Do Not Try Sensa Until You Read The Facts About It Now


The Sensa diet boast an average weight loss of 30 pounds in 6 months. No Drugs, No Pills, No Stimulants. But are their claims legitimate?

Want to know the Sensa secret to weight loss?

We thought so . . . now let us explain.

If you’re somewhat of a weight loss veteran, and have access to the net, you will surely have come across all the Sensa hullaballoo by now.

Wherever you look, it’s “Sensa this” and “Sensa that,” with every second health related website or blog having published at least one Sensa review. And the manufacturers (Alan Hirsch and co.) make some pretty outrageous claims indeed. They say that just by sprinkling this product over your food, you can lose in excess of 30 pounds within a six month period, yet there’s no concrete evidence to support this. There may be a better option though.

So what is SENSA Exactly?

Sensa is commonly referred to as The Sprinkle Diet, although the Sensa weight loss regime isn’t really a diet as such, but something you would add to your current diet. Sensa sprinklings are in fact flavor-enhancing ‘flakes’ made from maltodextrin, tribasic calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, and flavorings. You simply sprinkle a dash over your food (as you would salt or pepper) and it then amplifies both scent and flavor. Sensa is actually meant to work using your sense of smell, tricking your brain and belly into thinking that you’re full.

Does SENSA Actually Work?

Well, if you look around on the net you’ll find a wealth of Sensa weight loss information, advertising, reviews, etc., with some suggesting that Sensa is the best thing since sliced bread in terms of weight loss. But questions need to be asked as some claims seem too good to be true.

They state that Sensa is ‘clinically proven’ to work – this is not entirely true. In fact, Dr. Hirsch maintains that there was a ‘study’ reviewed by peers of The Endocrine Society supporting the claim that test subjects lost 30lbs+ using Sensa, yet The Endocrine Society says they never reviewed such a study.

Some super diets are too good to be true, don’t get caught up in marketing hype.

also mentioned that they were “surprised and troubled by the promotional nature of his presentation” on ABC news in 2008.

Reviews on Sensa weight loss are a dime a dozen. Many reviews are of a negative nature and claim that the Sensa diet doesn’t work, but there are those who say that it works wonders. Combing through these carefully though, one almost gets the feeling that people were paid to write these ‘high-flying’ Sensa comments.

So does Sensa work then? Well, judging by the lack of scientific evidence and growing dreadful user reviews found on Amazon and other locations, probably not. And if you’re planning to buy Sensa, It is probably a good idea to do your homework as there seems to be talk of a Sensa weight loss billing scam as well.

Is SENSA Your Only Option for Weight Loss?

No, it isn’t. In fact, there is something better than Sensa if you’re looking to lose weight safely – Saffron Extract.

For those of you who don’t know, Saffron is a coveted natural spice used to add color and flavor to foods – it is often used in Indian and European cuisine. It is normally rather costly, and the expense is attributed to the extensive harvesting and storage labor involved.

Saffron has been used for thousands of years, and is also known to help with many ailments and medical conditions. It has even been used as an aphrodisiac. More recently though – unlike Sensa – clinical scientific studies have brought satiereal saffron extract forth as a powerful appetite suppressant that can greatly assist with weight loss by reducing food cravings.

On a recent Dr. OZ show segment, Belly Blasting Supplements, the renowned Dr. Oz himself described satiereal saffron extract as being a “miracle appetite suppressant” that will “kill your hunger” and “squash your cravings.” He went on to discuss how it works, highlighted its benefits, and even tested it on two emotional over-eaters, Martha and Devon – they lost 3 and 5 pounds respectively over a weekend.

Both women reported significant loss of hunger and lack of cravings while on the supplement, and lost weight fast as a result. This isn’t just Sensa review hearsay.

sensa weight loss


How Saffron Extract Works

As Dr. Oz Explains, compulsive eating habits stem from low levels of serotonin, a primary mood regulator of the human body. When serotonin levels are low, depression and anxiety are triggered prompting one to reach for feel-good foods – aka carbohydrates. The problem is, these foods pack on the pounds fast, so this is not ideal.

Saffron Extract is the alternative. It comes in the form of a calorie-free pill that runs through the intestinal system up into the brain, stimulating its feel-good chemicals and providing relief. As a result, you don’t experience those intense cravings for food or feel compelled to ‘snack’ at every opportunity. The result is the power to say no to food, and then of course weight loss.

Much like Sensa, It is based on the concept that one can lose weight by curbing food cravings and urges. This is no fairy dust though – it really works. 88-90MG twice daily (as recommended) and you’re on your way to a slimmer, better looking you.

Sensa vs. Saffron Extract

Saffron Extract takes the prize over Sensa for sure. Not only is it significantly cheaper – surprisingly – but there is proof that it actually works. Not to mention the fact that there isn’t an abundance of negative product reviews, comments, and unanswered questions floating about on the net and everywhere else – you know what they say, “where there’s smoke…”


While Sensa do maintain an authentic-looking website that would con most into spending their hard-earned money, upon digging deeper due diligence does seem critical. Saffron Extract, on the other hand, is 100% safe, cheaper, and backed by clinical scientific studies that point to its efficacy and fat-busting results. If Dr. Oz gives it a thumbs-up, what does that tell you?

buy saffron extract recommended by dr oz

Check out Dr Oz’s other weight loss recommendations >>> Green Coffee Bean <<<  or you might also want to try >>> Rasberry Ketone <<< .

Reinventing Aging recommends using an appetite suppressant to “help” increase your weight loss (please consult your physician). Keep in mind that although the science backs the use of saffron extract, it is not a cure-all for obesity. We offer saffron extract to our visitors as a catapult for weight loss to be used in combination with physical activity and a healthy diet. Just taking saffron extract alone probably won’t be enough to get the results you want.

YOUR TURN :) Have you tried Sensa recently? Thinking about trying it? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts about the experience (both before and after). Please leave a comment.

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297 Responses to “Do Not Try Sensa Until You Read The Facts About It Now”
  1. jay says:

    I’ve been taking it and halfway through 2nd month and have not lost a pound very upset!

    • susie says:

      I’ve been on Sensa two weeks. I’ve lost very little but I’m also on JennyCraig. I am using Sensa in hopes to “Jump” start my weight loss. I didn’t realize it was a six month program. I was hoping to lose 7 pounds then continue to help me lose the rest I need to..However, if it takes six months then forget it.

      • JENNA says:

        See, that’s the problem with everyone who wants to lose weight, they want a quick fix and that’s just not possible. It took time to gain the weight and it’ll take double even triple that time to lose the weight. Just because a product says it will work over six months you’re ready to quit? That doesn’t make sense to me. It’s so lazy to me. If so and so product won’t help me lose these fifty pounds I gained over the last year and a half, in the next few weeks I’m just not going to do it. That is crazy. How does anyone expect to lose the weight when they just give up on something because it’s not happening as quickly as they would like? There is no miracle weight loss cure. It takes hard work and major determination to reach those goals. The most important thing is diet. I’ve heard so many people talking about Sensa. I haven’t tried it myself because I don’t really need it, but the people that I hear talking about it and saying that it isn’t working are the same people who continue to eat cupcakes and doughnuts for breakfast and complain that this diet isn’t working. You can’t eat badly and think that just because you’re using a certain diet supplement that you should be losing the weight. Get real, it won’t work. Diet is the most important thing next to exercise, and if you don’t eat clean you won’t get lean, it just won’t happen. So for anyone who decides that something is taking too long so just “forget it I’m not doing it anymore” good luck with the rest of your life because you’re going to continue being miserable. No successful person ever got to where they are now because they quit. That is definitely something to remember.

        • Mark says:

          While I agree that DIET is the most important element to losing weight, you’re not being realistic when you say people shouldn’t be upset when they don’t lose weight quickly while on Sensa. I would suggest you read their advertising (which is all over the web and TV) and listen to all the promises made of quick weight losses. Those people complaining are correct to complain. Again, I agree that weight loss takes much longer than just a week or two, however, maybe it is time that either the FDA or some other regulatory agency begin to tighten the noose around the necks of these weight loss scam artists, especially when there is PROOF of their lies, such as with the Sensa product. I am thankful for a web area, like this, which explains about the product as I, too, am interested in losing weight and was researching Sensa as being a possible jump starter, or as an addition to the restricted diet I have placed myself on. Overweight people ARE just people who sometimes look for added supplements to regular dieting. Don’t be so harsh on the people who are disappointed in any product. After all, they could have just kept quiet and not shared their disatisfaction so that we all learn more insight on a product which gives false hopes!

          • Amir says:

            I agree 100%, people fail to realize that it’s not always easy to follow the process of a diet! like Jenna stated it takes commitment and hard work to loose weight! But the thing is it’s not always easy for certain people, everyone’s body is different, with that being said, weight loss supplements will be looked into, and people will expect promises for a fit body, there’s nothing wrong with that at all, What I would believe to be wrong is if someone becomes dependent of it, and not do what is instructed for them to keep the weight down, there are so many triggers that cause hunger, stress, anxiety, medications, it’s a trying thing to face, and I feel no one has the right to just say eat right and loose weight, when they are not in that persons shoes to get the experience they are probably struggling with! nothing is wrong with disabling yourself , but if you tend to try too hard, your health is at real risk!

          • Elei says:

            I aqree with all of you. As a big girl and need of loosing weight there are no easy fixes. I have been on both sides of the fences..that of being a “skinny” girl and that of being a “phat” girl. bottom line is i love who I am and no one can make me feel bad about who I am. Sensa has made bold statements about weight loss time. It’s not that people want to give up if it takes less than 6 months, but there must also be an incentive there. If X product says I can loose X pounds in 1 month then I expect to see some results. If in 3 months I have not lost a single pound, then this products is not working. for the record I eat rather healthy. i do have my times when I eat crazy but for the most part I am a healthy eater. And to answer the next part of the question, no, I don’t overeat. the fact is my doctors says I don’t eat enough. I know this to be true as I only eat the one meal per day. I am also on medication that causes weight gain. I know there is no cure all. once had a doctor tell me other than exercise and diet, the only other way to loose weight quickly is cocaine or crack. Of course he was over dramatic but when you think about it, it is true. it has taken me more than a year to loose 30 pounds and I am still trying to shed a few more. Yes if there is something out there to give me that edge I would try it. It is not fair that you don’t eat healthy because you are over weight. Even the most healthy of eater sometimes spurge and eat “the wrong” foods. It’s not about giving up or quitting, it’s about knowing when you’ve duked. Many people look to diet aids like sensa for the simple fact they can’t afford Jenny or one of the other programs and still provide food for the family. A supplement is just that, but it still needs to prove results. There are many triggers that can cause you to gain weight and it is not always food. One final thought, if you were taken a vitamin supplement that boasted an increase in your deficiency in two month and you failed to see results, would you continue to take them? Would you wait six months to see if your number changed?

          • mac says:

            good luck with the FDA. what was once a guardian (slow to approve because it was thorough) has been eviscerated as have so many other watch dogs since our “i want it and i want it now” lifestyle has elbowed responsibility out of our culture.
            sadly, we now have no reliable source to supply information based on science and we’re stuck with the reincarnation of an old t v show entitled, “who do YOU trust?).

          • deanervin says:

            You are correct about diet! It IS the most important thing, and it can help you to lose weight quickly if you can only stick to a healthy one. The difficulty is sticking to it. I guantee if you only eat raw vegetable, fruits, and nuts you will lose weight fast, and I mean fast! I lost 15 pounds in a month from just eating mostly raw foods. If you are serious about losing weight just eat as much raw food as you can, increase your water drinking and exercise, and you will drop the pounds easily and quickly. That is just how the body works!! Stop feeding it processed crap and you will be amazed!!! And forget about any “supplement”! You don’t need any of that crap!!

          • Kimberley says:

            I was just reading your comment I agree with you in a lot of ways. There is something that I read that I do disagree with though. Which is about the product I understand about how people think oh… I will lose weight fast but that is because they are not looking up all the facts on it and if they are they are not actually truly understanding every detail if so they haven’t took in the part where it explains you will notice a difference within the first month and quite a bit of difference on the 2nd and with in 6 months they will lose up to 30 pounds which is awesome. It also does state the product is not going to just do everything for you basically you have to portion how much you eat of junk foods or even fried which this product will help you do which most people do need because a lot of people don’t have the will power to stop until they are full and some still can’t some people like I have been one will just eat because they are bored or stressed or depressed which bites but there are people like me that do it this product gives them that jump start of help they need if they want it. I am a mother of a 1 year old I have been fighting with food the whole time since my son has been born fighting with food wishing I could help myself an sad thing is with will power I could but it never felt like I could. So I do understand about weight loss. There is no false advertisement on here just lack of understanding or reading. By the way I understand this is a comment from a long time ago I just thought I would share my opinion with you on your comment. I also hope others read my comment, You have a good night Mark thank-you for reading :).

        • Cathy says:

          I totally agree there are no healthy quick fixes in a pill or drink. But, if a person wants to loose fast, just stop eating. You don’t have to go on a ‘diet’, you just stop eating for a week. Then when you start back up, vow to stop when you feel satisfied. Stop ignoring your body telling you when you have had enough food.

          • Jen says:

            I’m concerned by your statement that people should “just stop eating for a week” to lose weight quickly… not only is this EXTREMELY unhealthy, it doesn’t work. Sure you’ll lose water weight and see some initial loss but the adverse affects on your body are simply not worth it. Please please please do not EVER consider this as a viable weight loss option.

            Sustained, healthy weight loss takes time, when you make small changes to your lifestyle including drinking more water and eating a nutritionally balanced, unprocessed diet you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel, that alone is worth it, the weight loss is just part of that. The key is to continue making those changes gradually so that you do not feel deprived and then binge eat as a replacement for whatever you’ve cut out. Along with good nutrition, excercise, hydration and positive body image (no matter what your size) are the tools that will get you in shape and feeling great.

            Please stop encouraging starvation as a weight loss method. This is not only unhealthy but it furthers the rationalization that 0 is a size and wearing a 4 is fat. Marilyn Monroe was a 14 at the bust, an 8-9 at the waist and 12-14 t the hip and is still considered to be one of the sexiest and most beautiful women of our time.

            The most important thing is to stop beating yourself up. You are perfect the way you are. If you would like to be more fit and feel healthier, by all means, take steps to reach those goals, but dieting for the sake of dieting is stupid and demoralizing and in the end can lead you to stupid decisions like starving yourself and then berating yourself when you put the 5 pounds back on. Love yourself. Stop the cycle of insanity. Be fit, be healthy, be happy.

          • Peggy says:

            I have a problem with portion control. I did Dr. Oz’s pill regime. It was a lot of pils, some days 9, on top of what I already take because of my weight and age. My hunger went down and I was able to eat less. The Saffron Extract works. I had to force myself to eat. The doctor asked me to stop for a month and I am back to large portions and always hungry. I swear I don’t have the chemical that tells me I am full. I am a “slow” eater and supposedly they get fuller because it takes so long to eat so it is digesting while you eat. NOT. I am just never full. Usually after I eat too much it is an hour before I feel “the full, uncomfortable” response. I’m going to try SENSA, I would sure like to see more on any side effects. My doctor actually told me to try it, a few of his patients lost between 30 and 80 pounds on it. We will see.

          • Carla says:

            Cathy, Since I don’t see anything here that states that you are a registered dietitian, I would suggest that you not give out this type of advice. You have absolutely no idea whom you may harm, not to mention to what extent.

            For example, Someone with or predisposed to diabetes were to follow your advice, would find themselves suffering from hypoglycemia. And while treatable, could happen at any time including while driving. As a type II diabetic, I know better than to do something as stupid as you suggest. But not everyone would, especialy a young person who is desparate to lose weight.

            And if you are doing this, I do suggest you stop doing so immediately. Go see you doctor, ask him/her to set you up with a registered dietitian to get good healthy suggestions for meal planning, and adding in free foods that you can eat without worrying about calories. But for Gods’ sake, don’t post harmful information like this again. I can only hope that no one was foolish enough to follow your advice.

          • Robyn says:

            As a life-long “big”woman, I have tried many types of diets up to and including having surgery to lose weight. After losing an astounding 120 lbs in just 6 months, I thought I was in heaven and would never again be fat. NOT. Losing weight is not only a matter of reducing your intake. It is changing your mindset about eating and food. I grew up with a mother who thought the best way to lose was to eat once a day and to wait as long as possible in the day to eat. How wrong that is! Everything we have learned now is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to get our bodies and minds working. Moreover, eating small meals many times a day has become one of the most recommended pieces of advice out there. I have regained all of the weight I lost from my surgery because I didn’t learn anything about why I overeat (stress, depression) and now I am frantically searching for a way to catapult me back into losing before I exceed my original before surgeryc weight. This is why I’ve considered Sensa. I hoped that if I could just begin losing a few pounds to bring back the belief that I actually can lose weight again, it would potentially give me the incentive to begin exercising and eating more healthy choices. Frankly, at my current size, with the back issues I have, I find that exercising causes me to end up flat on my back for a week with pain. Losing some of that before beginning a regimine could help me in the end to continue losing more. But no matter what I do, being as healthy as possible is thebest option. Not starving myself.

        • Nikki RN BSN says:

          I am going to attempt the 2 month trial of Sensa for my own study. I agree with everything you have posted above. As a health care professional, I hear these EXCUSES all day long from my patients. I am aware that life gets in the way, however you need to choose healthy snacks to obtain your energy. Carbs = fat if used improperly for energy. They are known as “comfort foods” due to serotonin receptors in your brain. I am excited to try this “miracle diet” in my control setting. I will then compile the results and compose my doctorate paper for research based on my results!

          • Kat says:

            How is your study going?

          • Kristen says:

            I wouldn’t want you to be my health care professional! I’m so tired of people thinking that it’s so easy to lose weight and that fat people just give excuses as to why they don’t eat healthy. I’m so glad that Nikki RN BSN is so perfect and has no issues in her life that are detrimental to her health! I’ve been on both sides of the fence in terms of weight, and it’s not easy to change habits. I wish people who were in a position to help those in need would be more sensitive and supportive of those who need help.

          • Belinda says:

            Wanted to see if you could give an update on how the 2 month trial went?

          • Randa says:

            How did your trial go?

          • Tangie says:

            As another health care professional who works with quite a few overweight nurses and doctors, I recommend getting off your high horse and recognizing that overeating is not limited to the “lay person.”

          • Lori says:

            Like many health care providers, I guess Nikki has decided to make us wait. It is now January 2013 and we are all hoping that we will get the results.

            You know I’ve been thinking, a few years ago I had a small stroke. Sick for 6 months I lost my sense of taste. I lost 20 pounds. When I regained my sense of taste I regained the weight. If both of these products enhance your sense of smell would I not eat more instead of less? Considering that these too senses work hand in hand I think that I would fail. Normally, I could just look at a chocolate bar and gain 5 pounds, never mind having eating in. I can’t even imagine what I will look like if my sense of smell is enhanced! LOL, the same stands true for smokers, gain weight when you quit because you can once again taste and smell food.

          • Deborah says:

            I am interested in finding out if you did the trial and what your results were. It has been approx. 9 months now. How did it work?

        • Natasha says:

          Nice generaliztion that EVERYONE who wants to lose weight wants a quick fix. That is so INCREDIBLY not true. What most of us want, like Susie said, is a “jump start”, something to get us motivated. When you spend weeks, or even months, dieting and exercising with no results, you’re going to get depressed and give up. If I could take something to help me lose 5 or 10 pounds in a couple weekd without anything else, I would be much more likely to WANT to exercise and eat better to keep that weight loss going.

        • gwen says:

          Amen to comment

        • Mercedes says:

          Well siad Jenna! You JUST enocuraged me to do the right thing! It’s up to me….not a diet puill….nor sprinkle on food miracle. It’s up to me. THANK YOU!

      • Donna Brizendine says:

        Dear Susie, You have to be patient and give the program a chance to work . I was told by one health doctor a person shouldn’t use two diet programs together … I have friends who were on Jenny Craig for 6 years , finally two of them are at the weight of 130 -140 but clearly Jenny Craig isn’t a very good program to use either … A person who doesn’t eat properly, excersize properly , walk, and eat healthy can put on that 100 to 150 lbs within 3 to 4 months but it takes 3 to 5 years to lose that same weight … Be patient , eat healthy , use less salt , that is my wise words to anyone wanting to lose weight .

    • jeannie says:

      I totally agree with all of the responses.. I thought I might try it since Sensa is offering one free month but I have been using it since I received my package which is approximately one and a half weeks and I haven’t yet seen any changes aside that it is very very expensive.. and I saw a clip on Dr. Oz and I think I will be trying the safron diet instead, it is much cheaper than SENSA. :(

      • Krista says:

        I just ordered the 60 day trial packet. I did this before reading about safron. What I think I read was that I can try it for 30-days and return it and not be charged. Is this true?

      • Linda says:

        I, too, have been using Sensa for 3 months, and have seen absolutely NO difference, and I am a healthy vegetarian eater. I’m sending my Sensa back and hope I get my money back.

      • Holly says:

        I tried saffron extract and I did get full after just eating half my meal, but after 3 days, (wow) I could not stay out of the bathroom. You know the stuff you drink to clean your insides out before a colonoscopy, well that’s how it works. To say the least, I stopped taking it. I am about to start Sensa, and I do hope it works for me.

        • stan says:

          I have been using Sensa for 10 days so far and am down 10 Lbs so if you go into it thinking positive it will work for you. That being said even though I only drank diet soda I stopped that and candy. Good luck

          • LilyRose says:

            I’ve been using the Sensa for 4 days now and have lost 3#. It must work better on some than others. I eat fairly healthy but just too much and I’m finding I’m not getting the ‘hungry horrors’ at the end of the day like I was.

          • Jitabebe says:

            I have been using Sensa for 4 days now and have lost 6lbs thus far. I am eating normal food and just sprinkle on the Sensa. I try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water and have cut down on sugary food. So, whatever it is, it is working for me. Good luck everyone.

        • Maribeth says:

          Thanks for that info… I have just ordered Sensa and then saw the saffron extract video. I am very sensitive to medications and supplements, so I don’t think I will be trying the saffron. We’ll see what the Sensa does…

        • Deanna says:

          I started Sensa last week and I have seen a significant decrease in my appetite. I am eating my normal food and sprinkle on the Sensa and I am lucky if I get threw half my meal.. I have lots of left overs.. So, whatever it is, it is working for me. I am down 3 pounds in a week and am looking forward to the next 3 pounds. I have tried pretty much every diet that is out there, killed myself at the gym and I have done nothing but the yo-yo affect. Working out is great, but if you don’t have the food intake under control you are pretty much working out in order to maintain where you already are… So, I quit the gym and have been walking, playing Dance games on Kinetc and Wii, riding my bike etc. I have a very busy life and it seems like all the other diets just took much, counting points, counting calories, taking pills etc… Sensa seems a no brainer, I keep it by my salt & pepper so when I season my food I apply Sensa. My philosphy right now is eat less with the help of Sensa and staying active outside, enjoying time with my husband and dogs will help me live a healthy life without the stress and craziness of a gym and the yo-yo diets… Just my 2c.

      • Larry says:

        If they offer you a free month do not take it. They will end up billing you. The same thing happened to me and I received another month supply and they billled me 95.00 dollars. I never did receive the free month. I tried to cancel 3 months ago and they never processed the cancellation.

        • Carla says:

          Costco sells both the first and second month supply! Just started three days ago. Does curb cravings in between meals and really does work on the feeling full thing during a regular meal!!

    • Edward says:

      You should be upset. Like everybody else who is looking for shortcuts to weight loss, you and millions of others are vulnerable to doing things the lazy way —- people want to lose weight and still do all the bad things that got them in trouble in the first place.

      I know: I did the same for years, until 6 years ago. Then I went on a real diet AND lifestyle change – the ONLY way to
      lose weight and KEEP it off — and I have lost 55 lbs and off it has stayed for more than 5 1/2 years.

      Most of that 55 pounds came off in the first 4 months. How about a pint of blueberries (natural fat-burner), along with broccoli (one 25 calorie stick requires 80 calories to digest!)? How about walking for exercise in the morning? This
      raises your metabolic rate and keeps it high all day so you burn off more calories.

      And if you keep asking questions and scrutinize what you find, you will be able to lose and keep weight off like I have done for this long a time!

      • Randy says:

        Stop calling people with an eating disorder, whether physical, psychological or emotional lazy. These people need help. It has nothing to do with laziness and your self righteous indignation is not the least bit helpful.

    • sacodepapel says:

      I did use Sensa for 2 mo and I did NOT loose a ounce. I’m going to start weight watchers program again that in the past was very effective to me. I’m trying to return the automatic pack they have sent to my house and they are refusing to give me the UPS label for free return.

      It was a waste of money and time. Don’t buy it.

      • flgrl44 says:

        It is proven that cutting back on starchy foods, most foods that are white, and walking 2 miles a day after 30 days you will start losing weight. Putting fattening foods and drinks in your mouth will cause weight gain. If you are serious about weight loss, don’t consume high starchy foods & soda. Period. Carbs make you fat along with sitting on your butt. Yje more sugar content the more carbs. After all, eating natural food will not make you fat. Did you ever see a fat pilgrim? If it didn’t grow that way, it’s not natural. Processed foods are full of carbs. Rice, pasta,potato chips, & BREAD. If you cut white bread alone out of your diet, you will see results much faster. I have always been conscience of what I put in my mouth so it doesnt go to my butt. Try some healthy cooking reciipes instead of opening a box. Fruits and vegetables, and fat free milk. Remember, you are what you eat.

        • karatemom says:

          I’ve never seen a Pilgrim.

        • Tonnie says:

          Hi everyone. This is the third time that I am hearing about the pilgrams. I wish I had read these comments before I ordered Sensa. I feel bad now. My dad told me before he passed that one place to find natural farm raised meat is at K-mart. My dad lost at least 100lbs after changing his diet to natural foods, farm raised meat and less/no salt. Being the biggist in the family now I am desperate to loss weight. My Sensa has not arrived yet but, I feel like a sucker. Thanks for snapping be back to reality. There is no easy way to loss weight.

        • cyn28 says:

          I am a 17 year old female and I weigh 97lbs. I try to eat healthy as I don’t like many foods and I am picky and I hate almost all veggies except potatoes, corn and lettuce. I eat a lot of junk food..I love pasta (by itself), I eat a lot of bread and cereal including lots of meat… so what does that say? that everyone has a different body and a different digestive system and not the same hereditary genes. I try to gain weight but I simply can’t. I hate running but I’ve only played a few sports such as softball for 2years, volleyball 1, and tennis for 3. I am not that active. I am quite a lazy person I watch a lot of tv. I also have many midnight snack late at night. So can I really blame being fat on junk food? No, because I’m not. But I do think that hard core exercise will make you lose weight but then again not everyone can do that.

          • DC says:

            I weighed 96 lbs. at 17 and am tall. I looked anorexic. I also ate everything I wanted especially junk foods and sweets. I also ate late at night, even woke up sometimes during night for ice cream or something fattening. I begged doctors to help me gain and tried something called weight on, which was a liquid that tasted horrible. It didn’t work I think you are still just to young to understand an overweight problem. You still have a very active metabolism. Enjoy it while being slim or skinny while you can. Flaunt it. After I turned 40 the weight came on strong. I didn’t believe the middle age spread scenario, but I do now. I am in my late 50’s now and can’t eat anything I want and it’s as hard to lose now as it was to gain then. Also after menopause it’s extremely hard to lose weight. So just be patient, and you’ll see that if you keep eating junk and whatever your heart desires, the weight will come with age. I’m trying to lower my cholesterol without meds and it’s so hard. I’m hoping that 2013 will be my year and I’ll have some luck with diet and exercise and I am not a fan of either. Wish me luck:)

        • Mary says:

          And pilgrams worked 12 hours a day doing heavy manual labor not sitting in a “cube”. My mom grew up on a farm and ate butter, fatty meats, etc..and was never heavy..why because she worked it off.

        • Judy In Atlanta says:

          Why are you even looking at this page if you are eating well, and conscientious about it. Please don’t make the rest of us po’d when we have struggles with food. There is more to it than will power for some of us and this is an opportunity for us to share with like-minded folks in similar situations.
          I’d recommend websites related to fitness and natural foods. Those would suit you better. Thank you.

      • Nish says:

        Question Edward:

        Since you have changed your “lazy way” of living, and are experiencing such a successful new lifestyle, why are you here? I think perhaps if I were living such a healthy life, SENSA would be an unnecessary expense.

        Just my observation.

        Be well, everyone.


        • ellie says:

          Amen! I am thankful that I read these comments! I too, wondered why Edward was on this space, granted I applaud keeping 55 lbs off for 51/2 years!


        • Sara says:

          Edward was probably on here for the same reason I am- Spent all day out and about, took an hour to watch a sitcom and saw a RIDICULOUS and completely unbelievable ad on TV, then had to look up the product to see what moronic claims it was making. I eat healthy, exercise regularly, and am a healthy weight. It is the one true way to really lose weight and keep it off ( granted there are those with actual biological disorders that make weight loss extremely difficult, by the way, laziness and lack of will power does not count!). To expect to be healthy when you don’t eat well and exercise your heart, is absurd. Don’t let television brain wash you. If our government programs haven’t taken greater measures against tobacco, alcohol and cancer-ridden processed foods, than don’t expect them to monitor the outrageous claims of products making tons of money off scams people WILLINGLY buy into.

          • Lindsay says:

            Well said sir, well said. If you are sitting on the couch and reading this on your iPad how about stop, get up and go for a walk. Or pull up Netflix and watch forks over knives, forks over knives extended interviews, food matters, foods Inc, ect…. (watch a few and Netflix will suggest more). Read omnivores dilemma or Tosca Renos’ clean eating recharged. Watch, read, Google, do some research before dramatically changing anything. Especially something that affects you as much as what you put in your body. Yes, people can eat over processed, high calorie, low nutrition food but it won’t work for our bodies as well as clean, low calorie, nutrient dense food. We know this and we have known it for a long time now. it’s pretty much common sense (or at least it should be) and yet some people still choose to eat this junk they think is food and continue to suffer from debilitating health problems (such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer) that has dramatically changed their life. And usually in a negative way and yet they would rather pop a pill than change their diet. I know not everyone does this but some do and some of the time they don’t even know why. From my personal experience in my life and at my job (i am currently working for a brand name weight loss company) i have to say that it is simply different for everyone. For some it is a habit, others they just don’t know. They don’t know how to eat right or what exactly counts as exercise. Is sugar free healthy? Others are so busy trying to manage the 50 million other things they have going on in their lives that food is almost an inconvenience and should be fast and cheap and easy. Others use it almost as a drug to comfort them, numb them, and make them forget about something that is causing them stress even if only for a while.

            Long story short: just like we know smoking is bad, we know that eating certain things can be bad as well and seems to be the more you do it, the worse it can be. And just like smokers don’t always stop smoking the first time someone warns them about death from smoking, most people won’t stop eating unhealthy food and living inactive lives until it starts to affect them to the point they are uncomfortable or scared. maybe, just maybe instead of focusing on fixing the symptoms of the issue, overweight, fatigue, sick, disease… we should focus on helping people teach themselves how to live healthy lives. Talk to them; hear their story about their life and day to day activities. See where they need help and where they want it. Start as small as you need to (drink more water, less soda) and work your way up. Set goals along the way, reward yourself, learn how to better take care of yourself and your body everyday and share it with the ones you love so they can be healthy too.

            There are plenty of people out there who have already done a lot of research and reading and hours of hard work and trials and interviews. Let’s get together and create a program, an organization will you, whose main goal is not to make money but to help people live happier and healthier lives through nutrition and exercise. Get them young and start off in the schools teaching children the importance of veggies and being active. Make a community wide effort so that it expands across all parts of a persona life. School, work, tv, news, social media websites, restaurants, magazines. We could create a society build on the health and happiness of its people instead of money. How awesome would that be!

            I realize that this is a dream but i am a very passionate person and i simply can’t help it. We are an incredibly intelligent species that actually has the ability to control almost everything in its life and yet more than 1/ 2 of us are dying due to something that is pretty easy to prevent and even reverse! Come on man! lol, I mean really…. it’s such a waste. We can do so much better

            Sorry for the length.

      • Eatsmart says:

        So you started Sensa, did you also stop the pop, soda, coffee, sugars, breads, pasta, midnight snack and so on so forth. If you have no discipline to tell yourself not to eat something, there is nothing in this work. Not just the Sensa, but any other supplement works as such.

        Good luck finding the perfect weight loss. Since I stopped all the nonsense foods, I am down 12 lbs.

        • Anonymous says:

          Eat smart how many children have you had and how old are you? I have dieted my whole life and exercised and it is not easy for anyone. Especially the older you get the worst thing anyone can do to a overweight person is preach and put them down as if they are over eating lazy slobs. And I can tell you 12 lbs. is nothing when some people have to lose 60 to 100 lbs. and try to keep it off. And unless you have had to loose that much you have not been there and have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Kay says:

            Anonymous I totally agree that when you only loose 12lbs it is nerve wrecking when you have to loose 100 plus pounds and have someone telling you they dont see the change you are feeling as well it doesn’t help. My Dr. prescribed me PHENTERMINE and I lost 12 pounds a month and did it for four months till it started messing with my blood pressure but i stopped drinking soda and stopped carbs as well so I think it helped boost the weight loss. I was concidering gastric bypass surgery because I gained 80lbs with my pregnancy since I had to carry him with more than half my spine ruptured and placed on bed rest at 1 1/2 months. Everyone’s situation is unique and so is there body so we are all going to have to keep doing the trial and error to find what works for us. Right now I am concidering going back to the phentermine and a medication for my blood pressure that wont affect the spinal injections i have to take or mess with the govt. regulated narcotics i am being prescribed. Someone on here said the Dr. said jokingly crack or coccaine yes it does help you loose weight and also your kids, teeth, family, sense of mind and your life. So concidering my options toughing it out it is. Oh, and no gastric bypass for me because I want to learn to eat right and now just become a loose skin bag I also can not afford to get difficient or sick with an 11month old sone to raise.

          • Christi says:

            Amen… If you want to preach get a pulpit… but don’t stand in judgement of others for you have not walked in their shoes… Lest you be judged for your shortcomings by someone else’s standards, and found to be a failure… Then publicly berated and made to feel the same internal negativity you so readily heap on others… And that goes to all those self-righteous know it all’s … Granted there are those whom are their own downfall, but their are the others whom have mitigating factors which hinder or stop weight loss; those whom need a jump start or extra help…. including encouragement… not condensation… I am one who has medical conditions that affect weight loss to include neurotransmitters, hormones, age, unbelieveable stress (as a family caregiver and others with deviated personalities), not to mention physical limitations … Is it an excuse? you No, it’s life and you play the cards given you and do the best you can. Does it mean you don’t look for and expect to find the help you need, no. It means if you realize a need for and desire a healthier body; you are smart enough to know you need help and the courage to seek it out while putting your problems out publicly to find the knowledge to make a intelligent decision. Do any of you self righteous people really think we don’t know about healthy eating and exercise or what it entails? That is an incredibly ignorant assumption and you “should” know what “ass..umption” really means… I think you get the blatant drift…. WE are not ignorant or seeking a miracle to our slothenly lifestyle!!! So if you aren’t here to encourage then please keep your negative condescending assumptions to yourself or post on a board for the perfect know it all’s……This is a board about evaluation of a product and giving honest feedback in order to pass personal experience and knowledge about that product on to others so they are better informed. You would do well to understand and respect that… Good luck to you all in your search for the help you are seeking and the knowledge you need to make an informed decision… To those others… I hope you never have to deal with the issues (life and/or physical) some of us deal with on a daily basis… I fear you would not fare so well… since you already know it all, you may not have the intelligence to look for a different approach to the problem of maintain or recover your healthier body.. but continue to do the “standard “common’ sense approach” although it no longer works…..

        • Shelly says:

          Congratulations to any of you who have lost weight, If its 5lbs or 100 lbs congratulations. I know that it is so hard to drop weight and so very easy to gain it, so if its coming off thats the goal, I have not tried Sensa or Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers due to money situation. I just want to encourage the weight loss – thats the goal for what ever reason you may have. Just remember you may not be what you once were but you are certainly worth what you will be.

      • Elei says:

        I love weight watchers. I haven’t used it in awhile but when I did I ate more than ever and lost more weight than ever. I sort of fell of the wagon with my eating habits by not eating. Eating enough of the rights things in the right amounts of portions is the key to success. I hope you and I success in the future.

        • Deb says:

          Weight Watchers is a business and therefore, as with any good business plan, it is designed to create repeat customers. The recidivism rate for Weight Watchers is 90%. If you return to Weight Watchers to re-lose the weight, their business plan is successful. Seems cruel to me. I hope you are among the 10% that keep the weight off.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because you are probably not doing it right, its called portion control and u can’t think sensa is gunna do all the work by itself you NEED exercise.

    • Kyle says:

      If america would get up off their asses and quit looking for the easy way out we would put these businesses out of commission.

      If you really want a good diet that is proven to work. Not just guarantees on the websites and b.s. Check out the Ideal Protein Diet. You can usually find it at a nutritional supplement business or chiropractors business.

      Do not buy Sensa. Regulate your protein / sugar intake and lose 3-7 pounds a week with ideal protein. It will change your life like it has changed mine.

      • Deb says:

        While it is true that we need to get up off our asses and exercise, it is tactless and ignorant of you to say so in such a rude manner. Perhaps you are one of the fortunate for whom the initial stages of becoming physically fit didn’t bring on a lot of pain and in some cases, vicious headaches. These are a barrier that is seldom mentioned but all too frequently experienced. If we can exercise through these initial difficult times, the rewards are great. If you pooh pooh the pain you are less than empathetic, a measure of your level of social development, Kyle.

        • becky says:

          I am one of the people who gained weight from medication. It is hard for people to lose weight by excersise when you have bad ankles knees, back and feet as well as chrochronic headaches. Having body pains can make excersise very challenging. Also, my daughter has down syndrome as well as celiac so she must eat gluten free foods. She is also overweight and has gained a lot of the weight since starting the gluten free diet. That was why I decided to look into sensa to help her bet sensa is not gluten free and I’m thinking I will continue looking for natural ways to help her and I lose those unwanted pounds.

    • Tiff says:

      a friend from work uses it and i can tell she lost weight i didnt know at the time she was taking sensa i was just giving her comments on her weight so it works

    • Peaches says:

      There is nothing easier to just count calories….. hubby lost 42 lbs in 3.5 months… I have lost 23 lbs in 3 months..
      and you eat every 2 hours…. so there are lots of things to eat.

      Egg for brakfast

      mid morning oatmeal

      Lunch keep it under 250 Calories

      Mid afternoon snack 125 Calories

      Dinner around 300…

      then late snack

      Yogart Yogart Yogart… is wonderful allsorts of flavors youtrul can eat a lot and loose weight too

      RECORD EVERYTHING you put in your mouth… THAT IS THE KEY…

      • Sharyn says:

        Bravo Peaches, I agree.

      • LLLCG says:

        I’d just like to state, that I tried that calorie-counting thing, plus I was swimming over 1500 yards M-W-F, and doing weight-training T-Th every week for 6-months, and I STILL did not loose weight! I went to a nutritionalist, and she had me do a food-log (remember those from high school?). The result? She told me–and I quote!–“Wow, you eat better than I do.” She had no idea why I wasn’t loosing weight.

        I’m also borderline hypoglycemic, with a family history of diabetes on both sides of the family, so I have to be SUPER careful of what I eat. I’m also allergic to most sugar suppliments (if I ingest, I get severe migraines), so I just have to cut back on sugar and carbs, but I have to consume a pretty steady stream of protein in order to keep from “crashing.” If I “crash” I can pull myself back up, but I feel like I have the flu for about 24 hours afterwards.

        So, tell me, what am I supposed to do? I’ll never be a size 4–I mean, I’d settle for a size 10! But when you’re a DDD in the bust at age 12, and over 200 lbs when you’re 16 (and your sister is a size 2) even if you eat “healthy”, and are told that you eat better than your doctor, what then?!
        I’ve struggled with my weight since my teens, and it’s SUPER hard for me to get under 180…and I’m only 5’3″. There’s no way I want to be a diabetic…but nothing works!

        Frustrated in CA

        • Clee says:


          You do know that with all that exercising you have been building muscle mass and that it is heavy. AND you probably have a heavy bone structure too. You cannot go by what the scales say because they don’t measure that. Don t compare yourself to your sister. I have a sister who weighs in at 95 pounds and is five feet tall. Small brother too. They take after my mom. But I am 200 pounds, heavy bones and muscle and have been an athlete all my life. I don’t look like them at all. But my skin doesn’t sag and isn’t loose, my shape is good and I still swim, walk and do other things to keep me happy. yes I am overweight by standards today, but not if you went back 100 years. My friends, who weigh less than I do, look older than I do. If you had to guess my age by looking at me you would say , maybe fifty. I am seventy and I am sure that I eat correctly. Organic fruits and veggies, some red meat but not too much, chicken and fish, eggs etc. but do not over eat. That is the trick too. Watch the serving size on any package and follow that size. That is all there is to it. Watch what you put in your mouth. Try to curb the sugar. Don’t drink soda!!!! Stay away from chips etc except as a treat. Not too difficult. And keep swimming. t helps in more ways than you can know.

    • Rebecca says:

      DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. I ordered the free trial and they stole my credit card number and spent over 8,000 dollars right around where the SENSA office is based. And, to top it all off, they called me and asked me for another 100 dollars because in the fine print, if you don’t return the product in 30 days they automatically charge you 100 dollars… thats bulls*** because they give you a 2 month trial, which is a 60 day supply. Bad marketing, useless product, and scam artists are all this company is.

    • Sal Reyes says:

      O. K. Let’s face it, the only way you are going to loose weight is by excersing, and watching your intake,eat healthy,remember low portions on your plate,look at your plate before starting to eat. Please stop making these television adds take your money. So eat right and sacrafice yourself to excersise daily, commit yourself set a goal and go for it, will power tell your mind I’m going to do this regarles. Well I hope this works for you. Yours truely. Sal reyes

    • Billy logic says:

      Quit eating so much then

    • Avril says:

      Big time scam! I was curious about the science part of it but before I could even try it I was being billed without my consent for $89.95. Any offer that only cares about money and not really letting people try their product is not good enough in my opinion.

    • Terry says:

      No , I think you are wrong. Sensa promotes this product and states it will take 30 days. This is not true in 90% of the
      cases. I have been doing this for over 2 months and have had no results. If that is not enough, They will not return
      my money. This is a scam that plays on peoples emotions. We all are fat to some degree, some more than other, however, there is not a program out there that will remove FAT and inches off your body. If you think otherwise, Simply
      ask your doctor. I did and he told me it does not do what it claims, and nothing will replace proper dieting and a good
      WORKOUT and I did it anyway. So who is stupid. Well let’s just say I have made better decisions since. My OPNION

    • Marcia says:

      I just completed by 7 weeks on Sensa and I’ve lost 15.5 pounds. I do not exercise – I do sprinkle it on everything I eat. I has curved my appetite. Not sure why you didn’t lose. I’ve been on a diet my whole life. This is the easiest. Yes I am wandering once I reach my goal how the maintaining comes into play but honestly I stop when I’m full and isn’t that the LIGHT BULB to anyone who wants to loose is to stop when you’re full.

      • Keita says:

        Hi Marcia I am new to Sensa 2 weeks now & I have noticed that It does help to feel fuller quicker, & I no longer crave soda, or chips. Are you still using the product? Have you lost any more weight?

    • janet says:

      weight loss works well when you cut your portion size and get in some type of exercise. i lost about 70 lbs after my last knee replacement surgery because along with the physical therapy i cut down on what i was eating and drank alot of water. if i went out to eat i would drink something first, and by the time the meal came out, i would take a few bites and box up the rest to bring home. that became a joke amongst my daughters, it got to the point that they would tease me about my left overs. but it worked, anytime i have wanted to cut down my weight – i just cut down on the portions and make sure i drink enough water and leave soda alone. i have my doubts about things like sensa or nv because sometimes the side effects are a bit much. my best friend tried ali and was embarassed to find that if she ate anything with fatty content she had issues with diahrrea the kind where you better be able to excuse yourself quickly. i would rather take my time, cut back on junk and curb portions and exercise than to take any supplements and wind up with serious side effects later.

    • Becky says:

      Sensa advertises that you can eat anything you want not have to change your diet to lose weight on their product that is false hope they are giving people. If your not loosing the weight you have the right to let everyone know it’s not working for you as they advertise because you haven’t changed your diet. So they are in the wrong and it’s okay for you to stop and try something else that works for you. If it doesn’t do what they say then yes quit.

    • Lisa M. says:

      OMG – I’ve been sprinkling snake oil, I mean, Sensa, on my food and I’m still eating and not losing. What are the chances?! Certainly a multi-billion dollar industry like the weight-loss industry would NEVER promote a product that doesn’t work?! Oh wait, if it DID work, we would lose weight and then STOP BUYING their products.

      Think about it.

    • joe. piccioJ says:

      Sensa is a scam and the government ought to take it off the market becuae it is giving consumers too many choices which delay the weight lose process. I lost 60 pounds and I wish everyone can loose just as much as me, but it. Took me longer because I was on lipozen.

    • Jennifer says:

      You can’t expect to lose weight without exercise

    • Juliann says:

      I lost 30 lbs in 6 months with an all natural product…no chemicals.

    • Pgross says:

      I’m not surprised – if you check out the wonderful Dr. Oz’s claims for coffee bean extract, green whatever and now this – he always has some new claim that this is the best thing since sliced bread for weight loss. In my own humble opinion, the man is little better than a snake oil salesman.

    • danny says:


    • Autumn says:

      I tried this and it sucks. It did nothing. Also after the trial I sent my plastic boxes back and then never gave me my money back. So it did nothing for me and they stool my money. SO to everyone on thinking of using it DONT !

    • Anthony says:

      Look, come on Now people, its not rocket science. If you eat bad foods what’s going to happen for the most part.

      If you eat good food moderately, what’s going to happen.

      If you throw in a little exercise like just walking an hour or two after your last meal and I’m not talking about midnight either.

      The fact of the matter is this Burn more calories than you put into your body. and yes you do have to have some will power, but what do you want? Flab or fab?

      Try the military diet for one week, follow it to the letter its free all info is posted on line.follow to the letter honestly and there is no way you can’t lose 5-10lbs in one week…It is hard but if you want fast results this is it..

    • Kristi says:

      I wonder about Sensa and a placebo.

      If people were taking a placebo, I bet they would psyc themselves into thinking they were full, or had no appetite just to believe it works. Think about it. If you want so badly to lose weight, you’ll try anything.

      To believe it works, I wonder if people just convince themselves “YES! What a sure fire way to lose weight!! I DO feel fuller. I DO eat less. I AM losing weight. People can think themselves into pretty much anything.

      Does Sensa work? Or does a placebo work just as well becuase people WANT it to?

    • Lynette says:

      I’ve been using sensa for the past month off and on. When i was using sensa, i noticed i did not actually lose anything, on the contrary I actually gained the 11 pounds I lost prior to using the supplement. I paid a good bit of money for month one and two but I don’t think I’m going to continue using this. I had better results losing weight naturally. not too mention I’m constantly bloated and gassy. I don’t know about anyone else but this is not how i want to lose the weight.

  2. frank says:

    If the web site advertises SENSA for FREE why do u have to pay for freight….?…..Free means FREE no compensation changes hands……Its not FREE……Do not support any internet item that says something is FREE……

    • Tiff says:

      thats true its not free u have to pay lot of money for shipping everytime u need more thats how my friend explained it to me sounded like some bull but i can tell sensa has really worked for her she cut out sweets but now she is gradually rewarding herself with sweets bc of the weight she loss using sensa

  3. janie says:

    My husband and I have used Sensa for two months, NO VISIBLE RESULTS!!! DON’T BUY!!!!

    • Paula says:

      Ok, I was like you I weighed 190 pounds and I didnt SEE the results at first. My clothes were getting loser, though. I started on July 3rd 2011. Now today I weigh 161! I was a snug size 14, XL tops. Now a size 10 jean and L top. I have M.S. So I cant really work out. This works, it really does.
      Good Luck if you start again. Its not going to make you slim the first 2 months ;-).

      • Cheri says:

        Hi Paula,
        I’m a 60 yr. old with MS who just sent off for SENSA. I’m also an experienced Health Writer and former yoga instructor of 20-plus years. I sure hope you’re right and I haven’t thrown my money down the drain. I need all the help I can get, having gained 50 lbs. since getting MS.

        • Lisa says:

          If you truly are a “health writer” , you would know better than to send away for a miracle. There is NO secret. Eat right, eat fresh unprocessed foods, whole grains, plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, no sugar and exersize regularly. That is it…BUT my advise is FREE!

        • Jennifer says:

          Hi, Cheri!

          I don’t usually jump on to these comment boards with people I’ve not met yet, but your story totally caught my eye! I have just met a few MS patients recently who were really helped in managing their symptoms through USANA Nutritionals. While they are not designed for weight loss, their stories of being able to get through their days better is remarkable! If you would like more information, I would be happy to provide it!:)

  4. peggie says:

    I have been using sensa for two months also and have not lost anything. Save your money!!!!

    • Abonymus says:

      is it useable for children if they are eleven years old?
      and if it is not is there any other program for my son to use?
      and is there any restrictions after taking saffron extract?

  5. Justin says:

    I am using sensa so far I lost 18 pounds,people you also need to workout to ge better results

    • tina says:

      Justin, If you work out, you will slim down & loose weight without taking anything. If you notice on all adds for weight loss, it is either mentioned or in small print, “with exercise”

      • Tony says:

        You are absolutely correct Tina!

        I’ve lost 35 pounds by exercising 3 times a week and eating much healthier foods! No Sensa, pensa or tensa is needed!

        You must change your mindset and your eating lifestyle. If you do these two things, your fat will melt off your body and you will be happier than you’ve ever imagine!

        • milly says:

          lmaooo that made me laugh but i agree with you all the way sensa does work but you need to change your diet and exercise to lose weight

        • Erica says:

          Wow, just exercise and change your eating and lifestyle. I’m here to tell you that when you are on medications that cause weight gain that just isn’t enough! According to my doctors and the health coach I talked to and ……. I am doing everythin right. But the inches and pounds don’t drop off. They have all said more than once that if you take certain medications (in my case for PCOS) that cause weight gain then diet and exercise alone won’t be enough.

          • Marra says:

            Hi, Erica. Have you been tested for hypothyroidism? Medical literature has proposed that one in five women (1 in 5) test positive for hypothyroidism. I was a 120lb physically fit (high school and college athlete), and in my 20’s I gave birth to three children within a 3.5 year span. Each time I dropped back to 120 lbs (5’4″ well toned muscles). As it turns out, the back to back pregnancies severely fatigued my adrenal glands which resulted in under-active thyroid, though I would not have that diagnosed for over a decade.

            Losing the weight gained as a result of hypothyroidism is a challenge, but it is possible. Once diagnosed and prescribed the thyroid supplement, I ceased the year by year 5-10 lb weight gain; however, the supplemental drug did nothing to spur loss of the weight I had already gained, nearly 100 lbs over 14 years. To lose that weight, I had to return to my athletic roots and exercised 6 days of the week, alternating a one-hour swim (non-stop laps…non-stop, you don’t have to break speed records and do feel free to use a kick board, but do not stop, you need the cardio) plus 45 minutes of weight lifting 3 days a week with a one-hour swim plus 30 moderately paced minutes on the elliptical (forget the tread mill, use the elliptical, 2x the work out in the same period of time). As I began my workout regimen, my appetite (portion size) decreased…yep, it decreased. I craved protein and fruit and vegetables. I lost cravings for simple carbs (bread/pastries) and had no desire for sugar. I stopped drinking even the occasional soda and switched from coffee to green tea (morning and late afternoon). Note here that I made no effort to change my diet (I had never been a big eater or interested in sweets or lots of carbs…I gravitate toward salty, savory, and sour flavors). My workout regimen made me crave the proteins and vitamins (through the fruit and veggies) my body needed to build muscle and break down the fat into usable energy.

            So, my “diet” was nothing more than responding to my body’s cravings. I realized at one point that I was eating about 1,000 calories per day, though I had made no effort to restrict calorie intake or count calories. I ate a very healthy diet mostly of protein, fruits, and raw veggies (sprinkled with lemon and a tad of salt and pepper). I never attempted to control my portions of these foods. I ate some healthy grain carbs, but few. I ate what my body craved to support the workout regimen. That’s it. That happened naturally, to be honest. I did not deny myself any food I thought I wanted, but the truth is that when I thought I wanted a soda, I got one, but a couple of sips into it, I found it sickeningly sweet. And my beloved Filet of Fish sandwich from McD’s? Two bites into that and I realized I liked the smell, but not the taste and heaviness of it. My body told me what it wanted and didn’t want. The result? 77 lbs of weight dropped in just under 6 months.

            I had no weight loss goal or timetable. I was an athlete and I realize that many, most folks, in fact, will not have the patience or time for a 2-2.5 workout, 6 days a week, certainly not to start. Just start working out, at least 3 days a week, start where you are able…walking for 15 mins if that is what you are able to accomplish, and then as you begin to feel your body respond, increase your walking time and/or pace and add one more day for a 4-day a week workout. Start here and see if your body responds by craving more protein and fresh fruit and raw veggies (try and skip the dressing on veggies and use lemon or EVOO and a small bit of salt and however much pepper you want). Start where you are able from the physical fitness side and do not quit, even if you see no weight loss. It often takes the body a full 2 months to recognize a new pattern (regimen) so stick with it and increase your duration and intensity of workout, as you feel you are able. Your appetite will follow.

            The key is to continue, wherever you begin your exercise regimen, and incrementally add to your workout. If you want to kick-start your weight loss and physical fitness, kick up your heels with a walk around the block at least 3 days week, then around two blocks and then 4 days a week, and on. It will become a new way of life for you. Slower, incremental changes do not seem so overwhelming. Just decide to start, today. I wish you all the best for a happier and healthier life!

    • Susan says:

      Justin how do you know it’s not just the exercise regimen that is helping you lose weight not the Sensa. I am betting it is the exercise. Just saying……………..

  6. Deanna says:

    30 lbs in 6 months is less than 2 lbs/ week, the normal rate of weight loss when you reduce calories or get a little more exercise. There is nothing spectacular about their claims.

  7. Karen says:

    I was charged twice in 30 days, not in 6 as they advertise. Two charges of $96.13. When I called to stop it and cancel it, I was told by a customer service representative, and I quote, “don’t get mad at me cause you don’t know what the f- is going on.” This is how they treat people. How sad. The product also doesn’t work.

    • joanne says:

      CUSTOMER SERVICE REP is NOT in the wrong. YOU shouldn’t be mad and taking it out on them, they are tryna make a living just like u. u mad cuz you fat and lazy and aint losing any weight.

      • Diana says:

        Joanne…. don’t be a “b”. Customer service people are accustomed to accepting negative comments (to a certain point) daily. The customer service person that Karen talked to is totally in the wrong, and if a supervisor or manager was talked to, I’m sure that person would have lost their job! Cussing at a customer is unacceptable, as are your comment.

      • oh no says:

        your so wrong. well they had better hang up real fast before i have a chance to reply

      • ALLISON says:


        • Jen says:

          …yet you’re reduced to yelling at people in forum posts… I too have worked in customer service over the years and have never yelled or sworn at people, you have to recognize though that there reps who do… they usually get fired and are not memorable to anyone other then the customer.

      • Angelina says:

        hahahah, Joanne was that customer service rep!

      • andrea says:

        No need to cuss anyone out! people are gonna do what they do whether its a quicky weight loss, or doing the healthy diet, whatever, we do what we do to get through! no reason to get mean! I read about all the supplements and different diets there are and I take it with a grain of salt! I know you have to put your heart and souls and body to work if anything is gna work! Good luck to all who try whatever way they try! dont ever give up the good fight!!!

      • bob says:


        Do you know anything about customer service? No customer service rep should treat anybody like that and stop with your lame ass comments about someone being fat. Quit being a hater and show some empathy. Who are you to judge anyone?

      • DG says:

        For people that have worked customer service period automatically knows that the customer is always right. If it’s obvious that a customer is upset because they have been charged twice in one month as it would show in the system then the customer service representative should try to fix the problem. I’m sure the customer service representative would be just as upset and aggravated just like the customer was if they were charged the same way and especially for that high of an amount. If the cust. ser. rep. can’t understand and take customers comments then customer service is definitely not the right place for them to be working in. If they are just trying to “make a living just like u” then they would know not to jeopardize their job over something like this because obviously money is imperative to them. But to just tell a customer they don’t know what the “f” is going’ on is just disrespectful! As a customer service rep, it’s their job to accommodate customers and help them understand. This person should have been turned in and fired.

  8. Paula says:

    I have been using Sensa for 3+ months and have only lost 3 lbs. I eat the same as i did before. Have not cut down on my food cause I am always hungry. I am very disappointed with this product. It was a toss up between Sensa and Nutrisystem and i should have gone with the later.

    • trish says:

      Nutrasystem is wonderful! I lost 35 pounds on it. Its not a miracle diet but it teaches how to eat right and portion control. Important changes to make are add exercise and increase your water intake. Cut out all fast food and soda.

  9. DONNA says:


  10. regina says:

    From the sound of it everyone has diffrent results. Well i would have to agree with everyone who lost weight it really works . I have been using it for a few ,months and i lost weight about 8 lbs. And my friends stomach went down alot as well

  11. Darcy says:

    SENSA has definately worked for me. I have lost 9 pounds in 4 weeks because the product immediately suppresses my appetite which means I take in fewer calories without feeling deprived.. I tend to eat a healthy diet but my weakness is sweets and the SENSA “sweet” sprinkle helps curb my intake of sugar. And, no, I am not being paid to rave about this product. Try Month One, and if it doesn’t work for you then move on until you find something that does works.

    • Dianne says:


      I’ve read a lot of these comments because I, too, was afraid to try Sensa. Sounded too easy. In April weighing in at 194 lbs. (5’9″), I hated myself and couldn’t get my clothes on comfortably any more. So on May 9th I went ahead and started Sensa. It’s been amazing! I haven’t changed my habits of eating or what I eat. I walk as much as I can with my grandchildren and dog (nothing new or more). The weight loss started within the first few days to my great surprise and delight. I’m on my second shaker. I’m down to 178 as of today. I’ve lost a couple of pounds every few days steadily. My appetite has really lessened. I have to remind myself to eat normally, but I don’t feel like eating more than I need. I have put my husband on it this month. He is a Diabetic and so I hope to see it help him, too. Ice cream and nighttime snacks were a downfall for me, but with Sensa I haven’t had any cravings for ice cream or snacks. It’s weird! But I’m really happy about it.

      • Dave says:

        I have used sensa now for a week and half and lost 7 pounds so far. I haven’t been able to get down this low since my back surgery for spinal stenosis. I dont exercise uuany more because I’m always in pain. Sensa seems to be working very well for me but it may be too early to tell for sure.

  12. Kia says:

    I have been using Sensa for over 3 months and I have not lost any weight. Like Karen I was also charged twice in one month. Sensa is not a good product I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

    • JENNA says:

      I heard the is currently selling a six month supply for like 160 divided into six payments of like 27/per month, so you will not have to worry about being charged twice as they are reputable and if you aren’t satisfied you can always return it for a full refund of the inital first payment. Just for anyone else who would like to try it, it just seems like the safer route. I don’t know, to each their own.

      • Terri says:

        Shop NBC is the way i did it and In watching their program they say it can take 4 months to start noticing the weight loss. And then it starts at a faster pace. You can also cancel at anytime. I have been reading a lot of the comments. And I believe a little positive thinking goes a long way.

  13. Ana says:

    I’ve been actively trying to lose weight for the past 3 months and have not seen a change in weight. I work out 3x a week and have been trying to cut my calories, but I feel like I’m starving in between meals. So I saw the 30 day free trial and paid the $5 shipping for Sensa. Fingers crossed it works. if not I can at the very least send it back and try something new.

  14. meh says:

    why would you people even think crap like this works? no miracle diet product has ever been “clinically proven”. its obviously just not against the law to say it was. all you need is proper diet and physical exercise at least 3-4 days a week. thats all ive done and im down 70lbs. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON TV BS.

  15. DK says:

    I’m in month 4 on Sensa and have lost nothing but $$$$$. Not impressed.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I sprinkle sensa in my coffee in the morning. I sprinkle it in my latte’s, I even take the salty side and put in my water bottles (you have to shake or stir the drinks obviously). I have lost 28 pounds in 4 months. I went to the gym maybe a week then was sick with the flu for a week. Sensa in combination with exercise (cardio) at least 2x a week and this WILL work for you. Don’t just limit your options to food, use it in beverages too. I used everything out there. I am 6’1 and can carry weight pretty well without any really knowing I was almost 200 lbs. I am in a size 12 now and have not lost any of my great curves. Highly recommended. I will watch for the double billing though. That does concern me.

    • Lori says:

      Hi..I started Sensa last Wednesday..and to my surprise in 4 day’s i have lost 5lbs..I have lost my want for sweet foods and have pushed my plate away because I am full..To me the sprinkles are working..People will say what they want, it works for some and not others..well that’s life..everything is like that..I am 5’10 and was 3 lbs from 200 lbs, so if this is my miracle to work, then so be it..

      I have never put them in my drinks as they tell me they disappear and don’t work..but I will try it..

      I will watch for the double billing..If i get hit more then once I will call…

  17. Wolf says:

    I’m still on month three and lost 76 pounds in five months I think you guys are just too weak minded and don’t have the will to do it.

  18. krystal says:

    If u actually read and watch the video, Sensa is not intended to melt away the pounds, it is to assist in a lower caloric intake. If you listen to your body and stop eating when you are full you will loose weight. You cannot continue to eat a bucket of fried chicken and expect changes.
    Good luck sprinklers

  19. Carla says:

    Wait a Sc, Is sensa even worth trying??? ive been getting many different answers…

  20. Robert Boyat says:

    I ordered the trysensa 2 month free trial and was surprised to see a fee for nearly 100 dollars charged to my card 1 month later. Be very wary of this product.

    • kassy says:

      a free trial doesnt mean for free, it means you try it for 30 days and if you dont like it within the 30 day you send it back for you money back or what not read the fine print

  21. Andre says:

    Sensa commercial says (in fine print), average weight loss was about 3.86 lbs in 8 wks.

  22. Stacy says:

    Sensa is sold at Costco or through Much less expensive and no automatic shipments. Whether it works or not, I don’t know. I’m only offering information for people who want to try it hassle free.

    • andrea says:

      again i love when people try to boos other peoples spirit instead of knocking them down with their own mistrust! Some say dont knock what works for others or dont knock it til youve triedit!!

  23. Gaylene says:

    SENSA does work! I have lost 32 lbs in 6 months and I am still losing…actually I call it melting away! I have gone down 3-4 sizes in my clothes and I have lost significant inches (didn’t measure when I began). I call this my “will power” in a box. Due to my very busy schedule, I eat out almost every day. I don’t need to bring my own food or count points. I just sprinkle. My sweet and salty cravings diminished the first week I started the program a week before Thanksgiving in 2011. This is by far the easiest weight loss program I have tried in 30 years; and believe me, I have tried quite a few. My friends and family are stunned with my results and they are very excited for me! I love shopping for the new me and donating my bigger wardrobe to the American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shop! The one thing I can tell you is your head needs to be in the game when starting any program. Friends and family have started the Sensa program, but then give up because they forget to sprinkle (this I have a hard time understanding), nor they drink enough water or follow the common sense rules on eating smaller meals (listening to your body that you are full). I lost my first 20 lbs. without excercising…I decided to join a fitness center and continue to become a better me. Again, down 32 lbs. and I plan on losing another 30 lbs – 40 lbs. Very excited about the NEW me! Thank you SENSA!

  24. Robin says:

    Here is the ONLY, guaranteed, scientifically proven, clinically safe way to lose weight. I’m giving it to the world for free. Here it is:


    That’s it. Period. End of story.

    • angela says:

      I am glad iread this article and some of the reviews, good and bad. I am a mom of 5 in my mid 30s with health issues(steroids asthma and severe back and nerve issues caused from my employment Iwork a very physical job you would think that i would lose, I eat under my caloric intake during the day, but here is the funny and disturbing part. I wake up feeling stuffed like I have a full course thanksgiving dinner, I never understood why, until my husband and kids informed me that in middle of the night they watch me stuff my face in my sleep. i have no recollection of doing this but my husband says when i get out of bed I consume everything in the fridge whole pizzas, ugh cake cookies chips, stuff i dont eat when i am awake, and they my spouse and my kids claim they have to continually remove food from my grip and out of my mouth for fear of me choking. What the heck am i the only one who does this. I would tell them they are b-sing me but i have woke up looked in mirror and wondered why there was icing on my face. Lol any suggestions as per why i do this and how to stop cant really lock the fridge and cabinets up.

      • Allan says:


        Are you taking Ambien for sleep. Reports of sleepwalking, sleep-eating, sleep-driving, sleep-housecleaning are fairly common. (I was hopping for the housecleaning one, but no such luck)

      • Maria says:

        One morning after taking Ambien. No idea that I’d actually been getting up in my sleep and cooking up and eating, then going back to bed. In the morning, I found a dirty frying pan on the stove and a plate with a pork chop bone on the counter. When I saw the pan, I briefly had a flashback of flipping a pork chop in a black cast iron frying pan. With the number of negative testemonials, think I’ll pass on the Sensa miracle drug.

    • JENNA says:

      That doesn’t work for everybody, and eating less doesn’t mean you’re eating clean. While eating less is esentially and theoretically correct, there are certain factors that may compromise weight loss in certain people such as but not limited to medical conditions, therefore eating less is not really a guaranteed, scientifically proven, clinically safe way to lose weight, as you say Robin. In fact, that may harm you more than you think. I’d say eat clean and eat often. The more you eat the faster your metobalism, but they can’t be huge meals either, they need to be sensible.

  25. tommy says:

    I tried sensa for 2 months and i lost 45 pounds.

  26. K Dalziel says:

    I keep seeing these commercials with all the young and beautiful girls in white bikinis advertising Sensa. I have about 50 lbs to lose, however after reading all these reviews, I think I will slowly start an excersize routine and a healthier diet instead of spending money I don’t have for a product that a lot of folks say doesn’t work. I love most veggies, so there is no reason I can’t, right? I may have 3 or 4 weddings next year (one may be my own), and I dont want to feel the way I do now. I find the older I get, the harder it is to lose the weight and I am the only one to blame.

  27. A Escarzaga says:

    I just started to use SENSA, my overweight problem has all to do with the portions size. With SENSA I fill satisfied faster and without cravings than without it. So its easier for me to control what I eat. Of course healthy diet and excercising is the key. But if we can help a little getting the satisfied faster why not?
    Think that if you gain your extra pounds in 5 years…why do you demand to lose them in 30 days? Give yourself some time. But if you think just to sprinkle some SENSA on top of your food without cutting the amount of food you will lose weight, so you are so wrong!
    Even lipo suction will not work because you will gain the weight back. You need to change the bad habits

    • me says:

      the point of sensa is to make you not want to eat more so if your portions sizes aren’t cut down maybe the product doesn’t work sounds to me like that it works for some due to a placebo effect

  28. Robin says:

    Trying SENSA and not impressed at all. I’ve ordered Saffron Extract (Satiereal). Not at all satisfied with SENSA and am returning it. The SENSA reps kept extending my trial offer hoping to keep me as a customer….

  29. Brenda says:

    My husband is a trucker and has gained 75 lbs. in one year! He tried SENSA and has been on it for about 2 months with a big fat ZERO weight loss. He was on the free trial but cancelled after the two month supply…they keep charging us even though we cancelled. DON’T DO IT…IT’S A SCAM.

  30. Badorkin says:

    You people are idiots it is NOT a scam this is the fine print in the Terms and conditons of the free trial

    You have a full 30 days to try your SENSA 2-Month Starter Kit. If you enjoy SENSA, do nothing and you will be billed for the 2-Month Starter Kit one low payment of $89.95 at the end of the free trial on 8/1/12 That’s a 35% SAVINGS off the retail price! If you decide to keep your 2-Month Starter Kit, you will be automatically enrolled in our SENSA AutoShip Delivery Service. As part of the SENSA AutoShip Delivery Service, you will receive a fresh 2-month supply of SENSA every 60 days at the low price of only $89.95 so you never run out. You will be charged this price every 60 days, billed to your credit card, plus $0.00 shipping and handling.If for any reason during the 30-day trial period you are dissatisfied with your SENSA product, simply log in to your account at or call Customer Care at (866) 514-2554 to cancel. You will need to generate a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and return all open and unopened product. Any free gift is yours to keep.AL, CA, MI, MN and NJ residents will be charged sales tax at time of purchase. Customer is responsible for return postage.Questions? Contact a SENSA Customer Care Representative toll-free at (866) 514-2554 .

    • sensa user says:

      That information came with the Sensa. This is NOT what was said on the website.

      Report to the FTC, your state AG and to the California AG’s office: PO Box 944255, Sacramento, Ca. 94244

      • Maribeth says:

        When I ordered my trial of Sensa, everything just posted by Badorkin was there, in black and white. I ordered with the full knowledge of what to do if dissatisfied. I did order from the Sensa website and have not received it as yet, so it is definitely on their website since I don’t have the product and the accompanying info…

    • Peggy says:

      It is $39.+ at Sam’s Club in Ohio.

  31. Elaine says:

    I ‘ ve been on Sensa for 2 months AND HAVE LOST WEIGHT! (15lbs) It does help ME IN SUPPRESSING MY appetite. I do workout three times a week ( 40 mins. only) and try to watch the foods I eat . if u want to try it buy it from GNC and if u use ur GNC CARD u get 20% off and if ur not satisfied with the product u can get ur money back w/ the recipet. Good luck

  32. Deborah Fowler says:

    I was sent 2month supply worked out and gained 5 pounds what a rip off…………………..

  33. snizz says:

    I don’t believe either of you hope these products will not be injurious to the guys that have ingested it. For people on saffron extract, your tipping yourself into anorexia….its worse than your present condition and for people on sensa ,its a scam.

  34. Pat says:

    Um, double billing is considered FRAUD…FRAUDULENT USE OF YOUR CREDIT CARD…Just an FYI!!

  35. Yomari says:

    Honestly I feel a bunch of people on here are full of crap!!! Like in EVERYTHING you try you have to be consistent and more of you will put the blame on a product that didn’t work for you then admit you weren’t consistent in taking it every day. OR didn’t pay attention to your stomach when it said it was full and kept stuffing your damn faces!! My mom had taken Sensa…it hasn’t even been a month and she looks FABULOUS!!!! She hasn’t weighed herself but I’m not surprised if she’s lost 15 pounds already. I absolutely see the results on her!! I know that not everything works for everyone but I also feel there are a bunch of idiots that don’t use it as directed and blame the product instead of themselves. I’m definetly a firm believer that it works!!

  36. Dr. Reynolds says:

    As an Endocrinologist and medical professional I have to blas “quick” weight loss schemes like this. Controlling your weight is just like controlling diabetes or hypertension and it is just as important which makes these commercial products very harmful to the public. There’s only going to be so much that each individual is going to be able to try and FAIL at before they have wasted thousands of dollars, hours to days of their time and eventually give up all together. This is a SERIOUS problem and should be handled by medical experts such as the ones on the Genetix Program. And NO I am not an employee or in any way affilliated with that program either, but I have a lot of patients on the Genetix Program and they are losing hundreds of pounds quickly and safely. Consumers should be better educated… Putting white powder on your food for a couple of months and expecting to look like Tom Cruise or Megan Fox is unrealistic and ignorant. If you are serious about losing weight… do it the right way… Under the supervision of medical professionals.

  37. Chuck C says:

    This is a bunch of crap. I wrote a weight loss book, but couldnt get it published because it was only one sentence long.


    I started this one year ago and am down 88 pounds. people you need to give up on trying to do cardio on the couch

    • andrea says:

      chuck c thanx i got a giggle out of you comment about your book, just think you shared your book here and at least hundreds if not more have read it! thats an acomplishment even if u arent monitarily rewarded. again trying the pma way! good luck on the next book!!

  38. Elise says:

    I too didn’t believe in the Sensa claims until my husband started using it. Now I didn’t see him step on the scale but he says he lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks. So I am on day 3 on Sensa and I haven’t weight myself of course it’s too soon BUT I can say it defiantly curves my appetite. My biggest problem is snacking on cookies or something sweet after dinner and I usually have 3-4 cookies. I know if it keeps my appetite down & the cravings at bay the weight will come off. I will let you know in a couple of weeks how it is or isn’t working.

  39. Christine says:

    Not a fan of Dr. Oz, but he did “kinda” explain saffron use clearly.

    Bottom line: I cannot support any diet that doesn’t encourage a lifestyle change. For long term and even permanent success you need a balanced diet and a regular exercise plan. And, more importantly, getting fit and healthy doesn’t happen over night. If you are over weight it is typical to lose a larger amount of pounds during the first few weeks. This usually stems from doing a significant reduction in caloric intake and adding physical activity to your daily routine. It will level out, and at that point a healthy weight loss is about 2 pounds a week. Also, most people should never eat less than 1200 calories a day. Anything less than this and your body will go into starvation mode which will trigger the storing of fat. You didn’t get fat overnight, so you won’t get skinny overnight. You want to keep it off long term/forever? I suggest seeing a nutritionist that will help plan your meals and set healthy goals for weight loss. It’s nit as expensive as you think it will be and sometimes insurance will pay for it. Track what you eat, every bit of it. I even track what I eat when I’m in Costco. Some days you’ll hate what you write, but it’ll motivate you to do better the next day.

    Don’t be fooled by prepackaged foods, dried fruits, and artificial sweeteners. I believe it’s better to use the real thing vs using an imposter, and just limit my use. Examples: butter, sugar, etc. Dried fruits contain a lot of added sugar and the reason you don’t feel satisfied after eating a serving is because there is no water. Water helps you feel fuller. I understand that it’s more convenient to buy that box of dried fruit thinking it’s better than nothing, but the reality is that you are denying yourself the full benefits. How about buying a big bag of grapes instead and dividing them into smaller grab n go bags for you and your family.

    Facts: leading a healthier life does take more organization and planning, but isn’t it worth it? Isn’t your health and well being worth making better choices? Plus, you’ll save yourself a ton of money with those better choices.

    Good luck!

  40. drew says:

    Ever see the BIGGEST LOSER? Diet and exercise baby. It works. No need for ANY chemicals. You will naturally boost your own serotonin levels. No side effects (besides the usual soreness that comes with starting any exercise program).

  41. Alle says:

    Does NOT work. Can’t get refund. Before your order call their customer service number. (866) 514-2554. If you want to talk to someone about a return or refund you will be directed to a recorded only menu. Can hang on forever and never get to talk to anyone because you are disconnected. A couple of times I have waited the 15-20 minutes and finally talked to someone. One said I did not return the product within a 30 day trial which I sent it back after 10 days at my expense. Another said I should receive a refund on card within 30 days. Of course they charged my card immediately. They also double charged my card. It has been 3 months and still no refund. Their hope is that you will get frustrated and give up. If they were legit I believe they would accept Paypal. That way they could not double charge you and you could file a complaint with Paypal. Lesson learned. NEVER NEVER purchase anything on net unless the company accepts Paypal payment.

  42. SuzanneNYC says:

    Why all the SENSA-slamming?? I saw their infomercial and they clearly stated that SENSA reduces your food intake by making you feel full as you begin to eat less. Less food less fat. It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to see the simplicity in that! That’s all I’m hoping for and if it eliminates my 24/7 craving for sweets I’ll be delighted!!

    Am I missing something here or isn’t it rather straightforward?! Dieting is like exercising, it’s always slow in the beginning but once you get your groove and start seeing some results, the pace really picks up!


  43. Gregory Robinson says:

    Sensa It works for me I use it. For One Month.
    I was 220ponds now I am 190ponds. Sensa Dose work it is that you have work out too.
    and then way I get my Sensa from my mother.

    see She Try it but she lay around the House and did not a thing so she gave it for me to try it
    and i did and i love the way it works.

  44. karen says:

    Well I’m thinking of trying it. I am a diabetic type 2, and need to lose weight. I have always had a weight problem. hate people who just say eat less and move more.. some people do have eating problems. certain foods i will binge on called compulsive eating. . so to me anything that curbs you cravings, and helps you feel full is worth trying. how ever i do understand you need to make wise choices. but if it helps me feel full sooner that would be awesome..

  45. Cori says:

    Am I completely missing something? Weight loss is not a quick thing. No supplement will help any one achieve this. I’m a certified Dietician and cringe every time I see quick weight loss scams like this one. To achieve ones goals, it takes commitment and hard work!!! You want to lose weight? Get together with a nutritionist, establish a diet based on caloric intake and establish a realistic exercise plan. Once you reach your goal, come up with another diet plan based on maintenance of weight…still exercise. Otherwise, the weight will come back and you start your vicious cycle all over again.

    • fred says:

      I agree, but I had to try it. It did nothing, I actually gained weight. and when i inform them of this they want me to send it back on my dime or i would be changed for it. What does this company not understand about a free trial.
      they give an amount to try if satisfy you buy more, not 2 months to try then threaten you if you don’t return you will charge for free supply.

  46. Janet says:

    I am a 56 year old female who has been chronically obese her entire life. I have NEVER had anything work for me – Ever – I have been on every diet known to man and still I just gain and gain. One day I listened to an interview of a cardiologist named Dr. William Davis. You can find the interview on – It is called the WHEAT BELLY DIET. He told how he put his heart patients on a diet WITHOUT eating WHEAT (OF any kind) – some call it GLUTEN FREE Diet. Once I got off the wheat – ALL MY CRAVINGS STOPPED! Now I have to remind myself to EAT – never have I ever had this response from a diet. WHEAT IS EXTREMELY poisonious and destructive to human beings. They changed the wheat grain in 1977 and found that it increased the appetite of people by almost 500 calories a day. That is why our parents were thin and were are obese. The FOOD INDUSTRY puts wheat in everything so you will want to overeat. ONCE you eliminate the wheat from your diet – THE HUNGER STOPS. I have lost over 20 pounds in 3 months – I literally have NO appetite anymore! Please go to DR. DAVIS website – just check it out – you will NOT be disappointed.

  47. MJ says:

    Have been taking SENSA for three weeks and have lost more than 15 pounds. I have read good reviews and lots of bad reviews. I conclude that SENSA does not work for everyone, but it does work for me. I am not doing it in with other diet plans, and will continue for the next few months. I have no elevated blood pressure or other medical problems since I started sprinkling. My friends comment on my thinness. I have told others about how it works for me, and directed them to sites like this that warn others that it does not work for them. It appears to be working for my friends as well.

    Have tried lots of different diets, but just eat too much in the end. If I ate a little better I would probably lose even more.

    Will continue sprinkling until I see it doesn’t work.

  48. CJ says:

    SENSA sucks! I tried it for a week then sent it back because it made my heart palpitate. I sent it back as instructed and then I get a bill from a collection agency wanting the 89.99 when it was supposed to be free :(

    Save your money and don’t buy this scam.

  49. fat america says:


    • DridonBlue says:

      I don’t know where you get your statistics from but in the USA that I know and live in, people work their ass off to make ends meet and support their families. There’s no other choice. And I know for a fact that people in “other countries” don’t do half the work that we do in the states. And I’m not even American, I’m someone who came from one of these other countries. I you like to sit your fat ass on a couch all day that doesn’t mean the rest of us do so stop your unsupported trashing.
      Just sayin’

    • Lisa says:

      You are right, my girl friend who lost 70lbs alone by walking intensely up and down the hill every day for 2hrs without dieting, she just changed her eating habit by being more self conscious on what to eat and not to eat. No pills will help you loose weight if you do not exercise and put any effort into it.

  50. Aria says:

    Oh my, I really wish I would have seen this page before ordering my “free-trial” of sensa! My shipment is supposed to come today, I think after reading all of this I’m just going to not open it and try to send it right back!

  51. KVG says:

    Anyone have any experiences with the saffron extract they could share? I was about to look into the Sensa trial until I saw this site. I usually look for the cons before I buy. Thanks!

  52. I Balko says:

    Gestapo tactics of this company that should be addressed with emails and boycott. Upshot: I have unopened products they refuse to take back and insist on me paying $90! Which I do not have, I am unemployed. So I am expressing my disgust with this company, since they could easily take back UNOPENED product, but refuse to. Two people refused upon direct questions – hiding behind rules and regulations. Not people friendly. Not human! Just want your money. SCAM

  53. mel says:

    lol you ppl r so funny ..u bad mouth sensa but advertise safron ahahahah ok whats wrong with this???? hello dont send ur money to sensa send it to me i sell u safron ahahah omg get a life i grew up with saffron lol we use it to bake with :)

  54. kassy says:

    I just started sensa a week ago and i have already lost 7lbs and for the people who havnt on it, it says it may take a couple months to start seeing results obviously if your not losing weight your doing something wrong. You have to work to earn money just like you have to work at it to lose weight. its not gonna happen over night. and if you really want fast results use sensa change your diet and exercise.

  55. Chris T. says:

    Grow up people. There is no magic pill or potion that you can take and you will lose weight (ExLax only works temporarily).

    Proven Weight Loss Method:
    [1] Quit eating so much.
    [2] Get more exercise and do it regularly.

    If you’re not willing to do that then quit whining.

  56. john says:

    100% proven, guaranteed weight loss program. Wake up every morning slap yourself in the head 11 times, then eat a good diet and exercise frequently. It’s amazing….everyone should try it out.

  57. wayne Wal says:

    I have been working at walking 20-40 mins at least every other day and hitting the gym for a workout 3-4 times a week. You alos have to do some calorie reduction. You don’t have to starve, but you add more fresh vegetables and fruit – skipping the fatty high calorie dressings.
    Get off corn fed beef, get into veggie fed chickens, grass fed beef is ok. The grains change the livestock chemical structure and does grains for humans. Some is OK, but cutting down the carbos is a must.

    Lots more veggies, more exercise, cut out the high fat dressings on salads. add some oatmeal in the morning – NOT the regular instant junk.

    Go for the organic oatmeal, 1/3 cup of blueberries, half a tsp of maple syrup.

    Go for one lightly fried egg as well, you won’t be hungry well into the afternoon.

    DON’T eat after 7pm. If you must, then grab a celery stalk or 2. that’s it.

    Exercise each day. even if it’s walking up and down the stairs a couple more times a day.

    Calories IN -> calories ON your hips and gut.

    • Angelina says:

      “half a tsp of maple syrup” huh? why bother, a half tsp won’t be tasted and you don’t need the extra calories, just go for a full tsp of Stevia w/the blueberries! Ya, I can comment cuz I’ve already lost 110 lbs naturally!

  58. Norma Corgosinho says:

    Tomei sensa por poucos dias, e no quarto dia acordei com dormencias nas mãos,não associei isso com o sensa, mais no outro dia na hora do almoço polvilhei sensa na refeição e uns trinta minutos depois sentir as mãos e os pes dormentes, fiquei com medo de continuar usando por isso parei gostaria de saber se esta é uma reação normal do sensa e se alguem que usou sentiu estes sintomas.

  59. TWIMFTT says:

    For all of you considering this product or have been using this product, please take this into consideration.


    do you people not read the descriptions?

    Sensa sprinklings are in fact flavor-enhancing ‘flakes’ made from maltodextrin, tribasic calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, and flavorings. You simply sprinkle a dash over your food (as you would salt or pepper) and it then amplifies both scent and flavor.

    please stop eating cancer sprinkles and stop supporting companies who DON’T CARE about you. they just want your money. that’s what a corporation does.

  60. Kylee says:

    I think its funny, because the only people complaining are the ones who have only tired Sensa for two-three months. Sensa is meant to work gradually, and it says in SIX MONTHS the average weight loss is THIRTY POUNDS. you can do the math. No one is going to lose ten pounds in two Weeks without a change in your diet and possibly exercise! I went on the seventeen day diet and lost 15 pounds the first seventeen days. That diet is probably the best, but i’m going to get back on sensa because I have a very busy schedule meaning I don’t have time to prepare a well rounded meal. Give it a chance, and don’t expect results the first couple months! That’s that.

  61. LOL @ Sensa says:

    Calories in, calories out. It is that simple. If you don’t have the will to do this and need flavour flakes or saffron extract or horse pills or whatever the newest fad is then you are not ready to lose weight. Keep stuffing your face and one day you will hit rock bottom and low and behold you will be ready to make that change. Rock bottom for me was 268lbs in 2009 when a cheesy fell from my hand and landed on my belly. Instead of rolling off it just sat there. I looked at myself in the mirror and knew I could not go on like this. I started running and would only eat fresh food, leafy greens and counted my calories. I am now 185lb and never been happier. Nothing in this world will prematurely ready you to do this. Your mind and soul are the only things that will move you.

  62. Dillweed says:

    I’ve been researching wt loss lately. Sensa/Saffron ‘treat’ symptoms… cravings, but do not address the underlying cause. Disappointing to see Dr. OZ recommend something like this. 50-60 years ago people weren’t suffering from obesity and their nutrition was good. They ate whole foods and not much sugar. They were active often all day long. Of interest, I recommend Sugar: The Bitter Truth, The Truth About Exercise, The Men Who Made US Fat all on YouTube. Also Gary Taub’s article in the NY Times What Really Makes Us Fat, in case they snip the link. Insulin resistance created by too much sugar can be overcome with HIIT training. The Journal of the American Medical Association published the results of a clinical trial by Dr. David Ludwig of Boston Children’s Hospital and his collaborators. On the very low-carbohydrate diet, Dr. Ludwig’s subjects expended 300 more calories a day than they did on the low-fat diet and 150 calories more than on the low-glycemic-index diet. Too much sugar is killing us. There is a societal resposibility here like with tobacco. Once people develop insulin resistance a whole host of factors combine keeping most of them fighting weight gain for the rest of their lives. Food company executives are starting to sound like tobacco execs. Good stuff, i hope you check it out, eat well, be well, feel energtic and happy. High protein and fat with severely limited carbs appears to be the needed correction. Flush Sensa and Saffron extract. Address the underlying issue.

    • ravelston says:

      My son started a carbohydrate free diet just before Christmas 2011 – by the end of April he had gone from 262lb to 170lb (that’s a 92lb loss). This is basically an extreme Atkins diet. It’s not a particularly easy diet to follow – it requires you to eat relatively large amounts of fat and a lot of protein, but almost no carbohydrates. It takes a lot of care initially to make sure you are not accidentally eating carbs. Careful monitoring is necessary because the body’s metabolism shifts to a process called ketosis which enables it to burn fat for energy rather than converting carbohydrates into sugars. It’s necessary to drink a lot of fluids (water) to prevent a build-up of acetone in the body which can be dangerous.

      If you really want to lose a lot of weight (and don’t have type I diabetes), this is a good way to go. Be aware, however, that switching to a low carb “maintenance” diet after you’ve established your weight loss is not easy. Oh yes, and you will need to swear off alcohol pretty much permanently.

  63. Gwen says:

    I exercise regularly, causing me to snack often. Being only 10 pounds over weight, I purchased Sensa to get rid the few pounds and didn’t loose a single pound!

  64. Jenn says:

    Article and comments were interesting. As a scientist in the pharma industry these are my 2 cents on the matter.

    1) I am always concerned for folks who self medicate using supplements that are not FDA regulated. I’m also concerned for folks who take medications that are regulated. Buyer beware, weigh the risks vs the benefits. With a product like this, you don’t know what the risks are. If you have unwanted side effects, like heart palpitations, contact the FDA adverse effect hotline! In the nineties, ephadrine had great results too and hurt people.

    2) As the author points out Sensa’s advertising is misleading. As well they make it seem like everyone will lose weight and that it’s completely safe. Any company that dare say that has issues, a pharma company would be sued and fined for unfounded claims. Pharma companies spend millions
    determining effecacy and safety.

    3) The law of averages, if 4 people used sensa, and two of them lost 60 lbs and 2 lost nothing… that’s 50% effective results but still a 30lbs lost on average.

    4) My guess is why it works for some and not others is:

    a) it assumes your overweight issues are based on calories in and calories out. Many people have underlying medical issues or imbalances so the concept does not apply. You can diet till the cows come home and still gain weight.

    b) it assumes everyones food cravings are triggered and controlled the same way. Genetics play a huge factor in taste and smell, so this mechanism may not be effective for all but for some.

    • Juan says:

      I agree 100%, people fail to realize that it’s not always easy to follow the process of a diet! like Jenna stated it takes commitment and hard work to loose weight! But the thing is it’s not always easy for certain people, everyone’s body is different, with that being said, weight loss supplements will be looked into, and people will expect promises for a fit body, there’s nothing wrong with that at all, What I would believe to be wrong is if someone becomes dependent of it, and not do what is instructed for them to keep the weight down, there are so many triggers that cause hunger, stress, anxiety, medications, it’s a trying thing to face, and I feel no one has the right to just say eat right and loose weight, when they are not in that persons shoes to get the experience they are probably struggling with! nothing is wrong with disabling yourself , but if you tend to try too hard, your health is at real risk!

  65. Priscilla says:

    I just ordered Sensa, but not a as a cure all to magically drop the weight. I plan on changing my diet and exercising daily. However, I read the information Sensa offers and believe that it may actually work as an appetite suppressant, so the urge to snack might be curbed. I’m a strong believer that diet and exercise are #1 most important, but sometimes my will power is lame, especially when trying to drop a few pounds. And for everyone who says that they have a right to be upset because it “Promises” to melt fat… get a grip. How often are people misled about the products we buy? At least, with Sensa, you have the option of getting your money back if the product fails. Honestly, how can anyone complain? I’ve bought ‘miracle’ stain removers that promise to remove any stain… doesn’t always happen, but I sure as hell didn’t get my money back. I sucked it up and tried something different the next time…

  66. Me says:

    Not to sound like a jerk…but whatever happened to exercise? Why can’t people get off their butts and walk instead of blowing their money on fad diets just because the tv says it works?

    Make small changes to diet…and add exercise in. Cutting out pop for water will make a huge difference.

    The biggest difference of all is quit being so lazy and thinking the weight will just lose itself.

    Appetite suppressants are NOT good for you…get a clue here people. The tv doctors are not always right.

    • Robin says:

      People can be so critical and ugly to each other. Some people are unable to excersise due to medical problems. I myself have degenerative disc desease (5 surgeries, whick I don’t regret0 osteoarthiritis, and in constant pain, asthma and several other health issues Stop judging other people when you don’t know their REAL story. To call someone fat or lazy is uncalled for. You should be ashamed. As for companies that over charge or double bill you for their FREE stuff: BEWARE. It happens all the time for all kinds of products. Reserch what you want to try. Call the compay first, get their name or any info on them before you hang up. Get ALL the info you can before you try the FREE trail. I myself have been scamed on products too, they are there to make money. Everyone makes a mistake here and there, telemarketers included. I am using the Atkins diet, cut out the carbs. Very hard for me, no bread, no chocolate milk, BUT there are other “substitues” you can try and may even like! It worked for me (lost 13Lbs in about 30 days.Did’nt cost me a thing! Actually saved me some money, (not buying things I used to). What may not work for you, may work for some else. Bottom line: be supportive of other people don’t down them, really you are just being cruel.. Be kind to people if you don’t it will come back on you. Good luck to all that have a weight problem, I hope you wil find something that works for YOU. Remember: haters are just bullies!

    • Krystal says:

      I work out often and walk over 3 miles a day 5 days a week.. In 6 moths I have only lost 14 pound. Exercise doesnt always lead to weight loss. I have been dropping more inches then loosing any weight, and yeah I know muscle weighs more then fat but a little help here and there can get me out of the danger zone for my weight (long story, no I didnt eat myself into this weight and no I am not 250 pounds)
      I have stared using apple cider vinager which does many things. 1. helps boost energy, 2. helps restart your metabolism, 3. Helps regulate your bloodsugars, 4. Helps supress your appetite. It has already started helping me loose weight. I have far more energy and can do more things though out the day. Though I dont need help to stop eting I actually need help to eat more. The more often you eat through out the day (healthy foods of course) the les fat your body will store.
      Anyways, my point is. Diet and exercise does not work for everyone, no matter how much someone wants to all people lazy.

  67. i have high blood pressue is it safe to take the safron

  68. Connie says:

    BE SURE TO READ THE DETAILS WHEN TRYING THEIR ‘FREE’ TRIAL!!! If you are a day late cancelling, they will charge you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Heather says:

    Y’all all need to come out to Body Sculptors and get on the ideal protein diet! I am the personal trainer and nutritionist at Body Sculptors and have seen tremendous results!! It takes work and determination, we design a program to fit you body type, alone with diet, exercise and a coach to walk you through your journey!! Helping others loss weight is my life and it kills me to see people wasting their money on these things that don’t work!! Email me

  70. Jen says:

    I have been using Sensa for a couple months (just using the first month tastants) and haven’t been 100% consistent with putting it on all my food (either I don’t have it with me or I forget). But I have seen a difference. I haven’t lost weight, but I have lost an inch and for me, that’s huge. I really don’t need to lose weight – I’m at my ideal weight, but my mid-section has been the hardest thing to get control over ever since I had my daughter. I’ve been eating healthy and exercising for a year now and have gotten frustrated with not being able to lose inches still. The only thing I’ve changed over the last couple months in my routine is Sensa and this is the first time I’m actually noticing a difference.

    I never saw any advertising for it and I haven’t seen their website – I came across it in Costco when I was doing some grocery shopping and it wasn’t that expensive so I figured what the heck, I’ll give this a try. I came across this article when I was looking into how exactly it worked. As long as there aren’t harmful side effects I’m willing to give it a try.

    Although I recognize it hasn’t been on the market long and so there very well could be negative things associated that we don’t know yet. I’m not interested in taking this long term, but I have been pleased with the results so far, so I wanted to share my experience with it.

    Everyone is different, but I agree, you have to work hard at this. You can’t expect it to change immediately and you can’t think sprinkling this stuff on cheeseburgers and fries will make them healthy all of a sudden.

    Good luck all.

  71. J Woolley says:

    30 pounds in 6 months sounds impressive, but it’s only 5 pounds a month or just over a pound a week when you stop and work it out. Losing 1 pound a week is not really that difficult because you can do this by eating a healthier diet, doing more exercise or taking a diet supplement of some kind.

  72. Slow&Steady says:

    I have been doing Weight Watchers for July 19 and lost a total of 4.4lbs which is an average of 1.5lbs per week (with very low activity – I have a back injury and cannot workout as vigorously as I would like for another 4 weeks per doctors orders…). I believe in the ‘slow and steady’ weight loss plan – it took time for the weight to come on and it will take time for it to come off. I am all for adding safe ‘boosters’ to any diet plan, but you are not going to achieve remarkable weight loss fast. You have to exercise to build muscle mass and raise your metabolic rate…this helps you burn fat even when you’re sitting on your butt. I did a medically supervised diet in the early 90’s and went from 155lbs to 130lbs in a 6-week period. This diet encompassed real food and not protein shakes. I couldn’t afford a gym membership at the time, so I cut down one of my grandma’s clothes lines (I just showed my age) and made a jump rope. I jumped rope, ran in place, did pushups, situps, lunges, and took a $4 dollar per session Jazzercise class at the local gym. I was doing an activity (even if it was only for 20 minutes) everyday except Sunday. Was it hard? Absolutely…the first two weeks were torture, especially because I could smell my grandmother’s biscuits even when I was in class. But the doctor’s philosophy was simple: When you have oil service done on your car, they change the oil AND the filter. They flush AND refill the coolant. They change the spark plugs AND the plug wires. Get the picture? Hence, you have to adjust your eating habits AND exercise…AND you have to make this a lifestyle change for maintenance purposes…the same way you have maintenance done on your car. You can have the occasional burger and pizza, but you can’t expect to fill your ‘fuel’ tank with 83 octane for 2 years when it requires 97 octane fuel and not have issues. Thus, the body works in similar fashion. All the diet claims I see…NutriSystems, Jenny Craig and Sensa…in the fine print…they all have averages of 1-2lbs per week WITHOUT EXERCISE. So don’t expect more than they claim. Those are SUPPLEMENTAL TOOLS. It took time for the weight to come on and its going to take time for it to come off. If you want a dramatic result on the scale and in the appearance of your body, do something dramatic. When I get the release to exercise, I expect my per week weight loss to jump to around 4-5lbs per week (I love pilates…it may look easy, but if you’re doing it correctly, you’ll be sweating like a bank CEO at a Dept. of Justice inquiry). So in the words of the Godfather of Soul James Brown…”Get up offa that thang and dance to you feel better…get up offa that thang and try to relieve the pressure!” Best of luck to you all!

  73. DOC says:

    I agree with a comment I saw on here. In general I believe that any product that claims to be “free” and wants to charge you even a dime on your card, BEWARE!! They are the ones tht almost always put you in an autoship program that will take an act of God to get you out of!! Once they have your credit card info, GOOD LUCK!

  74. Sarah says:

    I have found that diet and exercise are not enough to lose pounds and keep them off. I eat a pretty clean diet and have exercised regularly for years. I also have a very physical job. I am not terribly overweight–20-30 pounds. When I try weight loss diets, very little comes off, and it is very slow–unlike whatever program’s claims. As long as I am in control of my food, I do well, but then you go to parties, the office, dinner at a friend’s house, and you are confronted with what is offered. And I’m sorry, but the idea that one can NEVER indulge in a treat is pretty unrealistic in our lifestyles. You can say it is all about willpower, and that is true, but having things put in your face? And my problem is that when something tastes delicious, I don’t hear any signal from my body about being full. I am only hearing the taste. Anyway, a few years ago, I was put on a medication for high blood pressure and the main side effect was that I felt absolutely stuffed all the time. I could barely make myself eat. The result was a slow weight loss, and because I was eating so little, I did stick with healthy food. Unfortunately, my body adjusted to the med after a year and I have a normal appetite again. I thought, though, that that was a great solution for me and wish I had something that had that effect without any other side effects or worries.

  75. Dawn says:

    I’m always leary of these types of products, not only do you not know what long term effects they will have on you, but there is always so much difficulty in returning it should you not like it. It’s definitely not as easy as they say. Anyway, I find it funny that this website, steering you clear of Sensa, is also selling it’s own product, so that should tell you there is a bias here! We see advertising all day, everyday, everywhere, these companies are selling you a product, that is their goal. And I think the testimonials these people are claiming on the Sensa site are quick and good weight loss. 60 pounds in six months, that’s awesome! Whomever wants to lose weight quicker then that is living in an unhealthy dreamland. The key is to do your research and make sure it’s safe. You will not know if it’s effective for you unless you take the risk and try it. My sister did the trial of Sensa and had great success with it. She also started eating better and exercising more. The Sensa site and studies tell you you don’t need to do any of these things and you can still lose the weight they are claiming. My sister used Sensa as a “jump start” to her weight lose goals and it helped her and she liked it. She had realistic goals and expectations and with hard work, determination, discipline and commitment, she has kept the weight off….and that goes for all of us. It took her 9 months to lose 50 pounds. It took a while to put the weight on and it’s gonna take even longer to take it off, especially if you are older. You also might want to check out your local nutrition store and find out what they offer along these same lines that might be safer, just as effective and without all the risks of “free trials” and returns. Good luck to everyone who tries what this site is selling, Saffron Extract or Sensa, just remember there are risks to everything and no quick and easy fixes.

  76. tiffany says:

    Ok I have started the sensa program to day I’m going ahead and saying it is a waste of money. And I don’t think it is very safe. I feel ligHt headed and my heart is racing.

  77. Dildo says:

    I’ ve got way too much free time and no life like everyone else here, so I am blogging this s–t right here.

  78. black-man says:

    I’ve been fasting on and off over the years… i can go a month without eating and loose big, without proper diet\exercise ill gain double…. so how long do u all plan to cash out for sensa after u loose the wieght….. FOREVER? I’m sooo gonna sell a pill…

  79. Vanessa says:

    I agree. I cut back significantly on carbs and sugar. This is including those low fat foods that claim to be healthy but have excess sugar and carbs. And I never drank soda so I guess I’m fortunate I never had that habit. But honestly people don’t realize all the chips, baked goods at Starbucks, and your vanilla latte daily are just turning to fat. Surprisingly though, if you reduce carbs but eat healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado and nuts, they will keep you satisfied. This is not a diet but a healthy lifestyle. A lot of diet dictocrats are changing their opinions on fats and saying its good for you. Just do a google search.

  80. dran says:

    Great idea, especially in today’s world . Eat healthy and exercise, save your money. It is the only safe method. More whole foods, less processed crap. Follow a Balanced diet. Unfortunately, It actually takes a little effort. It is a lifestyle change, not a pill, powder or seminar. You must be unforgivingly honest with yourself. More calories out than in, period. It’s so simple. Two new diet pills fda approved in the last two months, fun stocks, but its sickening…Common sense and willpower are your greatest allies. It soon becomes as effortless as McDonald’s once you stick to it.

  81. Fernanda says:


    Trial” FREE” SENSA NOT TRUE !!!

    I order the free trial and the web site say that i got to pay for the shipping $4.95 and i agree with that .
    But i never check my bank account that they was taking $95with some cent’s every month on my debit card .
    The explanation from them was : If you got the trial and you don’t like you HAVE TO SHIPPING BACK to us .If you don’t shipping back we will take $95.00 for that trial !!! and they charge me 2X of $95.00 MONTH OF JULY AND MONTH OF AUGOST the explanation for the second charge was: we was ready to shipping the second package for you !!!
    So far i got to cancel my DEBIT CARD BECAUSE THEY GOT MY CARD ON FILE and dispute de transactions …I’m waiting for my new debit card over a week :( hope SENSA give my money back ,so far i din’t receive a penny !!!

  82. Jocelyn says:

    I walk 18 kms a day to buy Sensa, uphill, and also it’s all uphill on the way home too, which is peculiar… anyway, I’ve lost 5 lbs in the first week. And that’s even skipping a few days to give birth to a 3lb baby. regular weight bearing and cardiac exercise along with a balanced healthy diet ensuring long term healthy weight may work for some, but I’m gonna sprinkle some stuff on my lasagne as I sit down all day and I’m gonna feel and look great!

  83. Kathleen says:

    I have been using Sensa for 3 months and have lost 23 lbs. I am 5’8″, 57 years old, female. I went from 160 to 137. Sensa is not an appetite suppressant. It lets you feel fool eating much less food. And that does seem to help my appetite…But if you put just as much food on your plate, and ignore the Sensa “I’m full” signals (the first time I used it I felt like I’d eaten a huge holiday dinner after a few bites…) you will not lose weight. It helps you eat less, doesn’t force you to. Because I was eating so much less of good food I love, I found myself eating good leftovers for breakfast and lunch, rather than a muffin or peanut butter sandwich. That helped too, I’m sure. I have been exercising moderately as well.

    It doesn’t work for everyone…best for those with a good sense of smell (it works through the scent receptors to signal the brain that you’ve had lots of food, when you have only had a little). For example, my 80 year old Mom found that it didn’t do a thing for her. I could also see that it wouldn’t work if your eating is compulsive. So try it and see if it works for you. Sensa is not a panacea…it just seems to help some of us.

  84. Susana says:

    I am 43 and want/ need to lose 60 pounds so I bought a one month supply of Sensa at Cost Co. for $40. I have only used it twice, once on pizza and once on a stir fry. Could be the power of suggestion but I swear I felt full right away. I only ate one slice of pizza (instead of 2-3) and like one cup of stir fry. Now I just need the discipline to sprinkle it on everything. I am excited that Sensa might be the extra help I’ve been looking for to curb my appetite! Good luck to all fellow fatties:)

  85. Janet says:

    I ordered the trial several months ago and just could not remember to use it regularly. However, I put a reminder on my phone to discontinue it before the end of the trial. I called to cancel and they offered to extend the trial for another 30 days. Again I put a reminder to call before the end of the trial period. This time they said they would charge me 1/2 the price, if I wanted to keep the remaining product, which I did. After several months I’m going to give it a try again. We’ll see what happens but at least I didn’t pay full price. My advice though if you think the product is working for you, cancel after the first shipment and just buy it from GNC. You wont have to worry about any double billing and you can get the gold card discount.

  86. Jackie says:

    But don’t the ads say you don’t have to diet or work out to lose 30 pounds?

    “Get a gym body without going to the gym”
    “Well, now you can lose weight and reveal that tight body of yours without changing your lifestyle.”
    “SENSA® is clinically proven to help you lose 30 lbs without
    dieting, counting calories, eating pre-packaged meals or
    spending all your time working out.”

    I have lost 30 pounds in the past with working out and dieting. At this point in my life, my situation leaves me with little time for myself. It’s easy for someone not in my shoes to tell me to change my lifestyle. It’s not that easy. You don’t know anything about me. The promises in the ads make you feel like this is doable. Once you lose a few pounds you feel better about dieting and exercising. Losing weight will make me feel better and more confident. In 60 days I may be able to make the small changes required to change my situation and along with it, the lifestyle.

    Utimately though, It’s about what is promised by the Sensa ads. If any other product makes a claim that doesn’t deliver, people don’t attack the user do they? Say a product promises cleaner floors but doesn’t work. Do you hear people saying, well you didn’t buy the correct tile for your floor, you didn’t clean them often enough, you didn’t use a synthetic sponge, you let them air dry… You get my point.

  87. Debbie says:

    For those desperate to lose . Look for Food Addicts. org. Its like AA , its free and it works. I have lost 140 lbs. Life changing. If you don’t like it you can get a full refund on your misery.

  88. GM Kissick says:

    SENSA is marketing scam!

    Right from the “False Advertising” “NO WHERE” on their website do they tell you that they are going to bill you $89.95 every 2 months. No where do they tell you that your credit card will be “Automatically billed”.

    Sensa leads you to believe that you are purchasing a “Trail Offer” for just $9.95. Pure Bull Shit!

    You don’t find this out until you open the box and read the invoice that’s enclosed in the box!

    “STAY AWAY” if you value you money!

  89. Rich says:

    Basically as what has been pointed out, There is no quick fix for weight loss if you don’t change your behavior or address the condition(ex: Thyroid). Our bodies are wonderful things. ESPECIALLY once you figure out what triggers the body into positive change. I see people in the gym that workout daily but they still look the same. If thats what they are going for…then fine. But the scale is not your friend. It is the mirror. The mirror will motivate you quicker into change that the scale will and the mirror will shock most into not going past that point whereas you end up like grossly obese(ex: Ruby).

    I have heard of dangerous fixes like “Clenbuterol” with actresses, bodybuilders, and athletes. The ECA(Ephedra/Caffine/Asprin) stack with the fat burners that were pulled by the FDA due to casualties from misuse. Yo-Yo dieting (Oprah) and Anorexia (Many but Karen Carpenter is the most well known). You have the new fitness crazes (P90X, Insanity, Richard Simmons, Jazzercize, Billy Blanks Tae Bo, Zumba ect). I have taken the long road to say that staying active, eating right w/ small portions, excerise is the key to weight loss and staying that way once you lose the weight.

    As we get older our metabolism slows. So as you get older you have to be smarter about what you put into your body and amping up your fitness for maintenance. We care more about putting the right fuel in our automobiles and those oil changes to keep our car engines operating at a high level than applying those same principles to our health. Just remember to not take in more than what you need, go to sleep on a 3-4 hour empty stomach, Upon awakening exercise on an empty stomach (This way you are burning fat as fuel, and anything you eat will go towards that workout and has a less chance to be stored as fat), Buy smart dietary supplements that can assist with weight loss and fitness goals (like Carb control/blockers, Sugar metabolizers, Chromium, Vanadyl) but dont use them as crutches for bad food behavior. Items such as B-Complex, Omega 3 fish oils, Multi Mineral supplements and plenty of water will greatly assist when in combination of a fitness/weight loss cycle. Breads, Startchy foods, Fatty Meats, Diet Sodas, Fruit Juices, and Sugar products will deter your progress and should be avoided at all costs.

    Get serious and take your body where it has never been, and it will respond and take you where you want to be.

  90. John says:

    I would just like people to know, I have tried Sensa, and it did not work at all.

    I called and the lady said that I should try to drink a glass a water and see if I loose weight, It did not work

  91. Janice says:

    I know better than to try the latest fad that makes huge claims (no pun intended). However, I want to remind all of the self-righteous out there that like diets people who have gained weight are not a “one size fits all.”

    I became very ill for two years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I’m one of the lucky ones that my illness is in remission, although I have never fully regained my former stamina. I once exercised three times a week for two hours (walking, treadmill, stair climber), but once I became ill I couldn’t even manage a half hour once a week.

    My thyroid was destroyed; I had repeated bouts with endometriosis, in addition to the pain, fatigue, and depression that accompanied the chronic fatigue. It took me two years to even be diagnosed and then I was told there was no treatment. In addition to the other symptoms, I developed tachycardia with a pulse of 125 asleep. I have sleep apnea, migraine headaches, constant joint pain, high blood pressure, Meniere’s disease, and now pre-diabetes.

    I’m not trying to make excuses because I am working hard at losing the weight, which incidentally, literally came on almost overnight. I gained the first 30 pounds in 30 days at the onset of my fatigue. Yes, the rest of it came on slowly over the two years I tried to find a diagnosis, but I am actively working to control my weight. I’m now cutting back on carbs, walking the treadmill every night for 30 minutes, staying on meds for my blood pressure and rapid heart rate, and using a C-PAP machine for my sleep apnea.

    So, don’t just assume that we all want quick fixes with no effort. Some of us (probably most of us) have been frustrated by the slow pace of our weight loss. So, as the saying goes, don’t criticize our hopes until you walk a mile in our shoes.

  92. Chi says:

    I have not the time/energy to read thru all the posts… BUT… am I alone in remembering that Sensa, or something very like it, had been marketed long ago? It seems like there was something almost exactly like that, decades back, and it also was short-lived, since people learned it really didn’t work too well, and, didn’t want to keep using something they couldn’t identify. If memory serves, it made some folks sick?

  93. Kitty says:

    I spent thousands of dollars on products like this long time ago. Some work for a while and most didn’t. Those that worked, after I quit, I would gain all the weight back plus 3 times more. I’m not trying to put anyone down or anything like that, I just want everyone to know that I’ve been there and done that. But what has really worked for me is This is an absolutely free program for those who truly want to make life changes and loose weight and all you have to do is create a profile where you will put how much you weigh and how tall you are (since we all have different body types and we all need different programs) but it helps you to keep track of how many calories you eat and it offers a lot more to help people loose weight FOR FREE! I have been on Sparkpeople and also doing the Power 90 exercises and I already lost 20 lbs in only 7 weeks. WOW! My body is transforming and I feel Great! I have more energy and strength. There is no way that I would ever again spend my money on those products when let’s face it, they are not going to last for ever. Don’t diet, change the way you eat. Commit your self for a life change and you will be healthier, stronger and very happy with the results you are going to get. What ever your choice is, Good Luck to all! =)

  94. KimoSabey says:

    I have some extra Sensa as an email with the number to return it never came on email-I think this may be a pattern. I am taking my other product back to Costco that I purchased there and if we do they may not carry it for long. We need the generic one that may cost $10 instead of $89. So if it cost so little why go to Sensa? Other products should help to curb appetite with similar ingredient.

  95. Mike Soprano says:

    I can only speak to my own experience, but I did use sensa a couple of years ago. I lost about three pounds. Still, that could be significant, especially for some who is experiencing creeping weight gain. Later, I decided I had to eat less due to blood sugar issues, increasing blood pressure and high cholesterol. By reducing portions and by eliminating snacks, goodies and extra meals I was able to lose about 20 pounds in three months without particularly changing what I was eating or changing my pattern of physical activity. Notice that I put the idea of eating less ahead of the issue of weight loss. What a discovery. If you eat less, you will weigh less. No one can control their weight. Set a goal of controlling what you can control — what you eat and your physical activity. If you have a weight goal, you will achieve it only through controlling those two factors.

  96. Anonymous says:

    I was on a low carb/high protein diet for a little over 7 months. I was also working out 5-6 days a week for an hour and a half day (give or take some). I didn’t see any kind of change in my body. I felt better, but I didn’t see a difference. I got tired of it and started eating whatever I wanted but in small increments and only working out maybe 3-4 days a week and only straight Cardio. What I’m curious to know is…did the people who participated in the study have different body types or metabolisms? Or were they all within the same type of body? I was just wondering because I have family who did the low carb/high protein and worked out like crazy and you could tell a difference, but there was no difference with me so it’s obvious everyone loses weight differently. Just curious as to how the study was conducted.

  97. Erik says:

    This is very troubling. We live in an obese society that is lazy and undisciplined! We think now that we can still have our Big Macs and fries and dust it with some magic salt and we will lose weight? Come on ppl….

  98. Iamurworstnightmare says:

    I am one of those people who eats whatever she wants and excercises four times a week to maintain my curvy figure. I am a size ten and I eat to keep my size. I had reduced my calorie intake and dropped down to a six, but I looked sickly. So I would say try working out to your age category first then work in a plan for eating. That’s how I do it and it works for me.

  99. adnan says:

    good drugs.

  100. Helen says:

    I have just started month 4 of Sensa and have not lost 1 pound. When I called to cancel “Sensa” they immediately offered my next 2 months for free and dropped the price to 60.00 if I would continue the auto ship. That really red flagged it for me. If the product was so great why would they do that. Also, I was told that I didn’t give the product enough time. After 3 months! Come on.

    The truth-it doesn’t work!

  101. Debra says:

    I tried Sensa about 3yrs ago and all I lost was my money. I have had some success with Conjugated Linoleic Acid Capsules that I buy from ebay for about $12, usually with free shipping. It supposedly helps to make your body more sensitive to insulin so you don’t put on as much fat around your middle. I’ve also read recently that when excercising to change up your routine, because our bodies adapt quickly to excercise.

  102. Blah says:

    If you’re such an arrogant, pompous jackass calling everyone fat and lazy WHY ARE YOU ON THIS SITE RESEARCHING DIET AIDS?

  103. Sea Piglet says:

    Wow. OK, before I get to the gist of my comment, I first just have to say that it’s “LOSE” not “LOOSE”; I’ve seen WAY too many comments in this section of people saying how they want or need to “loose” weight. Really? Is the weight just too *tight* on ya? I know it’s a silly thing to get miffed about, but my god, these 2 words aren’t even HOMONYMS! LOOSE is not the same as LOSE. You only add the 2nd “o” if you’re trying to spell the word, “loose”; as in, not tight.

    That being said…I figured this Sensa stuff was crap. To be honest, I just wanted to know. I have had great success losing weight recently by doing a few key things, but I have a girlfriend who is struggling to lose weight and anything I can do to help her, I would like to do. Anyhow…I am by no means an overweight young woman. I turn 25 in December, and right around 21, I noticed my metabolism beginning to slow down. I am 5’7″ and had maintained a weight of 120 lbs from the age of 16 to 21. Right around that time, things started slowing down and I gained about 20-25 lbs; I also was not exercising, I did not alter my diet to reflect the metabolism change, but I did however cut out soda from my diet and that was one of the BEST decisions I had ever made in my life.

    In the past 2 months, I have lost 17 lbs; I’m pretty much ALMOST back to my high school weight! And I don’t want to lose anymore than that; as a matter of fact, it wasn’t really necessary to lose the weight that I have been recently, and my fiance keeps asking where my butt has gone every time he sees me. Now, I am going to be perfectly frank; he was incarcerated for a term of 11 months about 7 weeks ago, and it was his absence that has motivated me to lose weight. I want him to come home to a newer, healthier, prettier, sexier me and I want my body to be in tip-top shape because we are planning on having a baby as soon as he comes home and we are able to get married. Anyhow, I tell you this because I *DO* attribute SOME of my recent weight loss success with the fact that I have been stressed out with him being gone and have not been sleeping as much (and therefore, have had more hours in the day to burn calories)…

    But…I am also not exercising as much BECAUSE he is gone. My “exercise” has always been more like SEXERCISE! And that is something that I will recommend to any and EVERY one who is in a loving relationship and is trying to lose weight. In fact, I am working on a book to tell people as much! But back to reality; in addition to altering your diet, if you can get in ANY exercise, it would be better than none at all. And the best exercise for weight loss is the kind that gets your heart beat elevated; meaning we’re not looking at resistance training or muscle-inducing workouts. And guess which one of those sex is? That’s right!

    Sex works out pretty much every muscle and joint in your body, and it elevates your heart rate something fierce! If you can get in (3) 30 min. sex sessions a week (you know, just like how they recommend for “regular” exercise?) then not only will you be helping yourself a tremendous amount in your weight loss journey, but I am almost POSITIVE that you will strengthen and enhance your relationship…and with sexercise, it gives you a great opportunity to bring a new spark or idea into the bedroom! So go ahead, spice up your love life! Your partner, and your body, will be thanking you for it :) Of course, to benefit the most from it, YOU will have to be the one “doing the work” so if you’re usually on the bottom, switch it up and get on top! Don’t go faster than you are capable of because you’re going to need that energy, especially if stamina is a weak point for you (*I know it is for me)…so just maintain a steady bounce and once you start to “get close” go ahead and speed it up! Or if you still prefer to stay on the bottom, then match your partner’s rhythm and thrust and move with his/her body; thrust your hips, lift your legs, wiggle your body, etc. Just don’t lay there like a cold fish! Try to move your body just as much as your partner and sync up your movements so that you are thrusting into each other. In any event, you don’t HAVE TO try and make sex into an hour long affair. If you and your partner can achieve happiness in 10 mins or less, then by all means, do that! But try to get in at least 90 mins of sexercise a week; so if that means having to do it every single day, then by all means, do it! I found that what worked best for me was doing it either RIGHT before bed or first thing in the morning; my fiance enjoyed it in the morning more because it “invigorated” him and it was easier for him to cum (* Hour long sessions for us were not uncommon; in fact, it was usually the norm. We are both the kind of people that need as much mental stimulation as we do physical stimulation, and if there is ANYTHING off in our brains, like too much stress or worry, then we would have a hard time being able to “make it happen”), but if we cuddled up afterward, we’d fall right back asleep! And it is exactly that reason that I always enjoyed it more right before bed, because I am an insomniac naturally, and having sex with him tired me out and made it much much easier to relax and drift off into a peaceful sleep, especially when I was wrapped in his loving arms. :) I miss that intimacy…and I miss him. But I digress…Sex before bed is not only a great step to exercising your body more and introducing a steady exercise routine into your life, but it is also a wonderful treatment for insomnia and it can bring about a Renaissance in your relationship with your partner :)

    As for diet…well…losing weight is ALL about burning more calories than you take in. Now, I’m no expert in diets, but what I DID do was make sure that I cut back on the “bad” foods (like french fries, greasy burgers, and ANY food from restaurants) and tried to increase my intake of healthy foods. You don’t have to cut out EVERYTHING good from your diet; in fact, it is highly inadvisable to do so because when you do, you wind up overcompensating by eating too much of something else…because you don’t REALLY want to be eating it. You can ALWAYS splurge on the “bad” stuff…but do so IN MODERATION. MODERATION is the KEY to a healthy life in general; ANYTHING can be bad for you in excess, but if you can find a good balance and not allow that something to take too large of a role in your life or diet, then you will be fine cuz you can always balance it out with something that is good! For instance, I smoke cigarettes, I LOVE butter and whole milk, and I’m NEVER going to cut those things out of my diet. So, knowing that I go crazy with the butter and fats and milks and what not, I introduce many more vegetables onto my plate and try to eat more of those “good” foods before I allow myself to even BEGIN touching the “bad” foods. Another good trick to help you lose weight is to use a smaller fork and just take smaller, slower bites.

    It takes your stomach 15 mins to signal your brain that it is full; that is no joke and 100% true. So by doing something as simple as using one of those little lobster forks and chewing your food more times than normal, you can GREATLY reduce the amount of food you are taking in in the first place! And also, do NOT assume that restaurant portions are a “normal” sized portion; they most certainly are NOT! Something I have always done when going out to eat is take at least 1/2 of the meal home for later, and it eat as a midnight snack or save it for lunch the next day! I don’t know WHO most of these restaurants are trying to serve, but their portions are just GIGANTIC and you should never feel pressured to eat everything on your plate when you’re out to eat somewhere; there is no shame in asking for a “to-go” box and more likely than not, others will applaud you for your self control and ability to stop yourself from devouring such a delicious meal all in one sitting!

    Now, I know I said midnight snack up there, and I’m sure that some people will disagree with me on this, but since I am an insomniac, I have always found myself eating late late LATE at night and usually RIGHT before I fall asleep. Because I do this, I wind up skipping breakfast and not eating until about lunch time the next day. I also wind up waking up and having to #2 first thing in the morning in addition to running to the bathroom for that first pee of the morning 😛 But I do not feel like eating late and eating on the schedule that I do has contributed to any weight gain on my part; it is just the schedule my body finds comfortable, especially because I get tired after eating. However, I would not recommend eating late into the evening if it is not something that is a part of your normal schedule…and if you are someone who wakes up bright and early, consumes breakfast, and then heads out for a full day of work, then I would DEFINITELY advise against late night snacking. In fact, I would say to set a time about 3-4 hours before you go to bed and set that as the “no-food-after-X-pm” mark.

    Another simple thing that has always helped me is eating smaller meals MORE often. Remember how I said that I only eat 1/2 of the portion at a restaurant? Well, it’s kinda the same thinking. By splitting that meal, I’ll wind up eating more OFTEN, but I am taking in WAY FEWER calories at a time because of it. And don’t eat until you’re “full” every time, too. If you know you’re in for a long day, pack some healthy snacks to munch on to kick the appetite back a bit; Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have this great dried khale “chips” with garlic package; try substituting THAT for a bag of potato chips instead. As a matter of fact, take a good tour around Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s or your local food co-op and really try to find some healthy alternatives to some of the “bad” foods you’ve been eating too much of. Some things will have no replacement, and when that is the case, then just cut back how much of that food you consume and either try to implement MORE exercise to make up for it or find a healthier alternative to your usual. And a lot of the foods we eat have really great tasting healthy alternatives. I switched to multi-grain bread a few years ago and haven’t looked back since! And my local grocer has a fantastic Sourdough bread with whole grains and nuts in it that I just LOVE. Also, skip the fast food entirely. Just, get it out of there. Yes, the $1 menu is great if you’re on a budget, but the food is SO bad for you and god only knows what it’s made of if they can sell it to you for a dollar. If you can, go shopping and PLAN your meals in advance. Something I have done is make stuff like egg and pasta salad; light, picnic-type foods that I can make in advance and take with me so that I don’t have to wander or worry about straying from my diet.

    Wow. I just saw how much I wrote. I’m sorry. There’s a lot there. But it’s also really great advice if you can make any of it happen in your own life. It’s been very successful for me and I just wanted to share it with you all because it might just help and fit into your life as well! There’s a lot more to say and I have many more tips, but I don’t want to use up any more space on here, haha. If you’d like to know more from me though, feel free to e-mail me: … Just make sure you put something in the subject so that I don’t assume it’s spam and delete the message! But yeah, I’ve been having a lot of really great success in my weight loss journey and if there’s anything I can do to help anyone else, I’d love to do so :) I was an overweight child and my sister has always battled with her weight. I may be a “skinny girl” now, but I wasn’t always so, and i hate so very much when people rip into the overweight and treat them like sub-humans, who have “brought it all on themselves” or “lacked self control” or just tried to blame the person for their actions or inactions that have lead to their weight gain. It’s not that simple…but some people are assholes and they will never be kind or rational. Thankfully, they aren’t the only people that exist in this world! But it is frightening to see the way insurance companies and health care industries are planning on dealing with the obesity epidemic hitting the Western world…

    Ok, well yeah! E-mail me if you’d just like to chat, ask me any questions, or just want to know some more: .. and I wish you all the very best of luck in your journey!

  104. Dennis says:

    From the reviews i read on other sites it seems sensa makes you not want to eat because you get sick of the taste of it.
    I might as well sprinkle turds on my food so i don’t eat it.
    But on a serious note, losing weight is all about your nutrition. Its better to call it nutrition instead of diet because diet sounds like eating less. Just toss all your junk food out the door and get organic non processed foods. Buy in bulk from like a Costco or Sams Club.

  105. Sierra says:

    Let me just say, the people on this website are ridiculous and childish. The commenting ability is NOT for ranting, bitching, fussing, and arguing. It is for reviews from real people who have tried the product so people like me can get a little HONEST insight and not just a load of comebacks. Thanks.

  106. Kathy says:

    No one paid me to say this Sensa WORKS!!!. It is working for me and that’s all that i have to say. A pound a day almost. It is amazing!!.

  107. paula says:

    Do not use this product until you talk to your doctor first, I ended up in Urgent Care due to Heart palpitations,
    I had an EKG and other lab work to make sure my heart was not damage, I have low blood pressure this product caused my heart rate to go sky high. My doctor recommend me to stay away from this product.

  108. Sarah says:

    My friends on a Sensa diet, It’s not working… And it’s getting her a little sick, I had to hide it from her to get her to stop, she’s now addicted to eating it with EVERYTHING, she even put it on her ice cream…

  109. Teresa says:

    I have just read all of the comments on this page and have come to the conclusion that people will take anything if they think it will help them lose weight. If Sensa works, I believe its because it has a placebo effect. Meaning it worked because whoever was taking it BELIEVED it would work. I am overweight and I eat too much. We all know deep down inside the only real way to lose weight is by exercise and eating less. These products are making companies rich off of desperate people. Even this web sight has an alternative to Sensa. They want to you buy the Saffron extract from them. We need to stop buying these miracle cures and do the work to get healthy. I am not spending any money on this stuff. All of your comments were very helpful to me. Good luck everyone with the struggle to lose those extra pounds. I know every time I eat too much I will remember this web site and all of you.

  110. Gopal Iyer says:

    One of my friend tried Sensa for about a month and no weight loss happened. Only nausea and stomach problems.

  111. kathy says:

    If you want to lose weight all you have to do is eat only one good meal a day. One thing
    From each food group. No sweets at all. Drink plenty of water. No soda pops. Very little milk.
    Do not over eat ever. See the thing is that you have to train your stomach. Just like our parents train us to eat our vegetables. Our stomach is like a balloon. The more water you put in it the more it stretches. The less you eat the
    Smaller your stomach gets. Please try this. If it works for you that’s great. If it don’t work for you please see your doctor.

    Remember it takes longer to take it off than to put it on. Please reply back to me.

  112. Ray says:

    I am about to start my 30 day trail of Sensa. I have no opinion either way about it yet. I will in about 30 days. I do think it’s a little odd that this “article” blasts Sensa for selling to the hopes and dreams of us fatties for an unholy profit while giving people bad customer service, and then is trying to turn around and do the same thing. It’s not really about Sensa. It’s about their miracle weight loss saffron. Yes pot. We all know the kettle is black. We all just have to find what works for us.

  113. Mar says:

    I never weighed over 100 lbs. until I was 21 years old (5′ 2″) small frame female (1970). Even after two babies, I was able to easily go back to weighing 110 lbs. When I was 36 (1984) I had my 3rd baby, with that pregnancy I had gained to 162 lbs.

    Thereafter I started on the roller coaster diet of protein drinks, Slim-Fast, whatever diet was on the covers of Family Circle and Woman’s Day, cabbage soup diet, and of course Weight Watchers, etc. finally getting down to 128 lbs. by the time my 3rd baby was almost 2 years old (in 1986). About 5 years later (1991) I started menopause and the weight really started packing on. 4 years later I weighed 168 lbs. On Nutrisystem (lost 13 lbs. in 5 months), very expensive weight per pound loss. . . Did the Phen-Fen thing and lost down to 145 lbs. in 1995. By 2001, I weighed 172 lbs., then by 2005 I weighed 212 lbs., which by then I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. I got pneumonia and lost 6 lbs. in one week and by 2006 I weighed 198 lbs.

    Later in 2006 I decided to get off the diet merry-go-round. I didn’t count calories or fat grams. I quit eating sugar-free and fat-free foods and diet drinks. I went back to eating “normal food” such a butter, whole milk, etc. but all in portion moderation. If I wanted a soda pop I only allowed myself one 12 oz. a week. By the spring of 2008 I weighed 174 lbs. I was elated. I stayed about that weight until 2010 when I started getting a little lax with my food portions thereby by Dec. 2011 I weighed 203 lbs., uh-oh. Plus arthritis in both knees and a bone spur on my heel had slowed me down.

    I had heel surgery in Feb. of 2012 and a 22 week recuperation whereas I weighed 209 lbs. by June. In September I started using to keep track of calories 1350-1400 a day. I’m now down to 202 lbs.

    I just started Sensa 2 days ago. I’ll see how it goes while still keeping track of my calories. My sister-in-law started Sensa 2 months ago and has lost 16 lbs. She is 45 and has been overweight over the past 20 years. I am impressed with her, so I thought I would give Sensa a try.

  114. Keith says:

    There answer to maintaining weight is a simple one and doesn’t require you to “work hard” to do so. Just eat real food. Throw out all the processed crap, sugar, and flour. i promise you it works better than any of those silly calorie restriction diets, where the weight just comes back.

  115. Michael says:

    I have researched various products on the web and the product resembling Saffron that is used in Indian Curry is Turmeric not Saffron. Also known as Curcuma longa, it is a member of the ginger plant family. It is worth checking up on the net at various web sites-,

    Not all information is totally accurate, but you can check out other web sites as well as Wikipedia to get the true origins of the plant, which is easily grown in tropical climates or greenhouses.

    The benefits of Turmeric are many, and include weight loss, cancer cure or treatment, help with Altzeimers by tackling the platelets that block the brain cells, (the way I came upon it looking for help for mother in law!!- incidentally coconut oil also helps this).

    Turmeric is also a great anti inflammatory, so good for arthritis sufferers. Please do some research and spread the word!!

  116. JanAi says:

    Ok, I have read pretty much all of the comments. I work in the health field and after being smashed between two trees in a massive wind storm, two babies, one delivered by c-section I gained about 60 pounds. I weighed the same for most of my life. I also teach 10 hours of water aerobics a week and I actually do the class while I teach. I wasn’t loosing a pound. I saw Sensa. Read as many things about it as possible and what got me was the websites that you had to be a member of the store to leave a comment. For me it was Costco. I also did lots of research on it. Sensa doesn’t claim everyone will lose weight fast. The claim if used properly you can lose 30.5 pounds in 6 months. They claim it is a program not quick fix. They also say you need to be at least 30 pounds overweight. If you need to lose less than that then the product is not for you. I noticed that I did not lose the same every month. One month I only lost 2 pounds but the next month I lost 7. You also need to use the the whole month supply and sprinkle it on everything.

    I did just what the company said to do in using the product. I also stayed working out and eating healthy. I did however eat junk food if I so desired. With pizza especially I noticed I could only eat 1 slice instead of 2 while in Sensa. I lost 30 pounds in the 6 months. I also stoped working out for 6 months do to 2 more injures. I did gain some weight back but who wouldn’t after being told no working out for 6 months. I only gained 10 pounds back and that was because I literally couldn’t work out in any fashion. I was a couch potato. I am gearing up to do another 6 month run of it. I also bought my stuff from Costco which came with the thirst quencher drinks. I only drank one a day instead of two. Also with Costco they take back just about anything.

  117. Betty says:

    My sister was on Sensa for 6 months. She lost about 15 pounds. I have helped her with her meal plan and exercise routine and she stopped the Sensa. 6 months later she had lost another 40 pounds. There is no miracle drug. You want to lose weight? Watch what you eat and exercise at least 45 minutes a day. Guaranteed to lose the weight you want. No pills, no shakes, no extra money needed.

  118. Sharon says:

    I have been on Sensa for a few weeks and have noticed a huge difference in the amount I eat.. and my uniforms ARE getting looser… so it’s working for me so far!! I only have done the Sensa NO other changes to my life.. I’m totally happy with my results so far…

    Exercising for 45 min a day is out for me.. I have too many physical problems to make that work and dieting.. I’ve tried it all and I’m too much of a binge eater.. so far so good with Sensa!!

  119. andi says:

    These people are CROOKS! Once I put in my credit card info I saw how much it was and cancelled out of the order. Well I got an email that they shipped it! I will not get the shipping charges refunded to me and if you refuse the order you will get charged the $90 that this crap is NOT worth. You need an RMA# and have to pay to have it shipped back. Now I am out 10.00 for their bs and more money to return it. CROOKS!!! It probably doesnt even work. Do it the old fashioned way and watch what you eat and exercise.

  120. Lulu says:

    I was thinking of trying Sensa. I try to eat healthy but don’t always have the support at home which is very helpful when trying to lose weight. It looks liks some people have luck with it and others don’t.

    If you are a Sam’s Club member – they did have the first month available in store. Months 1 – 6 available individually on their website…maybe it would be best if someone wanted to try it to start there…see how it works for you instead of getting stuck into a 6 month program through the Sensa website. It’s not the 30 day free trial – but if you don’t see the results you wanted, you can stop using it and you’ve only wasted $30-$35 instead of getting stuck with the whole package.

  121. Kay Wade says:

    Since using Sensa, I have awful ringing in my ears, so bad I cannot hear. It is the only thing that has changed in my diet or intake. I am going to stop it today and see if the ringing stops… I cannot take this any longer…

  122. Kathy E. says:

    I have been using Sensa for four weeks, along with following the Weight Watchers 360 program for healthy eating. I’ve lost 15 pounds and feel great! I am an emotional eater, and through the points system on weight watchers, drastically changing my eating habits (no more fast food!) and using Sensa to curb my appetite, I can truly see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not one for fads, and I did not purchase the Sensa for myself. I’m the only overweight person in my extended family and my mother purchased it for me. After getting over the initial upset – she’s been trying to get me to lose weight for years and years – I finally started using the Sensa.

    I must say though, that I had to do a very thorough housecleaning of my mind, refrigerator and pantry before I started on this journey. I also had a thorough exam with my family doctor at the outset. I truly believe that it has been a combination of my head being in the right place, following weight watchers and the help of Sensa for appetite control that has me on this successful path. For the first time in my health history, I can truly say that I can follow this program to the end!

    I’ve started incorporating light exercise, with a schedule to increase activity every week. I’ll be 50 next September and my goal is to have lost 90 pounds by that time.

    Best of luck to anyone that is on a health journey!!

  123. richasrd fabery says:

    i used it for 3 months and nothing lost if you want to loose weight do it the old fashion way sensa is a scam

  124. cajun says:

    I have an idea…..try working out and eating 3 normal, well rounded meals a day. Drink water instead of soda, and focus your energy into something positive…like a hobby or your family or an organization that helps people, etc. Oh, and stop making excuses for your weight problem….we all have vices or escapes, once you face your problem, then you will be able to help yourself become better. And, yes, it will take time, but if you start eating normal and having an active life, it will be a weight loss forever, and you will be much happier.

  125. raceshark says:

    I have an idea…. Save the money you’d spend on these multi-billion dollar marketing scams and use it to buy some running shoes. You’ll see a lot more weight drop than anything on the Wal-mart shelf can provide. And good grief, stop drinking diet soda it makes you eat more!!!!!!!

  126. Amy Gorman says:

    I have been using Sensa and it is a scam. i have not lost any weight, was unable to return-even though my “trial date was extended” by a customer service rep and I also was over billed. STAY AWAY !

  127. DeDe says:

    Thank you for the information you give here. I don’t want to put chemicals and junk in my body any longer. My family and I were turned on to Doug Kaufmann’s Phase 1 diet by a family friend who used it to beat cancer & lose weight. In addition to doing both things for him, he also got super healthy. We’ve been eating this way (Phase 1) for about 2 months and the results are amazing. We’re never hungry, we feel great, have more energy and both my husband and I have lost about 20 lbs. each. We walk at least 1/2 hour a day after dinner. Like most people, we’re very busy and that’s all the time we have for exercise. I’ve got 10 more lbs. to lose and wanted to check out Sensa since there’s so much on TV about it.

    I highly recommend this. You’ll find lots of info on the website – You need to know that you will go through a period of feeling lousy for awhile when you start eating this way. This is because you’re detoxing and all the bad junk is being purged from your system. We had headaches and just felt lousy for about 10 days to 2 weeks. Stick with it, it’s so worth it in every way. Once the detoxing is over, you’re on your way to super health and energy.

    My family and I have no affiliation with Doug Kaufmann, Know the Cause or anyone/anything to do with either of these. Just a gal who was looking to get healthy, feel great, have energy, lose some fat and do the same for my hubby. I’m thrilled to have Know the Cause and thank God for Doug Kaufmann who so generously shares what he learned.

    Wishing you all the very best of health and success in weight loss.

  128. Peter says:

    I am using both Sensa and Saffron along with my MediFast Plan. I also walk 5 miles on M-W-F and run two miles on T-T-S. So far, I have lost 37 pounds (down from197), so I think I am doing pretty well. Oh, and it seems that stopping my bottle of wine dinner routine may have made a difference. Thanks, Dr. Oz.

  129. Carol Papovich says:

    Another $43.00 dollars down the drain. Of course, SafSlim does NOT work! If anything I got fatter. Nothing is for real when it comes to weight loss. Eat less that is the only way!!!

  130. Fidencio Barrera says:

    Use the police proven method. Body weight times 8:

    First: Weigh yourself, naked.

    Two: Multiply by 8 and that is how many Calories you will eat for ten days, everything else on the nutritional package is to be ignored, after the tenth day weigh yourself again, and reset to the new Calorie.

    Also, please take into account that this method is to be used in accordance with both body shape and skeletal structure and is used to maintain HEALTHY body proportions and not those of super models.

  131. Shirley says:

    I have been using SENSA for 1 month and have lost 20 lbs. I am very much aware of what I am putting in my mouth. I will continue to use this product to lose the weight. Nothing else has worked so easy. I have been on just about every diet there is. For me SENSA is the golden ticket !

  132. AC says:

    Calories in vs calories out! Saffron vs sensa? None! Exercise and healthy eating will do this over time.

    Do your research, within 5 minutes of researching I found insufficient data to hold these products to true.

  133. Sharon says:

    I’ve been on the Sensa diet for the one month. I walk 3-days a week 2-3 miles. I don’t eat bread, or drink soda. So far I haven’t lost any weight. I know this because I weigh twice a week. I do think I’ve lost some inches. Because some of my clothes are beginning to feel looser. I’ve started exercising a little more also.

  134. Gail says:

    I purchased Month 1 and Month 2 through Costco. The price was reasonable, considering all it professed, about $40 each. I assumed (big mistake) that I could just go back to Costco and get Months 3-6 as needed. I am just finishing up Month 2 and went to Costco only to find they don’t carry any of the Month 3-6 programs. I have called every store in town (Fred Meyer, Target, KMart, etc) trying to locate someone who carries it. Everyone said I would probably have to go online to get Months 3-6. In doing that I found the product is $60 per each additional month plus S&H. I remember hearing that some folks have to stay on it for two months and then the weight begins to shed. Has anyone out there found “any other” place this product is sold??? WHAT A PLOY!!! I guess I’m done, because I feel like a schmuck! So, my two months are up (so I should feel “blessed” to pay higher prices to get my hands on the Months that are supposed to make the REAL difference). I truly believe if this was a bonafide company/product I should be able to find “someplace else” that carries the product. Who wants to pay 1/3 more plus S&H???!!! Not me! Another lesson learned. (Can’t wait for the next lesson!)

  135. lupe says:

    I had steroid injections that made me balloon up 20 lbs. not that 173 was low but nothing worked before. Weight watchers worked for a while I got down to 155. but then I quit going and the plan changed. the new plan the one before 360. didn’t work for me no matter how much exercise I did. when I started the injection for back pain which also hindered my exercise I blew up not over 200 yet but I have cut bread sweets all carbs. only drink water. I eat vegs and fruits. cooked and fresh. lots of fish nothing fried. egg white only. and every time I step on the scale I have gained 2 or 3 lbs. I have tried all kind of over the counter stuff to help me get going ,but nothing works. I am trying sensa for a couple of months. maybe it will help me. not really counting on it. the only way is SWEATING YOUR BUTT OFF FOR 1 TO 2 HOUR A DAY. I KNOW THIS. WHY DO I KEEP LOOKING FOR MAGIC IN A PILL OR POWDER.:(

    • Ren says:

      I’ve lost over 80lbs in the last year. Went from 260 to 179lbs in the last year. I didn’t do any fad diets and I barely exercised. I mainly stuck to increasing my water intake, not eating junk food, eating more often and eating less portions. In order to lose weight, you need to honestly count your calories and go walking 3-4 times a week for 30mins or so each time. You don’t need to go to a gym or do anything crazy. Working out is to build muscle which burns more calories, or to tone. weight loss itself is in the kitchen. The most effective way to lose weight is to walk, and do body weight exercises for like 30 minutes a day and monitor EVERYTHING you put into your mouth. All condiments… everything. Anyone can lose weight if they want. You just have to want it. :)

  136. Bailey says:

    I’m so glad I never tried Sensa. I don’t think I’ve every really thought too much about it. I’ve never been into pills, shakes, or other diet fads. Of course I’m curious and do a lot of research when something new comes on the market, but luckily I’m not easily tricked or swayed into believing the crazy claims companies make. Here’s something you might want to look into BEFORE trying Sensa if you even slightly thinking about it. What does “Flavorings” mean? One thing I’ve learned over the years is that it usually means MSG! If you don’t know what it is, or how it affects the body, check out Dr. Mercola’s article. Talk about SCARY!!!!

    I think we should all forget supplements, diets, and diet food/drinks. I recently, and by accident, figured out how to lose weight without giving up the things I like to eat, exercising (although everyone should exercise), or taking any kind of supplement (includes shakes & diet foods) of any kind. I couldn’t believe how it worked because I had been hovering around 162 pounds for years without budging up or down, other than during my cycle. Since I figured this little trick out, I’ve lost 12.5 in 2 weeks. No joke. I know, we’ve heard all sorts of claims on how AMAZING a company’s products work like magic, but what I figured out could turn the weight loss industry UPSIDE DOWN. I’m not kidding. I also lost 6 inches in that time as well. Just a 2 days ago I got my son’s girlfriend to start doing it. In those 2 days she’s lost a pound and a half.

    I don’t know how, but I want the world to know about this. I swear it will put every diet pill, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, and companies the like, right out of business. Mark my words people. Watch me do it. In the US the weight loss industry is at around $60 BILLION DOLLARS. I’m hoping in the next few years that I will shrink that number to almost ZERO. No more scamming people who are desperate to lose weight and are willing to try ANYTHING to do it.. No more feeling bad because we aren’t skinny and modelesque. It’s time that we all love ourselves enough to quit putting money in these company’s pockets. They are all getting rich on our insecurities. NO MORE!!!!

  137. Phil says:

    I would like to start off with telling everyone not to give up and to stay strong in your quest for good health. Moving on… I can’t believe how people just do not get it – people are overweight because of the food they eat, that is the bottom line. How else can you be overweight? But I am not responding to this thread to bash on people but just to be heard and understood that food makes you fat. It is not your entire fault that you are overweight or that you feel hungry all the time, it is the corporations that poison our foods to make them taste extremely flavorful that our brains become addicted! Stop shopping at the supermarket! Start buying only organic fruits and vegetables and if that is too expensive, start growing your own either indoors or outdoors! Meat is not healthy for you, have you ever heard of a person that only eats fruits and vegetables have clogged arteries?! I doubt it. Step one is understanding and accepting that our bodies cannot process flesh of animals! Having to use the bathroom frequently because you consume water throughout the entire day is healthy! If your urine is yellow, you are wrong and dehydrated and you are not receiving the minerals from the water that your body needs! If you do not have a bowel movement on a daily basis, you are wrong! That means you are not eating enough fruits and vegetables that have the fiber necessary to cleanse your body! Life is too simple to depend on a wonder drug or some sort of chemical, just stop eating CRAP! Addiction is very hard to break, but the best things in life are normally the hardest! Do your own research on what chemicals are put into these foods to make them so addictive. Understand that eating the food that is sold in the supermarket is mostly processed and it is essentially like eating plastic because if you ate dirt, at least you would be receiving some sort of minerals lol. But seriously, when you eat that stuff in cans, jars, bags, plastic wrap or whatever that they sell in the food stores, it really is not food and THAT IS WHY YOU ALWAYS FEEL HUNGRY! That’s the secret! Your body is never satisfied because the stuff that you consume leaves your body searching for the vitamins and minerals that it really really needs so therefore your body continues to tell you to feed it! Isn’t that amazing?? Try something for me, take an organic orange, soak for a couple of minutes (I normally soak it in FOOD GRADE 3% hydrogen peroxide that you find at whole foods or online) and bite straight into it like an apple. Eat the peel (rind) and notice that I bet you get full from only consuming HALF of the orange- I can barely eat one orange in a sitting! Like a commenter said in the beginning of the thread, raw foods are the best way to go to becoming healthy. In 2012, I was a vegan for about 8 months and so was my co-worker who was twice my age (in his 50s). We BOTH lost 13-17lbs in the FIRST 30 days! And that was not even trying to lose the weight! I am 5’5 and my normal weight is 136, can you imagine me losing another 12-15lbs!? Everyone thought I was sick but this was the greatest I ever felt in my life, I actually felt healthy! My co-worker lost 17lbs and he continues to be a vegan and he has held off his weight and gradually became stable with a total weight loss of 17lbs. It is your choice my friends, but do your own research and STOP DEPENDING on corporations- they SELL you things and could give a crap about who they poison in the process. The FDA does nothing to protect us and if you think they do, do your own research and educate yourself on how things are actually evaluated WHO actually pays for the testing, :). If it too hard to change your addicted habits of eating, then it is what it is. If you would like to try a different way of life, more power to you. What is the saying? You can’t have your cake and eat it too, lol. Don’t get frustrated, be strong and don’t eat for pleasure or comfort, ONLY eat for SURVIVAL. Also only eat to give your body NUTRIENTS. Your body, mind, and spirit will repay you tenfold and your life will become bright and life will be that much more enjoyable to you. Also, losing weight maybe might not occur just because of your body, but your body will start going through the process of HEALING and just because on the outside you do not see anything changing, there are major POSITIVE changes occurring on the inside- you are what you eat, love yourself just a little bit more and success is yours. Good luck everyone.

    • Ashlee says:

      Phil said :ONLY eat for SURVIVAL. Also only eat to give your body NUTRIENTS. Your body, mind, and spirit will repay you tenfold and your life will become bright and life will be that much more enjoyable to you. Also, losing weight maybe might not occur just because of your body, but your body will start going through the process of HEALING and just because on the outside you do not see anything changing, there are major POSITIVE changes occurring on the inside- you are what you eat, love yourself just a little bit more and success is yours.

      Totally agree with you Phil. I am not Vegan or vegetarian nor is weight gain a major issue, however I have illness. I use to eat mostly processed foods that caused digestive issues and worse negatively impacted my existing illness. About 6 months ago slowly started cutting out all processed foods and all breads pasta, rice and I only shop on the perimeter of supermarkets I usually but organic. I am feeling so much better…..digestive issues t all gone. Healing can occur from the inside!

  138. Jessica says:

    I know each human is different, but there you have it. I have a coworker who is currently using Sensa and raves about it. She is much thinner. I believe over 2 years she has lost 30 lbs and is at a good weight for her, which is why she topped out at a 30lbs loss. I tried it for the first time today as she let me sprinkle some on my chicken and rice. I was very full near the end, and with the quantity I had prepared for myself, I would usually desire seconds in that situation. But when I was done I didn’t want anymore. Does it work? Who knows. I won’t be spending that much $$$ on something that I don’t know if it’ll work for me. This one time could have been purely coincidence. I wouldn’t give my credit card # to them because of scamming. But it seemed to make me full.

  139. Mary says:

    Both my daughter and I tried Sensa yesterday… To my dismay, I spent a good portion of the evening in the bathroom – not the way I would like to loose weight. We will return this product ASAP – and I wish we would have read this website before plunging into this scam!

  140. Sylvia says:

    I found Sensa very helpful to my diet. It took a few days before it “kicked in”, but when it did, it allowed me to leave the table without eating anything sweet–a dreadful habit I was desperate to break. That, plus eating a real breakfast (egg, whole grain toast, cocoa-fat free milk, cocoa powder and sucralose) allowed me to cut out most of the sugary, salty and fatty snacks I was gaining weight with. Once I cut down on the sugar, my desire for it diminished. Now I eat very little and can even resist it at parties most of the time. I lost about 7 pounds in a month and a half, which is all I wanted to lose.

  141. I have stayed away from Sensa for the exact reasons stated in this article. Saffron is all natural and really works.

  142. Michelle Rose Marie Bernier says:

    Omega and multivitamins work best along with exercise :) lost 10 lbs just by eating healthier taking my vitamins and.exercising :) i want to try sensa tho see if it boosts my weight loas

  143. Kells says:

    In February I decided to call and get the Sensa “free trial” for what I believed to be a fee of only $4.95 shipping and handling. After receiving it I spoke to my naturopath and we both decided that it was not the right way for me to proceed with my weight loss.

    I called up Sensa to cancel the automated shipping. The person I spoke with asked for my order ID and gave me a cancellation confirmation number; I assumed that would be all. On Saturday (6/29/13) I came home to find a box with months 3 & 4 of their product. I was unable to call at that time due to the fact that it was after business hours. When I called Monday (7/1/13) at 8:05 am the phone system said it would take 10 minutes; it took 20. I was finally connected to Dwain (5083) who said there was no call on record for my previous cancellation and that I would have had to send back the trial I had in order to actually cancel it. When I called to cancel the first time there was no mention of that and had I known I would have been charged $97.15 I would have gladly done so. He then informed me that he wouldn’t be able to assist me with the first order but would be able to help me return the second one and cancel all future shipments. After all of that was taken care of I asked to be connected to a supervisor. Nancy (0681) was the person I was transferred to. She then informed me that because there was no call on record of my cancellation, they didn’t receive the original product back, and that she couldn’t give me a refund because it was past the 30 day return policy anyway.

    Not only is the web site misleading, but the customer service hotline was extremely unhelpful. Free means free; not free right now and we’ll bill you later. Not only did I get misinformed about what I had to do the first time I called to cancel, but then I was essentially called a liar, and stolen from. I should not have to pay for a product I would have been more than happy to return because someone at this company didn’t tell me what I needed to do as to not get charged. I should not have to pay for a product I did not use. I should not have to pay for a product because someone, presumably new at this company, made a clerical error. Not only is the Sensa website misleading, but it could also be considered false advertising.

  144. Amber says:

    I have tried sensa for awhile now I did everything you are suppose to do with sensa I still have not lose anything but the worst part about it I got sick off of sensa I had to stop using it. I got sick for 2 weeks. I rather pay money to go to a gym then keep paying sensa. It’s too good to be true

  145. Peggy says:

    I have been on Sensa for 16 months and lost 20 lbs. in that time. I seem to regaining a couple of pounds and feel it is not working as well when I first went on it. I have recently read about the possibility of kidney stones be caused by the product so deciding to stop using it and change to a Saffron extract I picked up at Sprouts. Much cheaper that is for sure. Will be interested to see if it works. I have recommended Sensa before and probably still would recommend it but not for large amounts of weight loss.

  146. Kassandra says:

    If people did a little research, they would find the main active ingredient in Sensa is Maltodextrin, which is a name the food industry is allowed to use instead of ‘MSG’ which is very harmful healthwise. MALTODEXTRIN = MSG. It is an ‘excitotoxin’ that stimulates the brain and also kills brain cells. The FDA made the baby food manufacturers take all MSG out of baby food decades ago. Since it got such a bad rap from wise consumers, the food companies have a whole list of other names they use instead of MSG, like ‘Maltodextrin’. Another ingredient is ‘silica’ which the FDA also allows the food companies to use, which is in many food products. Silica is nothing other than sand.

  147. Doug Bundy says:

    I agree with you, this is a complete rip off.

  148. Stephen says:

    Sensa, I can say when I was using Sensa I went from a size to 40 to size 36. But when I quite using I gained must of my weight Back.
    I started using again 4 days ago, and I find the water weight loss is very high. in my chest area. I don’t know what to tell you. but it works for me.

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