 1. Eat Right and Work Out Diet and exercise are still the foundation pillars of any worthwhile health and beauty... 

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Tips To Gain Weight for The Skinny Guy


How Being too Skinny Damages your Physical Health

skinny guy

Low self-confidence. Men don’t respect you. You struggle to get dates. No doubt, being a skinny guy in fat world can be tough and frustrating. And it gets worse: being skinny is also bad for your health. Because most people are overweight, the media tends to focus on issues of obesity and the associated risks, leading to the mistaken belief that being skinny is a good thing. It isn’t. It is no healthier than being fat, and the consequences of being underweight can be equally... Read More


The Science Behind Muscle Building

building muscle fast

Tired of being a skinny guy in a fat world? Want to know how muscles are built? Well, you could just commit to a muscle-building plan and go at it until you see results, and that would be fine. However, when you know why you are doing what you’re doing, the work you put in becomes more tolerable. Understanding the inner workings of the body enables you work out with purpose and conviction. Seeing as the brain controls the body, this is actually a really important part of the... Read More


The Basics of Gaining Weight

push ups

In the fitness industry, scientific weight loss and weight gain theories are a dime a dozen. Some are not merited and some are. For example, the old “calories in versus calories out” theory asserts that you will pick up weight if you consume more calories than you burn, and this may very well be. This school of thought suggests that your intake should be 3,500 calories above what you burn to gain one pound. There’s just one thing… how do you know for sure that what you... Read More


Being the Skinny Dude in an Overweight World


It’s not easy being a skinny guy. In a world where everyone around you is either overweight (about 66% of the US population) or at a “normal” weight, you’re always the odd one out. You feel awkward. You feel inferior – like a lesser man. The weight loss products you see advertised on television, billboards, and magazines don’t apply to you. When you visit the stores, all you see is fat free this and low carb that… as if to taunt you. The message is clear: lose weight!... Read More


Our Guide to Skin Care

Acne 411 – Are you a Victim of Acne?


Acne, or acne vulgaris, is a common skin disease that affects children and adults alike. According to dermatologists, about three-quarters of people between the ages of 11 and 30 get acne at some point. Though it affects all ages, races, and genders, adolescents and young adults are more prone to acne breakouts, and young men […]



Plyometrics? Why Are Athletes Doing It?


Want to fire up your fitness? Try plyometrics. A few enthusiastic hops, jumps and skips may just do the trick. Well, while it’s not quite as simple as that, workouts that incorporate fast, explosive physical moves are indeed some of the best routines around and can really improve coordination and agility. In fact, studies have […]