100% Pure Argan Oil

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100% Pure Argan Oil

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Argan oil is extremely rare and found in a small region of Morocco. Native Moroccans have used Argan oil for hundreds of years and call it “Liquid Gold” because of its incredible anti-aging properties that keep skin and hair revitalized. Click here for today’s promotions.

Why Argan Oil Works

It works amazingly well because it’s rich in carotenes, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E making it a perfect gift of nature for visibly reducing the signs of aging.

The genius of Argan Oil is that it also works as an amazing treatment for your hair! Simply massage a little bit of oil into your hair from root to tip, and watch the damage done by color treatments, heat, and abuse disappear.

Argan Oil has a Myriad of Benefits for Beauty

Argan oil is an antioxidant – known as nature’s answer to botox, it is a Vitamin C and E packed oil perfect for combating free-radicals and works as an anti-aging.

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles – Applying under the eye results in the reduced appearance of crinkly lines under the eye.

Reduces skin imperfectionsArgan oil has been shown to heal acne blemishes and prevent new breakouts.

Softens dry skin – Argan oils high concentration of vitamin E and essential fatty acids alleviates skin complications like dry skin or dry patches.

Argan oil is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier – It is the ideal hair conditioner, and it can even help to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair.

100% Pure – Free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and dyes, silicon, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, and triclosan.

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YOUR TURN :) Have you tried Argan oil recently? Are you a fan! If so, we would love to hear your thoughts about your experience (both before and after). Please leave a comment.

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What Others Are Saying

48 Responses to “100% Pure Argan Oil”
  1. Sally says:

    I’m in my 50’s and argan oil sounds perfect, especially since I’ve overexposed my skin to the sun since I was a teenager. I purchased the 8 month supply but my questions are: how often should I apply the product? Does the product truly act as an antioxidant? Are there any adverse reactions reported by anyone who has sensitive skin?

    • Patty says:

      I love argan oi. I use it everyday on my face and body and also my hair. I am almost fifty and people tell me I look much younger. I feel it really works. I use PrimaJolie also because its local and it really works. I get it at my healthfood store. I just put a few drops on my face and pat it on. It absorbs very quickly. then I put my make up on. I put it all over my face, arms and legs right after I bathe. Hope that’s helpful to you.

    • maria says:

      I haven’t had any adverse reactions. I use it daily. I really like it and do see a difference. Reinventing Aging’s brand is pretty good, better than others I’ve tried.

  2. Maria says:

    I have been using organic Argan Oil for some time now. I’ve tried different kinds but this one feels the best on my skin. I really love it. I use it everyday and see a difference in my face and skin.

  3. Melanie says:

    I’m a stylist of 24 years and also have done facials / skin care for 12 years. I work at Distinctive Flair Salon in Roanoke Texas. I just started using argan oil about a month ago when our salon started caring this line. I’m so impressed with the the argan oil! Every client I use the argan oil in their hair about 98% of them purchase a bottle! I also started using it on my face and I am loving the results! It truly is like liquid gold!

  4. Maria says:

    This sounds like a great product and if the comments left by other readers are indicators of anything I think I should at least try it. Not to mention I don’t think I want to pay a lot of money for it until I know it is going to work or not. Thank you for posting this information, this is something I was not aware of but now can barely wait to try.

  5. Vikki says:

    I am sure Argan Oil works quite well for moisturizing the skin. But then again, so does any oil. The Romans and Greeks used to use olive oil to shave as well as a lubricant which the Spartans used to clean their bodies while they were in battle out in the field. They would use blades with oil to scrape the scum off their bodies before each battle. As long as it has a decent scent, I’m willing to try Argan oil.

  6. Joyce says:

    This was very interesting I have never heard of this tree before let alone a kernel that comes from a tree. I have to admit though that it sounds like it would benefit anyone who took it. The picture does not do wonders for it though because it looks like mud. I certainly would want to cook with it if it looked like that. I will have to get my cheap $5.99 sample.

  7. tammy says:

    Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids and thus offers many health benefits. And I love to use it in my hair after showers.

  8. Hilda says:

    unroasted argain oil doesn’t smell that strong

  9. Audrey says:

    I have been using the Argan Oil for about a month. I am very impressed any fine lines i had are almost gone. I have used alot of products through the years. I usually read the ingredients and noticed Argan Oil as part of the ingredient. Then i seen a infomerical by a well known person who talked about the main ingredient in her product. So i decided to go the health store and purchased a bottle of pure Argan Oil. I’m 65 years old however people think i’m early 50’s. I’ll take 50 something. I believe the product works. Ask me when i’m 85.

    • Christa Haeussler says:

      Audrey, would you tell me which brand? They are advertising many of them, so if you already have tried a good one, please let me know the brand. Thank you.

  10. Ni'Ger says:

    I have been using argan oil in my daughter’s hair for at least 3 weeks and am pleased with the results. Argan oil doesn’t leave her hair feeling sticky or greasy like other hair products I’ve tried. Her hair feels softer and looks healthier. I plan on searching for shampoos and conditioners with argan oil as well.

  11. Tracy P says:

    I just recieved and in just a few days my face (54 yrs old )as so softI was making everyone touch it I could not believe it and some of my friend asked what I was doing I can’t tell you how exceited i am that I found Argon oil My NEW Best friend!!!

  12. Karen from the QC says:

    The possibility of being able to obtain a youthful healthy feeling & look by incorporating this essential oil into my beauty regiments makes me Love Argan Oil!

  13. Amy says:

    I was apprehensive about putting oil directly on my face, because my skin immediately breaks out. However, I’ve been using this stuff for 5 days now and the following has happened:

    (1) Any uneven skin tone has disappeared. My skin breaks out easily, but also has dry patches. Now, it looks very even and I’ve started using less foundation.
    (2) I have extremely dark undereye circles that have significantly lightened over the course of 5 days. At first, I wondered if it was because of something else, but I haven’t been getting any more sleep than I normally do and my diet is about the same.
    (3) My skin feels less tight after washing as a result of having used this. It’s under a lot less stress as a result!
    (4) I had some sun damage on the apples of my cheeks and that has lightened.

    I highly recommend this product and think it’s worth the price I’ve paid!

  14. Ulisa says:

    I’ve been searching for a product to help clear up many of my skin problems, especially acne and post acne scarring. I’m really hoping that this argan oil works. Fingers crossed for clear skin.

    • Beverly says:


      If you are having reoccurring problems with your skin, you may try the dermatologist, first. Obviously, turning to nature is everyone’s first hope for success, but sometimes the cause is deeper. I’ve battled acne for a while. I finally went to the dermatologist, and she recommended some oral medication (minocycline) as well as a topical medication (Ziana Gel). Retinols are basically pure Vitamin A. Depending on your skin tolerance, will be what level your doctor chooses for you. Basically, mine couldn’t be cured from just the “outside”…It also needed some “inside” help. I’ve been on this regimen for about 2 months, now. Most of my acne cleared in about 2 weeks, and anything I get now is minor, and self-clears in a few days…no more serious, large break-outs! **I’m not sure how old you are, but I am also on Microgestin FE 1/20 (28), an oral birth control medication, which also helps with stabilizing hormones–so, you may ask if these items are right for you.

      I will say…I am going to try Argan Oil, to use as a moisturizer. :) I like the more “pure” and “natural”, less residue-leaving properties. Also, that you can use it under your make-up. While I’m sure it’s a fantastic moisturizer, and has been proven to reduce swelling/irritation and redness on the skin, I don’t think it is claiming to be a miracle oil to cure acne. But, hey! The worst it can do is make your skin healthier and more balanced, which may HELP your acne problem.

      • Lisa Yuille says:

        hi there , i have a skin condition called darius disease and really wonder if this may help, i get rashes on the one side of my body and spent thousands on medicine and nothing has helped.
        would you reccomend i try this oil?

      • Barbara says:

        I’ve just started using, Aragan oil. I’ve used everything under the sun. It’s either not enough moisture or too much oil. I have adult acne with my fibromyalgia. So, I’m not sure yet if it will help with it. But, just the perfect moisturizing level. My face is so dry..it sucks it up..so, I have to use it a few times a day. I’m hoping with time, I can cut back. I truly do like the way it feels though. Coconut oil is just too oily to me. I end up wiping it off. It doesn’t absorb like, Aragan and leave the moisturized feeling along with it.. I truly think its something you just have to try to see for yourself. I love it…and know its not a bunch of chemicals…as I said, I have, Fibro, and the last thing I need is chemicals….NOT!!!! lol Also, ladies, if you’re battling, dry, skin on all levels, acne, etc..the last thing we need is, Chlorine on our skin. I coat my face heavy with, coconut oil heavy before getting in the shower, use a good organic soap…or just let the, coconut oil, do the work. And, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. It not only moisturizes, but does a job on, acne. If you have children with teen acne…get them a bottle along with, organic cotton pads…make sure they are organic. Regular cotton pads are saturated with pesticides..so, make sure they are organic. Have your kids or you, shake the bottle well, pour a little or a lot, really doesn’t matter, it’s cheap, and clean your face with it. I let it just set and soak on my face for a few minutes…strangely, it leaves a moisturized feel to your face…then I leave the, soaked in, Apple cider Vinegar on, and add the, Arqan oil. Let it sit for a few minutes then put your make-up on over it. But, at very least, get a filter for your shower head, to get rid of the chlorine, mercury and lead…then, drink only water that has no, fluoride. Distilled water is good for that. If you don’t believe about, fluoride, read up on it…it’s poison…its horrific…a nightmare…and no purified water, its too acidic. purified water is basically worthless…too, too, acidic…read about that, too. I love this Argan oil a lot though. But if you have acne or your kids, use the apple cider vinegar…after a wee or two, you’ll see why…

  15. erika says:

    i have so much stretch marks on my body! im wondering if anyone has tried this product&seeing progress working towards them!?

    • Jan says:

      Hello Erika

      Let me tell you the truth. Your stretch marks cannont be removed by any product in the market. Argan oil can prevent someone getting stretch marks and especially good with mix of Shea Butter and Argan oil.

  16. aurora says:

    I have Argan Oil but I did not know its rather unpleasant stench. Has anyone experienced the same?

  17. ang says:

    Do you apply your normal face cream with the oil?

  18. Arlene says:

    Can I please get the ingredients of this product? Thank you!

    • Jan says:

      INCI for pure argan is Argania Spinosa. It is, if pure, not mixed with anything. But beware of false branding, like Moroccan Oil, which has absolutely nothing to do with argan oil.

  19. Elise says:

    I make my own skncare using a base of natural aquaous cream (preserved with colloidal silver and vit E). Can I add Argan Oil to this base, if so will 5% of my formulation make a difference ?

  20. Caroline says:

    Hi, my sister gave me a tube of Argan Oil Lip Balm and I used it not only on my lips but as an eye balm as well!
    Every night before I sleep, I apply a little of the Argan Oil Lip balm under my eye and truly my fine lines have
    diminished! I showed the results to my sister. Now, she, my mum and I are faithful users of Argan Oil or any
    cosmetic product tht contains it. Oh just to mention, the 3 of us are 50 yrs and above!

  21. ems says:

    I have tried Argan oil before. I tried to research everything about it because my friend tells me its great.. But as I’ve browsed through a lot of sites, it’s seems like it has the same benefits as Olive Oil.. I’ve been using it for years. I’m hoping to try this oil and to see for myself if it really works wonders like Olive oil. Thanks!

    • Robin Conkel-hAnnan says:

      Until I received argan oil for Christmas.. I have used it daily since then.. For the past few years I used mainly olive oil as a beauty aid.. No way can olive oil compare to argan oil..

  22. Lisa says:

    I love Argan Oil..its the best

  23. Ambert says:

    It is just awesome. I love this oil

  24. Alam says:

    I can not imagine my hair-care without “Argan Oil” after using this amazing oil I have noticed a huge change on my hair’s strenght & Beauty . JUST LOV IT <3

  25. Mike says:

    I’m living in Morocco. This stuff is remarkable. I know women who hand-press the nuts to get at the oil, here in Essaouira. Using Argan oil helps Berber women feed themselves and children, too.

  26. Sam says:

    I receved argan oil from a friend and 3 days of using it (befor applying my make up and after washing my face at night) i LOVE THE WAY IT WORKS the dark circles under my eyes are gone my skin is supper soft thats why i have been looking it up and im 22 at that im hooked no doubt its oil on crack!!!!!

  27. Lisa says:

    My husband ordered this pure Argan oil after researching online for help for his sensitive skin. We live in Canada where it gets so dry in the winter, the skin on his hands literally cracks open despite using pure lanolin or Norwegan hand cream (for ice fishermen). His hands have cleared up and healed.

    So far we have used it in my hair as a leave in 2 hour treatment. After washing my hair and letting it dry naturally, I was amazed at the soft CURLY hair I have. Previously, it was slightly curly and often frizzy despite using Moroccan oil or a Shine miracle product. I’ve tried olive oil and it was too heavy to wash back out of my hair without drying it out again.

    I used it on my nails and the skin around them stopped cracking. I used it around my eyes and the fine lines are diminished (I’m 51). I put it on my whole face, neck and cleavage every night. It soaks in overnight and my skin is so soft! Do Not use it and then go in the sun!

    I used it on my grandson’s roseacia (sp?) on his cheeeks and it has improved but not gone away yet.

    I use it on my husband’s back every night and the sores he has (from scratching constantly) are healed.

    We love this and have gone through 2 of the 4 bottles we ordered in a couple of weeks. Who cares?! At this price and for this quality we will make sure to have a good supply on hand.

    Reordering was a bit of problem online so I did an online support chat with Josh and he guided me through a re-order. He was so helpful, there is really NO REASON why everyone can’t get Argan oil.

    P.S. A co-worker scoffed at the price we were prepared to pay for pure Argan oil since she gets it “much cheaper” locally. Well, guess what? Her brand isn’t pure, smells like lemons and doesn’t really work very well for her. I think the real value is in the product.

  28. Sharon says:

    I have been using Argan oil for years, a lady in Morocco introduced me to it while on holiday there. The guide saw that I had a skin disorder on the top part of my foot ( Lichen Planis ) at the time it was weeping and bleeding. I was taken to a stall in the market and bought a bottle of pure Argan oil (some Argan oils on the net are not what they say they are) anyway to cut the story short, I have never looked back, fantastic results on my skin disorder. The sad thing is I never really thought to use it on my face or hair even though the lady guide told me it was the secret beauty oil for local women in Morocco. Make sure you buy the pure oil as I have been fooled in the past by buying on line. I paid £12 for a tiny bottle of what seemed to be veg oil!.

  29. Marie says:

    I like it.

  30. G.B. says:

    Love argan oil. A little goes a long, long way. A couple drops rubbed into my nails daily for a couple months has transformed my thin, brittle, break-prone nails into gorgeous, strong ones. I have a whole set of long nails that look nice even without polish for the first time in my whole life- and I’m 46.

    It has also worked great on my hair. A couple drops in my hands, rubbed together then smoothed through to the ends has made a huge difference. It is more lustrous and strong now than when I was a teen. My hands look great now too, btw. I dabbed a drop every day for about a month on an old but vivid facial scar courtesy of my brother and a badly cast fishing line. I’ve spent the last twenty years or so struggling to cover that scar over with concealer, liquid makeup, and powder. Now I still can see my scar in the mirror when I’m not wearing makeup, but only if I search for it.

    Argan oil is the good stuff. Expensive for oil, yes, but versatile, effective, and worth every penny I spent. Will be purchasing regularly in the future. In fact, I already know what I’m buying everybody for Christmas this year.

  31. Redd Mann says:

    I was pleasantly surprised that this oil has turned out to be as good as its claims. Bought the trial-sized version on a whim from Sephora.com after reading the glowing reviews but wasn't intending to use it on anywhere but my cuticles. Because of my work, I shuttle between the tropics and Europe every few months and my skin is noticeably drier when I'm in Europe, regardless of season. This time around, I actually forgot to pack my regular night cream for a 2-month stay in London. But I did bring the argan oil along. Deciding to improvise rather than buy a brand new tub of night cream.

  32. Dong Juan says:

    Liquid gold! Do not pay for the expensive and evasiveness of Botox, when you can get awesome results from Argan Oil. Mother nature provides a natural answer, I can not stress how highly satisfied that I am. A little bit goes a long way, my hair could not look any better and my skin thank me everyday for this product.

  33. still curious about Argan Oil .. I want to know every mornings first wash face then argan oil then make up? Every nights use argan oil before bedtime that is all? Please advise me ASAP

    Tks Janet from Newfoundland Canada

    • Your correct, after cleansing your face in the morning and night, massage a few drops of argan oil (about a dime size) into the palm of your hand and apply directly onto your face and neck. Since argan is considered a dry oil, it absorbs quickly and is not greasy.

  34. Pamela Moore says:

    This comment probably will not make it to this comment board, but these prices are absolutely obscene! You can buy a 1.8 oz bottle of pure argan oil at Sally’s for $9.99. And, I know it is as labeled. When my mother’s hands and arms became so swollen from an allergic reaction to anit-biotics they were unrecognizable as hands and arms, Sally’s argan oil worked wonders on them. I cannot believe these people get away with this highway robbery!
    Pamela Moore

    • Hey Pamela, we are very aware of the brand of argan oil that Sally beauty supplies. It’s called One N Only argan oil and sells for $9.99 but the truth is naming this product “Argan Oil” is deceptive and wrong. One N Only argan oil is hardly argan oil at all. It is a silicone (dimethicone) based product. Here are the ingredients listed on the back of the bottle:

      Dimethicone (silicone)
      Cyclopentasiloxane (silicone)
      C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate
      Fragrance (Parfum)
      Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
      Yellow 11
      Red 17

      The ingredients are listed in order of how much of that ingredient is in the bottle, this means there’s hardly any actual Argan oil. By the time you dispense a single application in your hand you have a minuscule amount of argan oil in that application. Shame on them for their misleading label!

      As far as how good this product is, there is very little difference from any other silicone product found at the local CVS or Walgreens. Our favorite silicone product (mainly because of it’s scent) is Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum, and it’s a lot less expensive. Other brands are even cheaper. Ten dollars for a 3.4 oz bottle of this “Argan oil” is really expensive by comparison.

      – Pleasant smell
      – Lightweight texture
      – Silky looking hair

      – Contains less than 5% argan oil
      – Contains harsh chemicals
      – Avoid prolonged use on face

      Our argan oil is 100% pure with no added chemicals or fragrances. It is more expensive, but at least you’re getting what you pay for.

  35. Daryl says:


    – I was wondering if you could also take a tablespoon of this a day internally? i have been reading up on argan oil and it seems to be better than fish oil for general overall health.

    However I am concerned with ordering over the net for something to take internally and just wondered if you could enlighten me in this matter. the local health store in Australia said they had not heard of it being taken internally but it could be because of the strict laws governing food products not produced in australia.

    I look forward to your reply.

  36. Mark G says:

    I pride myself on being a connoisseur of fine products. Well, the product offered by this company is second to none. It’s not underpriced and it’s not overpriced but it is the real deal. I initially bought two bottles of this product and put them on a shelf. I use jojoba oil in a lot of the soaps and lotions but I had only played around with argan. Well, right after I bought this argan oil I bought several others from amazon. The difference is night and day. One product, which claims to be pure, has a completely different fragrance then the produce from here. Other products are greasy. Reinventing Aging’s argan oil is perfect. No filler or other oils have been added. I love this product for daily use. I use it on my face, hair, and body. It’s perfect for after shower too! I admit that I use a different brand in my soaps and lotions. I have to because it would be prohibitively expensive to use this product in those preparations. Still, at the end of the day, it is the product sold by this wonderful company that I come back to. I have yet to find a better product for the price.

    Thank you. I believe that you get what you pay for and clearly your product stands above all the others. This truly is the liquid gold that people seek.

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