Krill Oil Benefits – Plenty, and Significant

krill oil benefits

Krill oil benefits include it’s ability to fix common diseases and supply a faster acting, stronger source of omega 3s.

Krill oil benefits are so many one might wonder why it isn’t dished out in school lunches and pumped into our drinking water. The fact is that krill oil is still somewhat unknown in nutritional circles, but this is changing. As more people realize recovered health in numerous ways on a first-hand basis, the popularity of this oil is becoming as easily understood as the benefits of plenty of Vitamin C.

Krill Oil Benefits — What Can Krill Oil Do For You?

Krill oil benefits include a vast array of support for the body, but primarily all benefits arise from the high level of Omega3s in krill oil. Omega3 fats are vital for the body. They are not made by the body, so we must extract them from some form of supplement. Krill oil is an important way to get Omega3s.

On the topic of krill oil benefits, some people believe that we can get all our Omega-3 fats from plants; however, many medical studies prove that Krill oil is better, since it has a different carbon makeup that is more readily absorbed by the body when someone has higher insulin levels – that’s more than two thirds of the population, by the way. Consuming this important fatty acid chain helps the body in numerous ways.

Krill Oil Benefits – Just a Few:

  • The functioning of the brain is greatly enhanced. More and more adults have deteriorating brain function with onset of dementia and even just cognitive decline as soon as the early 40s. This is why you need krill oil benefits. It is easier to prevent diseases of the brain than to treat them. Mercury, aluminum and other heavy metals have been shown to cause several forms of dementia. The brain is 50% fat, namely DHA. It is important to have high-quality Omega3 fats that are not oxidized, and krill oil contains a special antioxidant that keeps the Omega-3s from being destroyed so that one may reap the krill oil benefits.
  • The heart and cardiovascular system are improved. The American Heart Association started to recommend eating fish at least two times a week due to the effect of Omega3s on heart health, but many fish are polluted with mercury and other heavy metals which are detrimental to health. Krill oil is less likely to be polluted and has much higher levels of Omega3s than regular fish oil, hence the krill oil benefits.
  • Omega3s can help with all diseases of inflammation from arthritis to joint pain to cancer, even.
  • Omega3s in krill oil can help with skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis, and help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • The oil found naturally in krill can help with symptoms of PMS, including bloating, anxiousness, and abdominal or lower back pain. One of the krill oil benefits women really appreciate.
  • Another of the krill oil benefits is that this oil can help people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Since krill oil is Omega3-rich it can also help lower triglycerides and Apo proteins, which are tell-tale precursors of Diabetes.

It’s better than Fish Oil

Krill is better than fish oil because it has less chance of being full of mercury and other heavy metals. The oil of krill is more sustainable than fish oil as well, offering krill oil benefits. Krill is the largest bio-mass in the world. They live in huge numbers in the Antarctic Ocean, and the World Wildlife federation and other agencies make sure that only a small percentage of the krill in the world’s oceans are harvested every year. Supposedly, the harvesting could go on for centuries before there would ever be any concern whatsoever that the environment would sustain any true impact.

Furthermore, krill are made up of phospholipids, which means they are much easier for the body to absorb and therefore, you don’t have to take as much to receive krill oil benefits. You can take fewer milligrams in a dose of Omega-3s from krill versus fish oil and not get gaseous, or have what are referred to as ‘fish burps.’ The suggested dosage of krill oil vs fish oil is about half in comparison for the same level of Omega3 absorption. Enjoy the krill oil benefits today once you ask “what is krill oil.”

Supplement Facts

Naturally you will want to buy krill oil now but first a…

QUICK WARNING… Since the recommendation of Dr. Oz, there have been many merchants jumping on the Krill Oil bandwagon and pushing questionable products.

Krill oil isn’t cheap, so if you see inexpensive prices… there is a strong chance that the product isn’t 100% pure krill oil, does not contain the proper balance of omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids, or lacks essential vitamins A, E (antioxidants) needed to improve your overall health (see our label to the right).

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3 Responses to “Krill Oil Benefits – Plenty, and Significant”
  1. Mary Elms says:

    I have been using Krill for almost a month now and is finding it very helpful with bloating, arthritis, and back pain.

  2. bob fountaine says:

    Since using krill oil my memory has gotten so much better and I feel better and I am 65 and you don’t get that bad after taste like you do with fish oil :).

  3. S. Ethridge says:

    I’m a 50 year old woman with high blood pressure and recently was experiencing heart palpitations. A friend at work mentioned it may be related to menopause. To date I have not experienced any affects of menopause. I mentioned this to my massage therapist who recommended taking Krill Oil. Since taking the oil for almost 4 weeks I have not experience any palpitations.

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