Do Not Try Krill Oil Until You Read The Facts About It Now

Fish oil and krill oil are great sources of omega-3. Though fish oil has long established itself as the king of omega-3’s, krill has risen as a superior option due to its faster and stronger abilities to fight disease.

Want to know why Dr. Oz called Krill Oil the “new Omega-3 power source” and a “stronger option to fighting disease over fish oil“?

We thought so… now let us explain.

What is Krill?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Baleen whale (blue, humpback and gray whales); these enormous mammals dine primarily on krill, which are tiny shrimp-like animals (semi-transparent crustaceans) that grow abundantly in certain oceans of our planet, primarily in the Antarctic. In fact, krill is currently the sustaining organism of the Antarctic’s entire ecosystem.

Krill feed on phytoplankton (and zooplankton) from deep upwelling regions of ocean water. It is this phytoplankton that gives krill their nutrients. Land-based resources are often lacking in important micro-nutrients which marine-based foods supply in abundance, and krill, by way of their phytoplankton-rich diet, may be the answer to some of our modern diet’s inadequacies. Even Jacques Cousteau pointed to the ocean as an answer to good nutrition for the human race.

Research shows that even at lower and equal doses, krill oil is significantly more effective than fish oil for the reduction of glucose, triglycerides, and LDL levels.

How Can Krill Oil Benefit Me?

There are many benefits that offer clear advantages to fish oil.

Stronger than other sources of omega-3s.

Maximum Antioxidant Protection may protect you from damaging free radicals.

Absorbed Faster than fish oil.

Reduce the Chance of Heart Disease.

1000 mg of Krill Oil has the Same Effect of 3000 mg of Fish Oil.

While Dr. Oz confessed that he thought nothing would ever out do fish oil as the best source of Omega 3s, the video below reveals his findings on why krill is now the powerhouse for omega 3s and good overall health.

how it is made


The oil from krill can help alleviate symptoms of PMS, reduce cardiovascular disease (both lowering LDL – the bad cholesterol, and increasing HDL – the good cholesterol,) fight the signs of aging, reduce inflammation, decrease joint discomfort, reduce dementia and other diseases like Parkinson’s, and even keep a healthy mind sharp.

Krill oil has also been used to improve emotional health in depressive patients and helped to aid sufferers of ADD and ADHD. It can help to treat skin diseases like psoriasis, and dermatitis. It boosts the overall health of your body, but especially benefits the heart, and brain.

This supplement also increases your overall energy and vitality, and can minimize unsightly wrinkles. There is research being conducted currently that points to Krill Oil even being able to reduce the signs of cancer.

krill chart

Is Krill Oil Just as Good as or Better than Fish Oil?

Krill oil has as much as 100 X times more Omega 3s in the same dosage as many other fish-oil supplements.

Why is this you ask? Fish by themselves do not make omega 3s, they eat omega 3s from krill and other algae and plankton sources in the ocean. Dr. Oz describes it as “cutting out the middle man” or fish in this instance.

The Omega 3 in krill is proven to be a faster delivery system of Omega 3s and a stronger means of lowering cholesterol and fighting heart disease.

In many clinical studies, it took just half the dose of krill oil compared to fish oil to get significantly improved benefits in physical appearance, mental alertness, energy levels, cardiovascular health, emotional health, pain reduction and enhanced social functioning.

Supplement Facts

Naturally you will want to buy krill oil now but first a…

QUICK WARNING… Since the recommendation of Dr. Oz, there have been many merchants jumping on the bandwagon and pushing questionable products.

Not all krill supplements is created equal. Antarctic krill oil isn’t cheap, if you see cheap prices there is a strong chance that the product IS NOT 100% pure krill oil, does not contain the proper balance of omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids, or lacks essential vitamins A, E (antioxidants) needed to improve your overall health (see our supplement facts above).

We trust you’ll order today because we know you owe it to yourself to get the best products to take your health and quality of life to brand new levels!

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YOUR TURN! :) Have you tried Krill Oil recently? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts about it. If you have any other tips along the lines of the above, would love to hear them. Please leave a comment below.

52 Responses to “Do Not Try Krill Oil Until You Read The Facts About It Now”
  1. Kim says:

    I am always on the lookout for beauty secrets and supplements. I am already very good at maintaining my health through good nutrition and by taking the essential vitamins through supplements. However, beauty and anti aging is an area in which you can never have enough help. So since Krill oil is said to improve symptoms of psoriasis, it probably has other benefits for otherwise healthy skin. The other thing I am forever on a quest for: Energy.

  2. Bishfish says:

    Millions of tons of krill are being taken to feed farmed salmon, which require 6kilo of food to grow one kilo, so people can eat omega rich salmon, which has only half the omega3 of wild salmon.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your passionate response, but the truth of the matter is that supplements like krill oil help enhance the quality of people’s lives. The science isn’t dubious but factual. There are people who deliberately harm nature for their own gain but in this case can you really defend an organism who is so far down the food chain… especially when this organism (krill) can and has helped so many?

      • Ash says:

        And by the way Krill is not an endangered species. Even though whales feed almost exclusively on Krill, only 0.03% of the total biomass is harvested. The CCAMLR (Commission of Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) annually regulates and establishes catch limits to ensure that krill remains a non-endangered species.

        • Jim says:

          Krill fisheries pose lots of technical problems, not least the fine mesh nets required to catch such small organisms. It is inevitable that many larger animals are caught inadvertently in these nets.

          It would be best to leave this admittedly abundant organism alone, given it’s importance to nearly every large Antarctic animal (even the large toothed whales eat animals which in turn rely on krill), the technical difficulties in harvesting and it’s uncertain future given rapidly diminishing summer sea ice.

          If you want some good unsaturated fats in your diet just eat oily fish (mackerel is great) a couple of times a week. If you want to look after the environment the eat MSC oily fish a couple of times a week.

          Plus if you live in the northern hemisphere, there is mackerel in the ocean near where you live. Is there any real need to ship dead crustacean oil halfway around the world as a dietary supplement?

      • Admindoesn'tknow says:

        Admin, you clearly do not understand how food chains work if your logic is, “Well, it’s so far down the food chain that it doesn’t matter.” Organisms at the bottom of the food chain support all life leading up to the top of the food chain. For instance, if you took away all plants (the very bottom of the food chain), all life would cease to exist. Your argument is not factual, but merely emotionally based. Give some examples of how Krill saves lives or has helped so many.

        • eileen barry says:

          A friend of mine was suffering from Arithtis, in hands feet etc, painful, stiff swollen…he read about Krill Oil, having nothing to lose he tried it, 3/4 weeks later he noticed an improvement…but did not want to be dissapointed were it not the Krill oil..he continued & 2 months after which all signs of arithtis has gone, stiffness pain, no more…hes hoping it willl continue as hes a new man, Praise the Lord…he is 72 yrs old..I dont have Arithitis but i am going to try it now for high cholesterol for which i am taking a statin…good luk everyone….Eileen

          • Yogesh says:

            Apart from Krill oil there’s many other alternative cures for Arthritis like hemp oil ,mms water with PH above 7and above , also staying away from acidic food helps and keeping the body alkaline helps to keep the body n mind healthy.

  3. David says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz for agreeing that Krill oil is good for you. But is he going to pay for it? I want to know first off how much more expensive is it than fish oil? And does it taste bad when you burp later? I’ve been taking fish oil for quite some time and it’s easy to find but I have to admit I haven’t seen Krill oil anywhere, where can you get it?

  4. Jeremy says:

    I want to know first off how much more expensive krill oil is than fish oil? I’ve been taking fish oil for quite some time and it’s easy to find but I have to admit I haven’t seen Krill oil anywhere, where can you get it? One thing I hate about fish oil is the belches later that taste like tuna, does krill oil do that as well? Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Monika says:

      I am buying my krill oil supply in a form of MegaRed product at my local Walgreen; it is located at the vitamin isle. There are different package sizes, for different price. Since I am struggling with joint pain, I am buying the 30 soft gel pckg specialized for joint pain for $36.95 (this is one of the most expensive MegaRed product). There is not only no aftertaste, but no burping either, since the caplets are about pea sized. Serving size is 1 soft gel a day. Before krill oil products I have used flex seed oil for my omega needs because I hate fish taste in my mouth, just like you. Since I am taking krill oil, not only my joint flexibility improved, but I am way more energetic and balanced, too. I have aspirin allergy, therefore I cannot take aspirin supplement to support my heart function – krill oil is the perfect substitute for this, as well. Don’t hesitate to pay a little more for krill oil product – your health and comfort worth it!

      • eileen barry says:

        Thank u monika, thats a great help,…ur health is ur wealth…hope i can get some tomorrow here in Ireland…

  5. Kasey says:

    Well if there is anyone who I will listen to when it comes to health and nutrition advice, it is doctor Oz. I find him to be a bit quirky, but despite his idiosyncrasies, he is a well respected doctor. And as the host of a nationally syndicated talk show and the author of one or more books, you know he has done exhausting research and knows more than the average medical professional and nutritionist.

  6. If krill oil is so good for health, imagine the power of whole krill. Krill oil comes from whole krill, so krill oil is an extract.
    Whole krill is the food of the whales, a cocktail of essential nutrients. We don’t get in the extract all the nutrients we get in whole krill, a complete food. So we think it’s important for people to be aware and know that encapsuled freeze-dried
    whole krill is available on the market since 12 years.

  7. OmegafortSCC says:

    Krill oil is a great product, no question, especially when it comes to supplying phospholipids. It actually has, however, relatively low levels of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids vs. high-concentration fish-oil supplements, which have been proven by scientific studies to have absorption rates as high as krill or higher, in addition to providing 3 to 4 times the amounts of DHA and EPA. On you’ll fijnd all available studies, so you can see what we mean. The scientific facts clearly show not that krill oil blows fish oil out of the water, so to speak, but that fish and krill complement each other.

  8. Miffty says:

    Regardless of what Jacque Cousteau might have surmised about potential harvests of Krill for human use we should think again. Have we no regard or respect for the needs of wild animals, particularly long suffering whales and dolphins, who depend on krill for survival? Are we so focused on our own appearance and well being that we will scourge land and sea, stopping at absolutely nothing to grab the elixir of eternal youth?

    Isn’t it time we started growing up, accepting age as the process by which we attain wisdom? Isn’t it time we started thinking and behaving like true caretakers of this planet? It is our responsibility to look after and protect wild creatures of this world, and the ecosystems in which they live. It is our duty to accept that they have as much right to natural resources as we do and our domesticated animals.

    • Rodney says:

      There is plenty of krill to go around. Human consumption is a small fraction of what is available. ven after human use, there is an oversupply for the flora. No worries.

    • irish says:

      i’m with you on this! big companies will be the death of us all with their greed. well it won’t buy back the planet after all ecosystems has collapsed.

      • May says:

        Some of these big companies produce medication which you may someday need to take to ward off early death. I wonder if you will say then that these big companies will be the death of you.

        • eileen barry says:

          Well stated May, we all fight for survival, & huge money is being made by greedy drug companies on drugs to control diseases that carry so many bad side effects, so when a natural product comes to light its a huge plus for ordinary human beings…bring it on..

    • May says:

      Don’t be too judgemental. Not everybody takes these things for beauty reasons. Many people rely on these products to give them relief from aches and pains. Unless you go through the kind of suffering that some people go through, you have no idea what its like to live with pain. I have lived with pain in my joints for years and if there is something I can take to give me some relief I will take it. Come off your high horse. Aren’t human beings important? Its not like krill is an endangered species. They reproduce too remember?

    • Dave says:

      God made the earth for humans – not the other way around. We should be thankful for the resources that we have been provided and use them wisely – but by all means use them.

    • dale bennet says:

      miffty, despite your emotional thinking, growing up and accepting age as the process by which we attain wisdom is only good if we use that wisdom to enjoy a healthy and productive life. besides, if it bothers you I am definitely going to buy a steady supply. you “liberals” need to mind your own business and stop trying to micro manage the rest of us humans in the world! (:

  9. Dave says:

    how do they remove the shell as i know up until 5 years ago they couldn’t and the shell is made of flouride

  10. Ross Brown says:

    Humans, the dominant species at the top of the food chain with it’s population doubling every 25 years is now consuming species from the bottom of the chain – species that support the whole pyramid of life and ecosystem that all animals including Homo Sapiens depend on – for supposed health benefits. If we moderated our greasy, fat filled diets and got off our lazy asses we wouldn’t need these “health products”. The soulless, greedy corporations and the stupid consumers are speeding us all towards catastrophe.

    • Rosie says:

      While there is no doubt that the modern lifestyle has resulted in an increase in health conditions requiring treatment, there are still others that despite living a healthy balanced lifestyle who suffer from medical conditions in which treatment options are necessary to maintain quality of life. I do not by any means support the destruction of our earth, and strongly believe that companies should place focus on conducting business in an environmentally sound way. However, as a 24 year old, who has a healthy diet, exercises regularly, places importance on regular sleep, does not smoke, do drugs or drink alcohol in excess, I have been experiencing a number of health conditions for the past five years, including chronic joint pain, if there is a product that will substantially improve my quality of life and my ability to function (given I still have a large proportion of my life yet to live) I want there to be that option. I am not a ‘stupid consumer’, I am a PhD student, educated in a health profession, and I don’t feel that blanket assumptions or judgements should be made about others.

    • bob says:

      Its called the circle of life, get over it

    • eileen barry says:

      Not everybody is as “big as a whale” so to speak ross lol, nor are we all lazy slobs that gorge on fat filled rubbish & junk food….most people wanting to try Krill Oil are in pain, or have heart problems, & are not interested in beauty products…

    • Tim P says:

      In the interest of eradicating stupidity, lets be very clear about diet and nutrition – other than trans fats, fats in our diet are not killing us – carbohydrates are. This focus on fat as a cause of atherosclerosis, and the resulting USDA food pyramid emphasizing grains and cereals being 60% of our caloric intake is what is driving the obesity/metabolic syndrome/type II diabetes epidemics. The necessary result of trying eat a low fat diet is you WILL eat more carbs. Carbohydrates (starch and especially sugar) drive insulin, which drives fat. It produces high glycemic index meals, which results in high insulin response, leading to eventual insulin resistance and endothelial dysfunction and chronic disease.

      I highly recommend everyone read Gary Taubes “Why we get fat and what to do about it” for a thorough explanation of ALL the science behind this (actually easy to read and very compelling).

      Lastly, even today’s “healthy” diets do not optimize our micronutrient intakes for numerous reasons: our food and water is deficient of minerals and our consumption of vegetable oils leave us woefully short of Omega 3 FAs. Ergo, the need for supplementation.

  11. Betty R. says:

    Doesn’t anyone read the bible anymore? It is an unclean seafood. I agree that we shouldn’t eat Krill. God made all of the animals and fish and told us which ones that we could eat. He didn’t make everything to be fit for human consumption. He knows and He tells us because we would have no other way of knowing…. Lev 11 and Deut 14 . Read it and obey;. It is for your health!

    • Lola H says:

      Apparently you missed Acts 11:5-9 5 “I was in the city of Joppa praying ; and in a trance I saw a vision, an object coming down like a great sheet lowered by four corners from the sky ; and it came right down to me, 6 and when I had fixed my gaze on it and was observing it I saw the four-footed animals of the earth and the wild beasts and the crawling creatures and the birds of the air. 7 “I also heard a voice saying to me, ‘Get up, Peter ; kill and eat.’ 8 “But I said, ‘By no means, Lord, for nothing unholy or unclean has ever entered my mouth.’ 9 “But a voice from heaven answered a second time, ‘What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.’

  12. Anon. says:

    Hi, I recently tried krill oil for the first time, and finished a 60-day regimen. Here is what I noticed:

    My first dose, a few minutes after I took it, I felt a lot better, I was calmer, and I could think clearer. These good effects lasted a few hours, then either they dissipated or I simply didn’t notice they were in effect still. I had no bad side effects including fishy-burps. The next day, I felt no benefits what-so-ever. Nor the day after that, or the day after that, and so on. The only time I actually noticed a different feeling was the very first time I took them. And believe me, those effects the first time were very real, NOT placebo, and were from taking the krill oil.

    My experience leads me to believe that I had a slight or moderate deficiency in one or more of the vitamins the krill oil contains. The fact that I did not get the same benefit every day suggests that I may not need to take it daily to stay sufficient. Perhaps I can get away with taking it every other day, perhaps there is only a certain amount of omegas/vitamins from the krill oil that we can all absorb? I am healthy so I can try this, I’ll try this to save some $, it may be that I only need to take this once a week or so even.

  13. Val says:

    Krill Oil is indeed the “new Omega-3 power source”. I agree with Dr. Oz because this is also what I have experienced myself. I’ve actually been taking krill oil supplements for over a year now as advised by my doctor and so far, I really feel great results with my health.

  14. Judy says:

    Does Krill oil Reduces Cholesterol.
    Does it come is liquid oil or pills. If both which one has a better or quicker effect.
    My husband’s Cholesterol is 6.9 will Krill help to reduce? And how quick.
    He is not on any medication.

    • Kuterkel says:

      Oh my goodness; I started taking one Krill Oil pill a day 1 month ago and my total cholesterol went down 20 pointsand my LDL went down 22 points. I’m a believer!!!

  15. Marilyn says:

    I’ve recently read about microalgae DHA, marketed as Neuromins. It sounds like the algae are grown in factory/farms. This seems to be the ideal way to preserve all things environmental while providing humans with a vegetarian source of Omega 3. It sounds more interesting to me but I’m still researching.

  16. ann street says:

    I have been taking krill oil for some 3 months and have noticed that my urine has chaned in the overwhelming smell, could this be contriuted by the krill?

  17. su says:

    I for one am against Krill oil being used as they are the only source of food for Baleen whales. These whales are increasingly washed ashore severely undernourished, unable to survive. We on the other hand have wonderful alternatives to krill oil. Things like Chia seed have high levels of Omega 3 (ALA) and Omega 6.

    If the krill levels continue to be depleted then this will have devastating consequences for whales.

    There was huge outcry when Korea were planning to start whaling again, and yet if they have no food you are condemning them to death by starvation. Please reconsider your stance on this matter. Krill is a Norwegian name for whale food, enough said.

  18. eileen says:

    Humans are as important as whales…yes!! if we need Krill for pain, or heart disease we are very entitled to it…

    • su says:

      I find it unfortunate you feel that way.
      The krill levels have fallen by 80% since the 1970’s due to climate change alone. If the rest of the population is then depleted by over fishing there will be no krill to help either heart disease or pain. Let alone the whales, who I am sure will have become extinct by then.
      It seems krill has become the new cure all product. And yet there are many other alternatives readily available.

  19. Dorman says:

    You have preventive maintenance on a car right? Why not the human body. If people would put more into the body the ‘good stuff’. We would save a fortune from paying $$$ for presciptions. I take crill because I am 52 and some of my friends who are 6-8 years younger are having bypasses. And I have a heart history.

    • eileen barry says:

      You are right to put ur health first Dorman…& its wonderful that there is a natural product to do so lke Krill…we must keep on trying…Flaxseed is also extremely good for cholesterol just one teaspoonful over cereal or in yoghurt but unfortunately for me, it was inclined to irritate my stomach as i have a its the krill for me…gud luk with it:))

  20. Di says says:

    We seem these days to be obsessed with living longer, often to the detriment of other animals, or our environment. Worse we are always looking for the quick fix, the easy way out at any cost.
    Leave the krill for the animals that really need it for their survive and eat better, excerise and be happy to live however long you do.

  21. David Anderson says:

    Exactly. Krill are NOT an endangered species.

  22. Jamie says:

    My 7 yr old son is taking Krill Oil. I have noticed a change in his behavior. I am having a hard time getting him to take it, I have mixed it in with food, that doesn’t always work. I just read a book that says you can put fish oil on your heel if your child has a hard time with swallowing. Just wondering if anyones has done this? Thanks

  23. Marley says:

    I’m going to speak to both sides here.

    First, this company (who’s responded to the replies here) made a very foolish statement that discredits them regarding krill being at the bottom of the food chain. For their own PR sake, I hope they learn from that. The person who responded to that statement was absolutely right. We have to mind the way ecosystems work. If we do anything to destroy or deplete organisms at the bottom of the food chain, there will be a domino effect that will prove disastrous to not only all marine life, but consequently to human health and economy.

    As for saving human lives, that’s also a very anthropecentric, arrogant, and misguided thing to crow about. With the human population now over 7 billion: there’s really no need to save human lives. We’re not an endangered species.

    As a matter of perspective, we all die anyway at some point; and people have lived quality lives without astaxanthin and krill oil for millions of years. There are plenty of other ways that we have managed to support out health that have worked just fine without krill oil. I think it’s dangerously myopic to focus on saving human lives by engaging in practices that could undermine the very ecosystem that we depend on.

    Rather than consume more products, we need to make less -less toxic ones that is, and less of those that compromise the delicate balance of nature. We must not forget that what we do to the planet will impact us. If we destroy the environment, we only threaten our own existence. There have been 5 known extinction level events in Earth’s history. So we can be assured that we can destroy ourselves and the Earth will recover and new life will emerge -even if it takes millions of years. We need to use clean, renewable energy, stop messing around with toxic chemicals that cause DNA mutation and cancer, and simply live healthier, more conscious lifestyles that don’t compromise our health.

    We need to eat healthier foods, eliminate unhealthy foods, and have regular exercise, regular deep sleep, and end our violent ways as a civilization. That “prescription” has already been in effect, and saved far more lives than any miracle pill, drug or technology. Simply living wisely is the best possible way to not just save lives, but live good lives that are worth living.

    That being said, with respects to the environmental impact of krill fishing, there are laws in place to establish sustainable krill fishing practices to ensure that we do not upset the balance of the ecosystem. Check it out:

    There’s no reason that human industry can’t thrive without undermining the ecological balance that sustains both humanity and planet alike. Just because companies make profits doesn’t necessarily mean they are greedy or evil. Even companies that make substantial profits to make their executives multimillionaires still make plenty of profits to endow conservation efforts more substantially than many nonprofit organizations out there that use public donations towards the same ends. Btw, just because an organization is a non-profit doesn’t mean they can’t pay their officers substantial salaries even into 6-7 figures. Also, many of these millionaire executives of for-profit companies use their wealth to support environmental causes -and overall donate more than middle class donors combined.

  24. Dan Coulterman says:

    I heard about this new krill oil on the radio the other day – I have tendonitis in my left leg and arthritis in my thumbs – I am 58 years old – I am certainly looking for ways to improve my health, both physically and mentally – My only concern of this new product is that it consists of sea-shell fish – I am severely allergic to sea-shell fish – Should I take this product? – If not is there another product I could take to increase my health?

  25. Kathy says:

    Apparently all the people who have commented against human consumption of Krill oil do not have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have never experienced the daily pain of this disease. Yes, there ARE medications for RA, but I prefer not to take them because they are more toxic than the disease itself. At the present time I have to rely on pain medication in order to get through another day. I just began taking Krill oil today for my RA and have no idea if it will work, but if I can get off the pain meds and not have to take toxic RA medications, then deliver a truckload full of Krill oil on my doorstep today!!!! I feel that my quality of life is more important than “Saving The Krills.”

  26. Betty says:

    I had a silver stent placed in my left upper leg last year. I stayed on simvastin and plavix with a great deal of pain. My last Dr visit last month I was taken off Plavix and take 325mg asprin and was told to stay on simvastin 20mg. The simvastin was to painful for my joints, I as of last week took myself off simvastin. Now the big question is what do I take?

    My HDH (GOOD) cholesterol is too high and my LDL (bad) is too low. My numbers are HDH 32, LDL 82 and Trigs 143.

    I am really confused about the MegaRed omega 3 krill oil will this correct my cholesterol level in reverse? I bought Co Q10 do I need this? Do I take them both?

  27. Mitaly Khan says:

    Krill oil is butter then fish oil. It is excellent product. It is very helpful for our body and health. This oil is more stronger then other source of omega-3. It is reduced heart disease. This oil is also Absorbed Faster than any kinds of fish oil. It is protect Antioxidant. This product is saver then other company product. This supplement is love many people. It is Omega-3 power source.

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